My Muted Mate

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Chapter 19

“Xavier is the Sexiest, Funniest person in the whole wide world!” I yelled and he stopped tickling me. He sat back with a smirk on his face.

“Now was that so hard?” He asked me. I fell back on the bed with a huff.

“Yes!” I yelled and he huffed. I laughed and got up.

“Where are you going?” He asked as he stood up.

“I’m going to shower,” I said as hope came to his face and he opened his mouth but I cut him off. “No you cannot come with me,” I said and he pouted.

“But it saves the water,” he said and I shook my head.

“Sorry,” I said and walked into the closet to find my clothes. (Outfit up top! I suck at describing it!)

I walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I locked the door and put my clothes on the counter than started the shower.

When it was warm enough, I stripped and jumped in. I washed my hair with my coconut Shampoo and Conditioner than washed my body with my Strawberry body wash and shaved.

After my short shower, I turned off the water and grabbed a towel. I dried off my body and then wrapped my towel around my hair.

I than got out of the shower and put on my underwear. Next I unwrapped the towel from my hair ad put my hair up.

I than washed my face with my face wash and rinsed the face wash off my face wash and let my hair down again.

I than put on my tank top and my skinny jeans than my burgundy sweater.

I brushed my teeth and put some socks on.

I walked out of the bathroom and put my brown boots on than brushed out my hair.

I braided my hair to the side and put on some makeup- which is mascara, eye liner, blush and lip gloss.

I smiled at my reflection and walked out of my room and downstairs.

I got downstairs and walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and got out a water bottle and took a sip of the water as Xavier and Caleb walked into the room.

“Hey Bliss,” Caleb said as I smiled at them. Over the time I have been living here, Caleb and I have gotten really close. He’s like a brother to me.

“Hey,” I said. I put my water bottle down and gave Xavier a peck on the cheek than the doorbell rang.

I squealed and ran to the door. I threw the door open and saw Jackson standing there with a beautiful girl by his side.

“Jackson!” I yelled and threw my arms around him. He chuckled ad hugged me back. I pulled back when the girl cleared her throat and blushed. “Sorry,” I apologized.

“That’s fine Bliss. Bliss I like you to meet my mate Emma. Emma this is my best friend Bliss,” he introduced as I rolled my eyes.

“Hi Emma I’m Bliss,” I said and held out my hand to her. She smiled at me and shook my hand.

I felt someone grab my waist and pulled me into their chest. I felt the Sparks and smiled.

“Jackson this is my mate Xavier. Xavier this is Jackson and his mate Emma,” I said. Xavier smiled at Jackson as they shook hands.

I looked passed Emma and Jackson and saw a familiar face.

I smirked as I got out of Xavier’s hold than walked over to the stairs.

“Blake get down here!” I yelled and waited for him to come down. He walked down the stairs with Summer by his side and gave me a confused look.

“What do you want?” Blake asked and rubbed his eyes. I smirked at him.

“Awe, did I wake whittle Blakey up?” I asked in a baby voice and pinched his cheek. He growled at me and slapped my hand away as Summer laughed.

“Stop it,” Blake whined and I laughed along with Summer. He rolled his eyes at us as Summer high five me.

“C’mon,” I said and walked back over to the door where Xavier and Caleb were talking to Jackson and Jack. It’s so weird how their names are so close to each other’s.

I grabbed Xavier’s hand and he smiled at me. I leaned my head on Xavier’s shoulder as Blake and Summer walked up beside us. Blake’s eyes widened when he saw Jack and then he smiled.

“Jack?” He asked. Jack nodded and smiled at him.

“Hey Blake,” He said and Blake let go of Summer to bro hug Jack. They smiled and Blake wrapped an arm around Summer’s shoulder. “Now who is this pretty little lady?” Jack asked, earning a smack in the head from a girl with black hair and blue eyes. “Ouch!” He yelled and glared at the girl.

“Um, this is my mate, Summer,” Blake said. Jack smiled at Summer and the other girl rolled her eyes.

“I am Jack,” Jack replied and kissed her hand. The girl sighed and grabbed Jack’s ear, pulling him back. “Ow! Ow, Hailey stop it!” Jack yelled and the girl shook her head.

“I am Hailey. This idiots mate,” She replied, still holding Jack’s ear. She shook Blake’s and Summer’s hand and dragged Jack back over to their car.

“Sorry about them,” Jackson said and rolled his eyes. “They act like a married couple sometimes,” He said and I chuckled.

“I know somebody who does that also,” I said and looked at Blake and Summer. They both blushed and we all laughed. “Do you guys want to come in?” I asked. They smiled and nodded.

“Sure,” Jackson said and they walked inside. I smiled at my friends and followed in after Jackson and his.

“Okay so why don’t you all get some rest and we will start first thing tomorrow,” I said after everybody was inside.

“Sure,” Jackson said and I showed them all their rooms.

After I came back downstairs, I fell on the couch ad someone sat on my back.

Too tired to look at who it is, I groaned and tired to hit them but failed miserably. They laughed and poked my side, making me squeak. They laughed harder and then fell on the ground, from laughing too hard. I looked to see who it was and saw Caleb on the ground, laughing.

I groaned and put my face in the couch. He always does this. I hate it when he does it too.

“Go away,” I groaned. He laughed harder.

“Okay that’s enough. Leave Bliss alone Caleb,” Xavier said coming into the room. I smiled at him and he returned it.

“Fiiiinnnnneeeee,” Caleb said and stood up. He walked out of the room.

“He’s so annoying,” I groaned again. Xavier chuckled and nodded.

“Let’s go to bed,” He said. I held out my arms to him and he chuckled again. He picked me up bridle style and carried me upstairs and to our room.

When we got to our room, he laid me down on our bed. He grabbed one of his shirts and tossed it to me. I smiled at him and walked into the bathroom. I changed into the T-shirt and did everything I need to do in the bathroom.

I walked out of the bathroom. Xavier was laying on our bed in only his boxers and on his phone. When he heard me come out, he looked up and smirked.

“You look good in my clothes,” He said as he stood up. He walked over to me and grabbed my waist. He pulled me into him as I wrapped my hands around his neck.

“Sure I do,” I said and he rolled his eyes.

“You do,” He said and then it was my turn to roll my eyes.

“Can we just go to bed?” I asked and he nodded. We walked over to the bed and climbed in. When we were in bed, Xavier turned off the lights and pulled me into him.

“Goodnight Princess,” Xavier said and pulled me tighter into him. I smiled at the name.

“Goodnight,” I mumbled and closed my eyes as I let darkness take over me.

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