The Thanatos Prophecy

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Night X

Night X
The Rewrite Effect

Mahad wasn’t sure what he was thinking when he agreed to Hathor’s plan.

He kept glancing around the place, waiting for it to spontaneously combust from Anubis’ strange magic powers.

In all honesty, he felt he had just signed his death wish, sentencing him and his sister to be doomed at the hands of the cursed boy before him.

Standing warily on the back porch, he watched as his sister talked to their new companion, telling him what she wanted him to do so she could get a clear look at his abilities. Her mouth moved animatedly as she said something to the brunette, finally backing up out of mana range.

Taking a deep breath, Anubis got into position, mana gathering to cluster inside of him, eyes closed in concentration. Mahad noticed that he seemed to pull from the atmosphere as he seemingly read a spell in his mind, probably unaware of its meaning. His braid lifted, clothes fluttering as he held his sword in front of him carefully.

Then his eyes opened, speaking the word that would make his enchantment become reality.

"Dea... Tacita.”

Mahad’s eyes widened in shock. He glanced in surprise at Hathor who seemed taken aback, pupils dilated in shock and awe.

“That’s...” he trailed off suggestively.

“ fake spell...” Hathor stumbled back in uncertainty, warily glancing at her bow and arrows lying nearby.

This... was not what they had anticipated.

Before them, a bright green light started to form around their comrade, eyes lighting up to match it. Slowly, it moved off of him and onto his sword, circling it entirely. The sword glowed brighter, its wielder tensed in concentration.

Hathor walked closer, Mahad warily following closely behind.

“So...” Anubis glanced up at the ponytailed girl, “What do you think?”

Hathor’s face screwed up in remembrance.

“What was the phrase you just said?” she asked for clarification.

“Phrase? What phrase?”

“Uh... What?” Mahad inputted helpfully.

“You mean you don’t remember?” Hathor questioned in utter disbelief.

Anubis glanced back to the sword with glowing green power held firm in his hands.

“I never actually know what I’m doing or saying when I use this power,” he explained, “The words just kind of come to me one at a time. If I say or do anything meanwhile, I don’t remember after,” he stated.

“Wow,” Mahad’s eyes flickered to the lingering spell in question, “That sure is inconvenient,” he noted.

“Right,” the brunette nodded in agreement.

“You said two words that are very familiar to me,” Hathor continued what she was saying, “I’m not sure if they’ll have any consequences if I repeat it before you now.”

“Consequences like what?”

“I don’t know,” she shook her head.

Anubis glanced at Mahad.

“Don’t look at me,” he raised his hands to his defense, “I don’t know much about magic itself. I just heal.”

“I’m going to try saying it to see what happens, if anything,” they turned to the younger teen, “Hopefully, nothing too bad does.”

“Alright,” Anubis nodded, focusing on her voice, “Fire away.”

“You said, Dea Tacita,” she enunciated, watching his expression deeply.

And then his eyes went dark.

Hathor didn’t understand why the light in Anubis’ electric green eyes had suddenly faded away, an expression of calm blankness left in its vacancy.

All she had done was say the two words she had often said, harmlessly bluffing to others that she was, in reality, a magician. Those words had never harmed anyone before... Yet when told to the actual spell’s owner, they had adversely different effects.

The previously active teenager now simply stood there, frozen, eyes unmoving from the last place he had moved them to, right at her. A grim frown was set on his face as he stared at the confused girl, hands tightly wrapped around the sword he had just recently cast a spell on.

She approached him carefully.

“What did you do?” Mahad asked in accusing, watching her steady advancement.

“I don’t know!” she hissed, wary not to spook the boy into any sudden movement.

“Well, turn him back!”

“I don’t know how!” Hathor protested for her older brother to stop bothering him about something he knew nothing about.

Then again, she knew nothing about it either.

“I knew something would go wrong,” Mahad grumbled in frustration, “but you didn’t listen to me. You never listen to me. Now you’ve really done it.”

“I know.”

“You better fix this now or else-”

" I’m trying to!” she snapped, “I could do it better if you’d stop bothering me!”

“Right... Sorry,” the redhead shut up.

Hathor knew he was just worried for the well-being of Anubis, the black braided brunette hadn’t seemed like that bad of a person. It would be a shame if he would never be like that again because she messed up.

Finally, she stood cautiously next to Anubis, his eyes now trained on his sword stoically.

“Anubis, you’re in there, right?”


“It’s me, Hathor. I don’t know what happened to you but...”

Not a single thing.

“ shouldn’t fear! I’ll get you back to normal, I promise,” she smiled nervously.

The boy simply stared at his sword.

Hathor was beginning to think he was playing a prank on the Aeiytian duo.

“Anubis...?” she tried to look up at him from under his parted black bangs.

“Anubis, I’m talking to you...” she laughed nervously, her tension reaching a high.

She just wanted the boy to come back to his senses already.

Patience lost, she grabbed him roughly, irritated by the fact he kept staring dully at the green, glowing sword in his hands.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you-” she tried to grab the blade in annoyance.


Anubis suddenly spun around, swinging the weapon with the force of a pro. Hathor fell back, barely missing the swipe as a few strands of her hair were cut.

