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Alyx was born a monster in her family. After being abandoned, she learns that there is more to the world than meets the eye. Enter into a world of secrets and lies. Welcome to the Sisterhood. Every full moon, I would Shift from dusk to dawn. After a while, I grew accustomed to the pain, and I slowly learned to control my transformations. Soon enough, I embraced my new nature. It wasn’t as hard after that, but my family left sooner rather than later. Technically, I’d be better off if they hadn’t left my ‘fears’ and me. Also, out of my Sisters and I, I was the only one who got these weird visions. I couldn’t fathom why. My family had actually tried to love me, to accept me the way I was, but the monster they thought I was won the war raging in their minds. Since then, I’d had two constant fears. They hadn’t faded over time.

Fantasy / Romance
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Leaving. Everyone was leaving.

One by one, my family decided to leave me. My father. My mother. My sister. All I could do was just watch, helpless, as everyone left. No one I loved had chosen to stay with me. They chose to abandon me. Deep down, I knew it was for my own good, but the feeling was just the same. I was dangerous. A threat. At only six years old, I had enough power in my pinky finger to shatter the world.

I gasped and gripped the edge of the countertop, vision swimming slightly. My fingers tingled, something scratching and chafing against my skin, but I pushed it down, massaging my chest briefly. There was an ache in me that had persisted over the years, never leaving, only dulling. I bore a scar unseen by the untrained eye, its claws sinking deep into my bones.

My family had left me. So I got a new one.

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