My Muted Mate

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Chapter 4

I got to the office and it was so crowded. There were about 40 kids in there. Wow. I wonder what pack moved here. I thought.

I squeezed through the students and I got a lot of dirty looks, since I am a rogue. I got to the front and waited patiently for Mrs. Banks to invite me in her office.

“Oh! Bliss, your here early!” Mrs. Banks said. I smiled and nodded. “Oh, well, come on in!” She said motioning to her office. I smiled again and walked in. She sat down in her chair while I sat in front of her.

“OK, Bliss. Here is a notebook and a pen for you to write down your answers.” She said handing me a notebook and a pen. “OK. Now what is going on at home?” She asked.

‘The usual’ I wrote down. She read it and nodded, slowly. Mrs. Banks is the only one who knows what is going on at home. She helps me with my problems at home and school. I told her everything that happened in my life ’Because she is also a werewolf. She is from The Black Eclipse pack. The alpha is so nice he even asked us to be in his pack but being my dad, he refused. Alpha Kayden let us live on his land, though. Alpha Kayden is 18 and a senior. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is 6′2 and he is built.

I get bullied at school, and him and the teachers are the only ones who don’t bully me. I am the muted freak at this school. Everybody bullies me because I can’t talk. I still remember the day I got my voice taken away.

I was cooking dinner and singing to my favorite song ‘Me Too’ by Meghan Trainer when my mom came running in all bloody and cut up.

“Bliss! You have to get out of here, Now!” She yelled. I turned off the oven and looked at my mom. Something stabbed into her and she gasped.

“No! Mom!” I yelled. She dropped to the ground and I saw a wolf behind her body. “What do you want?!” I cried out. The wolf smirked before shifting.

“Maybe I can keep you alive” he said. I gave him a confused look. “Come here, child.” He commanded. I walked in front of him to not get killed. “Now, you are to come with me and make me the happiest man on earth or your.... Family dies” he threatened. My eyes widened.

“No! I’m too young!” I yelled. Anger came to his features while his claws lengthen. I looked at his claws and saw silver. He brought his right hand and put it by my neck. He pushed down and I hissed in pain.

“If I can’t have you then no one can” he said. He sliced my throat and I fell to the ground. My dad came into the house then killed the rogue. After that we went to the hospital and I lived but my mom didn’t. The rogue got my vocal cord and I couldn’t talk after that.

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