My Muted Mate

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Chapter 3

After we dropped off Cadence and Ash at their elementary school, we started driving to our horrible prison, we call school.

We made it to school after a couple minutes and there were cars parked that I never saw before. Hmm, must be the new kids. I parked my car in my usual spot and got out.

We started walking to the school until I smelt this amazing scent. I stopped in my tracks and my siblings gave me a confused look. Crap, I have a mate! I thought when I sniffed the air, again.

‘What’s wrong, Bliss?’ Blake asked me through our mind-link. You see, us werewolves can communicate through our minds and only werewolves can do it, unless we mate with a human.

‘Crap! You guys, I have a mate!’ I yelled at them. They cringed away from me. I started panicking.

’What’s so bad about that, Bliss? That’s great!″ Brittany said to me. I shook my head. She frowned at me. ‘Why? He can get you out of the hellhole we call home’ she said.

‘No, he won’t’ I said, they frowned. ‘I am a mute freak! He will just reject me and go for the sluts at this school. I mean I am fat, ugly, mute and everything else’ I said, tears coming to my eyes when I said he will reject me. My wolf whimpered.

‘Don’t say that Bliss!’ She yelled. I cringed. I didn’t say anything back, I just turned and walked in the school.

I go to my locker and put in the combination. I shoved my bag in my locker then shut it. I started walking to the office, like always. Let’s just hope my mate is not there. I thought.

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