My Muted Mate

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Chapter 7

I was in the locker room changing into PE clothes and talking to Blaire, Liliana, and Katalina.

“Did you guys see the new kids?” Liliana asked. “They are like the strangest kids at this school” she laughed. We all joined in with her.

“OK, come on guys. We better go before we actually make Mrs. Plats go insane.” Katalina said, laughing. Everybody laughed while I just smiled, since I can’t talk.

We walked into the gym. Mrs. Plats saw us and she scowled. I rolled my eyes and smiled innocently at her.

“Just sit down, lady’s” she said, scowling. “You may be mute, but you do not have to be the way you are” she said. I rolled my eyes and sat down. “Okay, class. Today we are going to join the boys PE class and play dodge-ball” she said.

Some groaned while some cheered. I smirked and got up. Just then, the boys came in all smirking or frowning. I saw my ‘mate’ and started panicking. Liliana came beside me and looked at me, worriedly.

‘My mate is in that group!’ I yelled at her. She foamed an ‘O’ shape with her mouth. ‘What do I do?!’ I asked her. She shrugged and walked off. ‘You little....’ I paused and thought about what to say. ‘Jerk!’ I yelled. I heard her laugh and rolled my eyes.

“Okay, class! Get a partner and line up!” Mrs. Plats yelled. Ugh! I saw Blake and waved him over. He smiled and we made our way to the line.

Mrs. Plats started putting pairs on each side of the gym. On my team, I got my siblings and 5 others. And guess who was one of those five? That’s right... my mate!

Mrs. Plats and Mr. Cox put the dodge-ball in the middle and stepped back. Coach Plats blow the whistle and everybody ran to get a ball in the middle except me.

You see, how I play dodge-ball is I dodge all the balls and wait till they are all on your side then you throw all the balls to the other team and get them out. They NEVER catch the balls. Haha

The game started and I nodded to everybody but the extra 5. Blake, Liliana, Ibbie, Katalina, Jonah, Daisy, Abby, and Daniel walked to the front and stopped. The 5 looked confused but me. The other team shrugged and threw the balls at them.

All of them walked off and sat down nodding to me. I walked over to a guy with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. I hid behind him and a ball came flying at us. The ball hit him and he walked off, steaming. I then hid behind a girl with black hair and brown eyes. She got out and walked off.

It continued like this until I was the only one left. I smirked and heard whispers. I saw the 5 talking to my teammates, fuming.

I turned back to the game and all at once the other team throws the balls at me. I dodged all of them and then saw one guy with a ball.

One of my bullies grabbed the ball and threw it at me. I stayed where I was at then caught it with ease. At first, he stayed where he was at, then stormed off.

I smirked and looked at the ball. I looked up to see all the people who ever bullied me with fear in their eyes. Oh, this is going to be fun. I thought, smirking.

With my wolf speed and strength, I threw all the balls and got everybody out. I looked over to see the new kids and teachers with their mouths agape. My friends cheered and ran to me, ether patting my back or congratulating me.

Just then the bell rang and I skipped to the locker room. I changed and skipped to my 3nd hour; history.

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