My Muted Mate

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Chapter 2

Xavier’s POV

I was unpacking my boxes, since my pack just moved to Bend, Oregon to try and get away from this rogue pack- well that’s what they said- that attacked some pack members.

My name is Xavier Blake Heckley and I am the Alpha to the Silver Rain Pack. I have brown hair and green eyes. I am 6′2 and I am built. I have not found my mate yet and I am saving my virginity for her. I know, strange. A teenage guy who is a virgin, but I am.

My pack has 750 people and that is not counting 15 and under. The reason why we don’t count them is because they can’t shift. The ones that shifted before 16 we do.
There was a knock on my door, bringing me out of my thoughts. I opened my door to see my mom.

“Are you ready?” She asked. I nodded and grabbed my bag for school. I walked out of my room and downstairs.

I walked in the kitchen to see my pack eating. I smiled and grabbed a piece of toast with my keys. All the guys (Xander, Caleb, Jacob, and Hayden) all got up and grabbed their bags. We started walking out the door when my mom’s voice stopped us.

“Have fun boys!” My mom yelled. I shut the door and let out a breath. If we stayed longer, we would be late for class.

We all got in my car and I backed up out of the drive way and started to drive to our new school. I really hope I find my mate. I thought.

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