The Thanatos Prophecy

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Night VII

Night VII
The Siblings of Aeiytia

Hathor Amun-Ra wasn’t having a good day.

Then again, when did she ever have a good day? Especially with the amounts of trouble she constantly picked up or started. One could say she was a magnet for trouble.

One would be wrong as she normally started the trouble.

It wasn’t usually her fault, per say. She had a high moral standard that simply didn’t allow for her to ignore such deeds as she noticed them. It had irritated her older brother, Mahad, to no end too.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, her appetite was.

The twin pony tailed redhead was the epitome of your average Aeiytian. One who had inherited the sin of Gluttony from their empirical species.

According to the neighbourhood library, each of the seven empires of Nervonia had extraordinary wealth, having been blessed by the gods. To pay for this wealth, however, each one had been cursed with seven deadly sins that every once in a while, cropped up in one of them. She had only looked it up to bring to her brother so that he’d get off her case.

Both traits contributed equally into a very unhappy and moneyless Mahad. Whose pocket had basically been robbed, paying for her ridiculous damages and waiter bills. Eventually, he had basically enough of it all and claimed to plan to kick her out of the streets, threateningly.

She knew it was a bluff, and so, did nothing to curb her habits, continuing all the same. That had been exactly what they had been discussing when that girl crash-landed right in front of them, unannounced.

She had been shocked at the girl’s appearance, foreign white hair and a completely beaten up form. It wasn’t until Mahad had healed her surface injuries and she had woken up, that she had explained her one on, maybe, sixty thousand battle at the border she had barely bypassed.

For whatever strange reason, Mahad seemed to have taken an unusual interest in the girl, berating her for being so careless despite not even knowing her. Then again, Mahad was always like that. When she’d asked the girl her name, however, the girl had denied politely, stating that she didn’t want them to get killed for hiding her. They could claim she’d hijacked their home instead.

Heavily displeased with the idea, her brother had agreed, noting he could not handle the Pharaoh’s wrath against him as a simple merchant in Aeiytia. He wasn’t ready to take the next step, she’d snickered, thoroughly pummeled by the brown skinned boy.

In the night, they’d then safely sheltered her out of the country. She’d wanted to leave soon before they got caught with her and executed. Mahad had stared worriedly at her as she thanked them, before limping off into the empire-less section of the continent.

Hathor honestly wondered if she was okay.

Sighing, she dug into the buffet set out before her, eating every last morsel. Soon enough, the waiter approached her as she got ready to book it.

“Here’s the bill,” the dark skinned neatly dressed man said handing it to her.

Minutes later, she was kicked out.

“AND STAY OUT!” the restaurant owner demanded, banning her and her brother from setting foot in there again.

Geez, she stared boredly off to the side, ignoring the stares as she walked. Mahad’s not gonna like this...

Mourning her current daily funeral, she turned the corner into a narrow road, noticing some smugglers hauling some stuff into a carriage across the border.

She paused by them, “Excuse me?” the red eyed girl glanced at them, “Are you guys smugglers?” she flat out asked them bluntly.

“Yeah. What of it, girlie?” a man glanced at her, sneering.

The others laughed, gathering around her.

“Gonna be a hero?” one chuckled.

“Is that so, huh?” she smirked, taking out her fake staff Mahad had crafted, to keep her out of trouble by means of a bluff.

“She’s a magician!” a guy exclaimed, seeing it.


“She’ll tell the Pharaoh!”

"Dea Tacita!” she mimicked a spell she had seen in a library spell book, a fake projection appeared in the air as dust exploded from it.

It didn’t keep them busy for long, however.

“She’s just a regular kid!”

“How dare she mock us?”

“Get her!” they sped after her now disappearing figure.

Running away, Hathor took off throughout the Empire’s district, ducking and dodging between various stalls and carriages as she went. She could hear them behind her, carelessly crashing into a few stalls as women yelled at them angrily, running straight into a clothesline.

Taking around five confusing turns, she finally stopped by the Sai River, finally unable to hear them anymore. Tired from the chase, she walked up to the cool oasis, dipping her hands in and splashing her face to cool down.

Spreading out on the sandy land, she sighed deeply, watching the dust fly up from her descent.

Now at peace, she rolled over tiredly, glancing at the running water nearby.

“Why is life so boring here...” she trailed off, placing her hand into the river on a soft rock.

Wait... Rocks aren’t soft... At least, I hope so, she realized, sitting up in confusion.

A black mess of something floated amidst the clear blue, ruining her reflection. A ridiculously green triangle shaped stone, poking out on the land next to it.

Slowly, she stood up, wading in the shallow part of the water to get a good look.

Before her, was a boy of about a year older than her, floating the water, an odd thin green forcefield of sorts wrapped around him, entrapping air. A pool of red slowly contaminated the water as she realized his state of grave injury.

These weird foreigners just kept coming, didn’t they?

I’ve got to get him to Mahad, she decided, attempting to pull him out of the water. Dragging him by the hair onto dry land, she debated how to get him from there to their apartment in one piece.

I’ve got it! She declared determinedly. I’ll drive him there!

There were one- no, two, problems with this conclusion, however.

One, Hathor didn’t have a carriage.

And two, she couldn’t drive.

For the latter, she decided that she’d deal with that when the time came later. As for the former, however...

