My Muted Mate

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Chapter 8

Xavier’s POV

When I walked into the gym to join the girls class for dodge ball, I smelt the wonderful smell of my mate. I smirked and saw her with another girl not talking at all. Probably mind-linking. I thought and shrugged.

“Okay class! Get a partner and line up!” The teacher yelled. I started walking to my mate but saw her wave another guy over. Blake, I think his name was. He smiled and walked over to her. I looked at them with narrowed eyes and realized they have similar features, must be siblings.

I shrugged and partnered up with Caleb (My Beta). We all lined up and got to our sides. My mate was on my side with 10 others and Albey, Kayden, Caleb, and Laken.

They blew the whistle and everybody ran to get the balls except my mate. My eyebrows pulled together in confusion but shrugged it off.

We started playing and I saw my beautiful mate nod to the other 10. They dropped their balls and walked to the front and stopped. The other team shrugged and threw the balls at them.

They all walked off and sat down. My mate then hid behind Caleb and got him out. She did this to all of us until she was the only one. I walked up to Blake, fuming.

“What the heck is she doing?!” I yelled at him. He smirked at me and turned back to his sister. “Answer my question! What the heck is she doing?!” I asked again.

“You’ll see” was his only replay. I huffed and stomped off. I sat down and saw every ball go her way. My heart nearly stopped then started again, once she dodged them all. There was one more ball on the other teams side so a boy threw it at her.

She stayed in her spot and caught the ball. She smirked and threw all the balls at the other team.

I sat there with my mouth agape, staring at her in shock and happiness. My wolf howled with joy inside of me. Her friends cheered and patted her back.

She smiled and skipped to the locker room to go change. Wow, my mate is awesome! I thought and walked into the locker room and changed. I started heading to 3nd hour; History.

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