The resounding force of the swing turned into a strong wind, blasting her into the house far away.

“Hathor!” her brother yelled out in shock and worry, glancing at her.

She coughed up blood in pain.

He grabbed his sword, glaring at the boy in rage.

“Why you!” he charged, swinging at the boy as the figure swiftly dodged, limply ducking beneath.

“...ahad?” Anubis’ brain seemed to return as he barely registered that he was being aimed at.

"Whoa!” he barely dodged the slice, backing up in shock.

“What was that for?” he protested, yelling loudly.

“Your precious sword nearly took off my sister’s head!” Mahad pointed to the girl with one hand, sword held in the other.

“...I did that?” Anubis was stunned.

He glanced at his hands in shock.

“And you’re going to tell me you don’t remember what you did?” the older male was fuming.

“No... I...” Anubis tried to defend himself.

Standing up slowly, Hathor made her way over to them to stop the duo.

“So far you’ve been nothing but trouble!” Mahad protested in irritation, “First you show up from Aegea in a vehicle that Hathor steals to drive you... then you deplete me of my whole mana supply... now you space out and nearly take off my sister’s head! What are you after, huh?”

“Look, I’m sorry that I apparently did that, but, I swear I don’t know what I was doing back then! I couldn’t even tell you what these so called spell words Hathor was going to say, are, anyway!” Anubis revealed, taking a step back as he pleaded his case.

“You seriously don’t remember?” Mahad was skeptical.

“Not at all.”

“Not one bit?”

“Not one bit.”

Mahad sighed in resignation, sheathing his sword in its sheath again.

“Fine then... I’m giving you the benefit of a doubt that you aren’t lying to us again,” he relented, “Just promise me, you won’t space out like that again... That was pretty scary, you know,” he smiled sheepishly.

“I promise.”

He nodded.

“Now then,” Hathor began, now standing only a few feet away from the duo.

“I think I may know what just happened.”

“What is it?” her older brother asked as they turned to face her.

“Well I won’t pretend to know everything about magic,” she disclaimed, “so don’t blame me if I turn out to be totally wrong in the end.”

They nodded.

“So what’s the problem?” Anubis asked, heavily concerned as to why he now had a blank of his memory in his head.

“From what I think, your spell seems to have a sort of trigger word erasing it from your head,” she raised a finger in explanation, “This so happens to be your spoken word of reality. Once you say De- that word, your memory resets itself, erasing the spell you just learned from in your head. A sort of auto-delete, if you will.”

“You, yourself are unaware of the word because it’s also deleted from your brain. If someone else says the sentence, you go into a catatonic state, with nothing to erase from your head. Since it’s specially tuned to delete spells it just stays there, leaving you vulnerable in the meantime,” she walked towards them, keeping herself busy to not zone out and forget.

“This will eventually wear off after a time, the time in which it usually takes you to do a spell. Then you’re back to normal, with no memory at all of what just happened. This is a grave weakness that can be used against you in the future by enemies if they pick it up,” she finished her thought.

“Oh,” Anubis started, “but what about the spell itself?”

Mahad looked on in interest as they reentered the house itself.

“I can’t tell what goes on in your head so I can’t tell you that. However, I do know about your spoken words instead.”

“And?” Mahad pressed to keep her focus.

“Ah, right. The Dea- the words you use, is an ancient forbidden Aeiytian spell of death-”

“-Why are you throwing these words around?” he stared at her critically.

“...or in some versions,” she ignored him, “a sort of curse of hatred, condemning others to death-”

“-I’m taking your scepter,” Mahad determined.

Tears formed in Hathor’s eyes, “... that’s rumoured to be contained in the mythical Book of the Dead.”

Dea Tacita, Anubis, she cursed the poor boy violently in her head. Dea Tacita.

Now she couldn’t fool others that she had magic anymore.

“The Book of the Dead?” Anubis questioned, oblivious to the curse, “What’s that?”

“No idea, that’s what the district library said,” she stated, shrugging.

“You’ve been saying spells from the Book of the Dead?” Mahad hissed in rage, “Well you’re grounded! You’re banned from going there ever again, you hear me?”

“Yes, Mom...” Hathor groaned irritatedly.

“Well, that doesn’t make sense...” Anubis trailed off.

“I thought you said your spells were Phaionan,” Mahad glanced at him in confusion.

“That’s what I guessed,” he put a hand on his head in thought.

Hathor shrugged, “I don’t know squat about magic other than that, so I can’t help you there.”

“Well, now what?” the brunette raised a hand, “Apparently I have some sort of rewrite effect working in my head... Am I supposed to just live with this?”

The two siblings simply shook their heads in misunderstanding. They had no idea.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

A trio of raps on the door sounded, breaking through their deliberation. They were loud, sudden; sharp.

A gruff shout called the siblings’ last names from the other side.

“Oi, Amun-Ra!”

Mahad perked up in discomfort and dismay.

“Open up!” it demanded.

“Someone you know?” Anubis questioned his demeanor.

Standing up, Mahad turned to the duo, shaking his head.

“Unfortunately,” he groaned in irritation, “Get down behind the couch... And do keep down your head.”

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