Hmm... where to get a cart...?

“I’ll be right back, buddy!” she determined, glancing back at him and walking off into the district to find a ride.

The Aegean District of the Aeiytia Empire was quite a far distance off from the actual town itself, which was considered disjointed from the empire; a part of Xynes. The town was a merchant hotspot, a stopping place for those who wanted to head to the Maharajan festivities.

Currently, it was packed. Noticing a particularly useful cart outside of a theater, Hathor snuck inside of the building, hoping to ask the ambassador if she could borrow it for a while.

Trying to get closer, she tried to enter the gathering itself, getting stopped by a pair of guards with spears outside.

“No minors allowed,” they declared sternly, blocking her with their weapons.

“What?” she huffed indignantly, pouting. “I just need to talk to the ambassador about something!” she exclaimed.

“Hah! Talk to him?” the guard on the left laughed at her naivety.

“Do you even know who’s in there, little girl?” the other joined in.

Clearly, this was more interesting than whatever those stupid nobles did inside of there.

“Who is it?” she was curious.

“The Rai Dynasty of the Phaiona Empire’s second head, Rai Shiang, himself.”

“Oh really? Don’t know him,” she smiled cheerfully.

“What?” they shrieked quietly in outrage and shock.

“Nice talking to you guys!” she waved happily, exiting the building.

Rai, Shmai, Hathor thought to herself as she snuck onto the carriage itself, I’ll just borrow his cart anyway.

Sitting at the front, she realized that she didn’t know how to steer the thing itself.

Well, this is a problem... she stared at the reins if that was what they were called.

“Hey!” a shout of rage was heard as the guards rounded the doorway, “Get off that thing! It’s not a toy!”

The people eagerly ran outside as Hathor hurriedly tried to figure out how to use it. Eventually, she just slapped the horses’ behinds with the ropes in her hands.

Whinnying, the steeds took off, slamming right into the gate as they tried to navigate around it.

“Whoa!” the brown skinned girl tried to stay on, attempting to direct them out of the vicinity as they barely avoided an old man walking by.

“That girl stole my carriage!” Rai Shiang yelled angrily, before noticing they were all without rides to catch up.

“I’ll return it to you later!” Hathor simply waved him off as she disappeared into the distance, forcing the horses to dodge ten aligned vending stalls and assorted arrays of people fleeing out of her way. Eventually, she reached the river, barely managing to stop before they either drowned or trampled the boy on the land.

“Ughhhhh!” she grunted in exertion, dragging the boy towards the vehicle. Roughly, she forced him onto the cushioned seat inside, basically dropping him down due to his weight. He was lucky he was so short, she realized, noting him barely tower over her height of five feet.

Getting back on the front, she hit them again, starting her journey back to the apartment as she dodged several people, buildings, and stalls along the way. Finally, they pulled to a halt before the small apartment building, consisting of only two stories.

Hopping off, she knocked on the door.

“Mahad! It’s me; Hathor!”

The door creaked open warily, revealing a heavily suspicious older brother as he stared at his sister outside. His red hair was messy, tangled slightly, since he didn’t comb it properly, stepping fully through the doorway. Orange orbs glared testily at the young girl, stationed on his front porch.

"Why are you back so early...? Did you get kicked out again?” he groaned in irritation.

“No! Well yes, but that’s not important, right now,” she gestured to the carriage parked carelessly in front of his house.

His eyes bulged out of his head in shock, nearly getting a stroke.

“You stole a cart from someone?” he exclaimed in shock, “How am I gonna pay for this?”

“I didn’t steal it! I borrowed it from a noble...”

Mahad looked like he would float out of his body at any minute.

“A noble?” he shrieked, “You took it from a noble!”

Hathor didn’t see what the problem was.

“It was for a good cause! Look inside,” she pointed at the vehicle door, wanting him to know.

“What is it now?” he groaned in despair, opening the wooden carriage door.

Glancing inside, he noticed the blood stained boy sprawled on the seat carelessly. The place itself looking like that of a crime scene.

“So...” he began his rant in disbelief, “You’ve kidnapped a kid- killed him... and brought him to me to hide the body?" he stressed, feeling his sanity slipping.

Why had the gods left him with a maniac to take care of?

“No! Of course not! I just found him injured in the Sai and brought him to you so that you could heal him!” she finally explained.

“Hathor...” he understood, if only slightly, “I don’t know if I can heal that kind of a wound anyway... Why’d you take him to me anyway?” he asked curiously.

“Well, his sword is weird! It had a barrier cast around him to keep him alive, ” she recalled, trying to act it out, “And he kinda looks like one of those guys you told me about! The ones with the weird clothing!”

"That’s why?” he wanted to confirm.


“And you want me to heal him...?”


“Why do you think I should heal him?”

“Remember that girl from three days ago? I bet he knows her!” she suggested randomly, with no real basis at all, “It can’t be a coincidence that both of them got injured and landed here,” she explained her suspicions.

It could actually, Mahad thought to himself, we live in the Dark Ages. Things like these are common.

Relenting, he sighed, “Fine, get the bed ready again. I’ll heal the kid.”

“Thank you!” she bowed in gratitude.

Grateful, his sister entered the house, leaving him to bring the boy inside.

What exactly is going on here? The redhead questioned internally as he stared at the foreigner with suspicion.

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