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A-to-Wonder: Dragons' Revolution

By Melinde-Mari Venter All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Dragon Keep

Now Alice wasn't all that quiet a person as what she seemed, no she could talk your ears off of your head - if given the chance! But unfortunately her grandmother was the Queen of Hearts - the Red Queen - and her mother the Queen of Spades - the Black Queen - and so people feared their youngest princess. Her only companion was a talking dormouse; few animals could talk in Wonderland...

Alice and the dormouse had been planning their escape from the palace since forever; and today Step 1 would be complete. Today was Alice's birthright ceremony; Dragon Hatching.

See, Dragon eggs didn't hatch without a True Blood, and the last of the True Blood race had married into the royal family eons ago (against their will); for the Royals desired power; since then only royalty could awaken Dragons or hatch dragon eggs and control these magnificent beasts. Once upon a time they had roamed free, the True Bloods not their masters, but friends.

Alice was hell bent and sent to correct her ancestors' mistakes and free not only Dragons, but all of Wonderland from their murderous, war-mongrel Queen and future dictator!

Nearing the Dragon Keep, wearing a glistening light blue, almost white, dress; her red-brown hair held back by a black headband and her stylish black boots; it was the only why her caretakers had gotten her to wear the ceremonial dress - she did not wear dresses!

She slouched standing in front of her mothers, her grandmother needed only give her the 'OFF WITH HER HEAD!' look to get her to stand straight and dignified.

"Now a True Blood can have only one Dragon of his or her own, but with that one Dragon at side, can control hundreds!" Her mother said aloud.

"With the words of the Old your dragon will awaken and hatch, but choose wisely, for a weak Dragon means a weak ruler or a weak knight to his or her ruler and a gentle Dragon means for none to obey you. You must choose one of strength, glory, majesty and ferocity!" Her grandmother stated strictly.

"So follow your True Blood instincts to feel the un-hatched Dragons' desires!" The two Queens said full of pride.

Entering the light devoid Dragon Keep, Alice could not but help wonder what glory the darkened Keep once had held... And if the windows, now painted black and brick covered, was once again opened to the purifying light of day and night, would it again be has magical as her imagination held fast it to be? 

Alice wondered about the Keep, she could 'feel' her mother's dragon just outside, daring her to choose wrong so her could kill 'it' and her, for being incompetent.

"Shut-up Jabberwockey!" She sent her own 'feel' to him and he just laughed it off.

Then came the softer 'feel' from the eggs, the one - a ghostly black egg's feel - was murderous, to such an intensity it reminded her of her grandmother. Another, a fiery red egg with such sickly yellow spots that reminded her of puss, its 'feel' was that of sabotage.

Other 'feels' that she got was that of chaos, destruction, death, cruelty, etc. It was hard to find where each 'feel' was coming from.

She wondered further into the Keep and climbing up stairs and ladders, it became darker at some point, but Alice never noticed this change in lighting; one 'feel' had caught her interest and she was determined to find the dragon that felt so strongly about justice, friendship, protecting, caring and... Love...

And there the egg laid, in the darkest corner in the whole Keep, yet it shone brilliantly! It was a Jade egg, lighter green Jade colors with some darker green Jade flowing into the lighter Jade in perfect harmony, it seemed to have been engraved with elegant swirls and patterns that made one relax.

"Hear my words, the words of the old, the words of the True Blood running through my veins; oh just, protective friend! Let us together teach love to the people again and rid this land of the evil that plagues it. Jay'd dy enw ac mor llachar fel sêr y bydd dy disgleirio! Draig o lwc, dy fy swyn fod. Deffro ac yn codi!"

The egg gave a shook and cracks appeared; separating the lighter and darker shades of Jade. A paw pushed past the cracks and soon the li'l dragon started clawing its way out; Alice helping it, so that he didn't have to struggle so.

Picking the the newly hatched and now named Jay'd up into her palm, she smiled gently and in return it gave her a grin lined with flame sharpened teeth, which was scarily cute.

"Let's go. It isn't over yet. We have to survive together from now on!" She petted Jay'd's scaly head as he leaned in coaxing her to not stop... Not now...

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