The Lost Blue

By Darkerside All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


Ann Bitterday may never be able to let go of the past; of the death of her sister. Megan Bitterday had been found on the beach one morning after she was suspected of drowning while taking a midnight swim. But some part of Ann never believed that was the cause, how could Megan, who could swim like a Mermaid, die drowning? But then again why would she commit suicide? The answer to that may lie deep down in the pitch black part of the sea and Ann probably would never be able to dive deep or hold her breath long enough. But when she meets Mirey Downstream; a Merman stranded on the East Coast, she was determined to know the truth. And that may all be it until she finds her heart sinking for Mirey and his belief that she was not his soul mate. Would she give up and let herself be swoon by his best friend, Tiago Coldfin, who had secrets like the Sirens down in the deepest trench? Lost in the cold blue sea and love, Ann believes now that finding the cause of her sister’s death may also unravel something more to the missing Mermaids.


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