The Most Delightful Christmas Eve!

By Laraine Smith All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


What will happen for Natalie and Marcus?

Chapter 1

It was Christmas Eve. Natalie and her husband Marcus sat by their fireplace. The fire was melting the snow from their bodies. His angelic Christmas melodies were melting her sadness from being physically distant from him all week because of their jobs. They made her weep sweet tears of love and joy.

To Natalie and Marcus, the lights on their Christmas tree were equal to points of light from the heavens. Natalie had spent her entire Christmas Eve Day setting up her beloved Christmas Village in the living room. When she finally turned it on, both of their jaws dropped! It was like the light of the Supreme Being’s love was shining from the houses!

The universe’s widest grins spread across this couple’s faces when they look out of their living room window and saw Santa Claus flying across the star-filled, moonlit. navy-blue sky with his reindeer! He waved to them, and they waved to him in return! The pine trees had both snow had both snow and Christmas decorations! For Natalie and Marcus, this was the most delightful Christmas Eve!

During that minute of time, the entire universe, brightened around them! Natalie and Marcus lit their living room with candles, turned on Christmas music, and brought out their blankets and mattress for the night. In addition, Marcus put more logs on the fire to keep the two of them warm.

Unexpectedly, the air of winter stated blowing really quickly! This troubled Natalie too much for her to sleep! But Marcus knew what to do. He started to sing to his wife again. When he did, he cried from joy because of her beauty both outside and in. Marcus was able to restore peace to their surroundings and give his sleeping angel a Christmas Eve kiss before going to sleep himself.

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