My Muted Mate

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Chapter 5

My pack and I got to school early so we can find our lockers and have time to find our classes.

Once we got to school, every eye landed on our cars. We got out and made our way to the school. I couldn’t smell my mate, so that means she wasn’t at school yet, or she is not in the neighboring pack.

We walked into the office and there was a lady at the front desk. Her name tag said ‘Mrs. Nichole’. She looked up from the computer and smiled.

“Ah, you guys must be the new students” she said. I nodded and smiled. She got up and went into a room for our schedules. All of a sudden, I smelt this most mouth-watering scent.

‘MATE!’ My wolf howled in joy. I sniffed the air and I smelt Rose and Chocolate. ‘GO TO MATE!’ He howled, again. I chuckled.

The scent got closer to the office then the most beautiful girl was standing in the doorway. I sniffed the air again but there was another scent, that I despise. Rogue. She’s a freakin’ rogue. Great.

She squeezed through my pack and came to the front. I looked her over and smiled. She was wearing black pants, a tank top with a sweater over it and her brown hair was in waves. Her hazel eyes were so beautiful. She was about 5′8. She was perfect.

“Oh! Bliss, your here early!” A lady said, snapping me back to reality. Bliss smiled and walked into an office with a lady behind her. I strained my hearing out to hear them.

“OK, Bliss. Here is a notebook and a pen for you to write down your answers” The lady said. My eyebrows pulled together in confusion. What does she mean? I thought.

“OK, here you go, sir” Mrs. Nichole said handing me my schedule. I thanked her and walked out. OK, so 1st hour is Math. I started walking toward where Mr. Reeds room is.

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