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Tower Hearts

By Jay Horne All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


Pangea is a series that has been waiting a lifetime to be written. It brings a new perspective to the story of creation. The dialogue finds differences in religious and spiritual doctrines, and the relationships formed on the journey are colorful and diverse. A novel adventure that spans the globe with character travel and pierces the veil of the Otherworld, offering a unique peek inside places so divine. - "Lots of layers to this book. It kept creeping back into my mind long after I read it." 5 Star Review Michael Peterson


Present Day 1983

“Get up, Jesse!” Evelyn screamed, wrenching him strongly to his feet. “Get up! They’re coming!”

She could see the bewilderment in his gaze as she forced him to his feet, but had no time to explain before they started moving. With one hand, she reached down and seized the cord that held his half of the charm; firmly she forced it as a bundle into his hand. The sphere of light that surrounded them pulsed as the sun-shaped artifact swayed in his grip. It pulled in on itself and then expanded as if the distance between the two trinkets were married to the movement of the light that enveloped them.

“Hold this!” she insisted, her sleek black hair the only other thing begging his attention.

Then, leaning down and lifting her own moon-shaped amulet before her in her own grasp, she directed his eyes to it and explained. “For light,” she said while tugging him toward the hollow that led down deep into the Earth.

The illumination from the two closely outstretched relics, shone out in a distant radiance that covered many yards ahead, revealing walls of ancient untouched stone lining the throat of this subterranean tunnel. The walls were scarred with lines of quartz crystal, which had been delicately scored into the surface rock, revealing the layer of the polished diamond-like element beneath.

At first glance, the twisting lines of reflecting light off of the quartz seemed randomly scored in eloquent curves, as if for nothing more than eye candy. But, as the mouth of the tunnel swallowed them up, it was apparent that the chamber had indeed been purposely and intelligently carved into the likes of a cloudy thunderhead. For now, the sparkling lines shot down the walls in parallel strikes, resembling lightning from a looming overhead cloud.

“Wait!” the man pleaded, his chiseled brown features expressing confusion as radiant blue eyes darted about.

Evelyn didn’t resist his pressure too fiercely, in fear of scaring him into believing she was his enemy. The man’s hand that she held was Jesse’s, but she knew the man inside was not.

“Not now.” She gently spoke, sensing the questions in his eyes. “We haven’t the time. I will explain along the way, but we must press on, maybe the tunnel comes out at another point.”

Evelyn cast her gaze up into the darkness, beyond the recess of the light from where they had come. She heard the shuffling of sand and foot around what she could only think to be the base of the Dolmen.

“Do you hear? If they breach the shell, they will be upon us if we don’t put some distance between us. Come.”

Her hand was warm in his, and her face was reassuring. He let her lead him down through the stone catacombs, glancing over his shoulder once in a while, well aware that he could see nothing but pitch beyond the confines of the lighted bubble. On and on they pressed, and he busied his eyes by fixing on the rivers of chiseled crystal lightning that snaked their way along the walls as Evelyn spoke.

She had begun by telling him her greatest fear, that Serat had done him harm. That she had spied his shoes on the man’s feet and feared the worst—that the tribe was going to make her wed and bear her child as a Seeker. It was during her recollection of their time together in London when they came upon a change in the quartz design that had kept them company.

The bolts of lightning now crawled up huge marble columns on each side of the corridor. The reflective surface of the beautifully veined marble bore elaborate reproductions of the charms they each held. On the right, an image of the moon ... on the left, the sun. The light pulsed around them, and as they each lifted their godly gifts up close to see the detail in the designs, and the remarkable resemblance, the orb that had surrounded them in a single mass now parted down the center and moved like shadow from a setting sun. Slowly and methodically the white light became contrasting hues of red and blue, and the marble soaked up this color as if pooling it into the stone itself.

Momentarily they were plunged into the darkness among the center of the tunnel; the only light now emanated from the low frequency of the huge slabs, which had taken in the energy of the amulets. Then, as if flicking a switch on a fluorescent, each engraving flickered to life like the neon lights of a low-end bar and grill. The veins of color that ran deep in the marble filtered the same light into the channel of quartz beyond, this time following a perfectly straight path along the center of each wall, like the slowly sizzling fuse of a firecracker.

Now, in the dimly lit hollow of the tunnel, Evelyn approached her Jesse. Taking his half of the relic she locked it tight to hers, hoping to spark recognition in him as she revealed to him the story of the gift, and the true nature of the growing life within her.

A look of growing concern and contemplation was pasted across the canvas of Jesse’s face, and in desperation she embraced him, her lips a fraction from his ear.

“One, the sun that’s filled with shining light that blazes far and wide. One, the moon, which reflects the sunlight back, but has no light inside. Together we can shine anew, a living breathing light. In union once again in life, that Mother Earth provides.”

Pressing her lips to his, a dizzy spell of recognition flushed through him, and he clasped her in his arms as the memories came flooding back …

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