The Thanatos Prophecy

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Night VIII

Night VIII
Far From Home

Mahad wasn’t sure what to think about his current predicament.

Recently, the sixteen-year-old’s house had seemingly become a sort of safe haven for whatever refugees felt like cannonballing straight into their lives. He didn’t know what this sudden change meant for his already disastrous tale.

Then there was his younger sister, Hathor.

He had been utterly appalled to see the normally controllable young redhead come home with a crime scene straight from a horror play held in the theater. He didn’t know how he could manage to curb any damages this time.

She then proceeded to explain that she had brought the poor boy there to him to heal him.

How am I supposed to heal, well, that? He stared in disbelief at the almost gaping hole left in the boy’s stomach.

The brunette had just barely managed to live due to some sort of enchantment protecting him. He had read about it somewhere...

What he really wanted to know, was what exactly, the boy had gone through to end up with such severe injuries such as those that he had.

Sighing at his misfortune, he glanced at the medical supplies that Hathor had gotten, narrowing his eyes in concentration. Turning back to the foreigner on the bed, he started his mediocre healing spell, hands adjusted accordingly over his figure.

He closed his eyes, words spilling from his lips as he tensed his face in focus. An ancient magical language fell out, one only he understood.

"O’ spirit of the divine and just, I offer up my vessel in sacrifice to you.

Dwell within me, and through my limbs, cleanse me.

Bestow upon me the ability to heal all who kneel before me.

So it is said, it will be done,” Mahad finally opened his eyes, a green light glowing around his body as the wind picked up in the room, rocking everything inside.

His clothes fluttered gently in the breeze, as he stared blankly at the male lying before him. He could feel the mana gathering in his fingers, preparing to heal every inch of the boy’s body if necessary.

Deciding he had finally gathered enough, he stated the spoken word that would be said to realize the spell as true.

"Apollo,” he finally revealed the phrase, watching his set task take effect.

A green light filled the room as it covered the boy entirely, his face tensed in concentration. Trembling from the high mana usage, he forced himself to stay upright, determined to see the healing through.

Slowly, his stomach mended itself, gluing itself together with enough strength that he could eat when needed. The cells replicated, fulfilling their original duties, producing the acids necessary for digestion. Next was the dermis of the skin, sewing itself slowly back together as his nerves reformed, his blood vessels reapplied. Finally, the epidermis closed shut, still tender on both sides as his heavy breathing slowed, returning to a normal level.

A few other less severe injuries disappeared also, finishing the last of Mahad’s accumulated mana. Losing his focus, he collapsed from the exertion, gasping for air.

“Hah... hah...” the redhead panted, hands pressed on his thighs as he kept himself from fainting right there.

He had never performed such a great level of healing before, he acknowledged in his mind, he probably wouldn’t be able to use any more magic for the rest of the week, if he was lucky.

Now it would depend on him, Mahad noted, glancing at the peacefully sleeping commoner next to him.

And hopefully, they wouldn’t be executed by the time this was over.

He hadn’t woken up yet, Hathor observed, as she stared boredly at the sleeping older teen.

It had been an hour since her older brother had performed his magic on the odd looking individual. She had assumed it wouldn’t take him that long for him to wake up.

Her brother had said otherwise.

After all, it wasn’t like he was a pro at what he did.

He was barely ranked at all.

Mahad Amun-Ra was a C class magician of the Aeiytia Empire. At that stage, he couldn’t do any really useful spells. All he could do was heal.

The tanned boy had claimed it was because that was all their parents had managed to teach him before they abruptly died. Therefore he had been unable to move any further, always having to learn more things himself. It was better than having no affinity for magic at all, which is what she had.

Hathor was a simple resident, barely placed above the social class of the Xynesians; a D class magician. She couldn’t even use the art form. She was simply an overbearing useless girl, who could use a bow and arrow.

Granted, she never missed. It was just pretty lackluster in a world where basically everyone wielded some form of magic. It was uncommon.

That was the main reason why she caused so many problems for her brother. She wanted to be noticed. She wanted to be acknowledged for being great at what she did.

So she kept trying to do something good each day, in the hope that one day, she’d be accepted for what she did.

It wasn’t as noble as it seemed.

It really wasn’t.

The door creaked open behind her as Mahad stepped into the room a second later. He seemed to have regained some colour from the taxing spell he had cast.

“Still not up, huh?” he asked conversationally, glancing at the strange boy below.

“Nuh uh,” she agreed, sighing in displeasure.

His eyes were tightly closed, leaving her to ponder just what exactly his eye colour was. Was it weird? What if he was actually blind? She considered.

What if he was pretending to be unconscious the entire time?

What if he would never wake up again?

These thoughts ran through her head.

A hand patted her head somewhat affectionately. Looking up, she saw Mahad smiling at her slightly.

“Calm down, I’m sure he’ll be fine,” he reassured her that her efforts weren’t in vain.

He’s really not sure then, she noted duly.

“Dinner’s ready,” he stated, “How about you go eat some while I watch him?”

“Okay!” she agreed, cheered up.

Bounding down the stairs, she dug in, inhaling the feast.

Mahad shook his head in exasperation as he turned back to the unconscious male lying under the sheets. He felt a sort of deja vu in this moment as he recalled doing the same thing when that girl was there.

Only thing was, her injuries weren’t that severe.

Mahad wasn’t stupid. He also didn’t believe in fantasies.

However, he had a sinking feeling that his life would just get harder from there.

The two were like warning signs flashing in his face, their appearances completely opposite.

He also didn’t believe in coincidences either.

He was a realist. At least, as close to one as you could get in a world of gods and demons. He put his faith in the practical, the reliable.

This entire situation didn’t seem reliable.

It was precarious, a delicate balance kept before it would spiral beyond his control.

And he really didn’t want that happening.

Glancing back at the bed, he was met with a pair of startling green eyes, staring right back at him.

“Ah,” he noted accidentally.

The kid flipped out, grabbing his sword and positioning it to stab him, in case he came any closer.

“Who are you? Where am I?” the brunette questioned in suspicion, clutching his sword tightly.

He didn’t fault him. His reaction would’ve been the same if he originally had a gaping hole right through his gut.

“Calm down, I’m not going to hurt you,” he tried to persuade the wary boy.

“... name?”

“What?” he didn’t quite catch that.

“I asked you what is your name?” he repeated warily.

“Mahad,” he stated, getting slightly annoyed of being threatened in his own home.

“Mahad?” the boy scrutinized him in surprise, “... You’re a healer then?”

He nodded in surprise, “Yes, but, how do you know that?” he reached towards his sword cautiously.

“Do you know someone named Honoka?” he pondered.

“Describe her,” he ordered suspiciously.

“Long white hair, blue eyes- kinda pale,” he stated, acting it out, “Kinda bossy?”

“...I may know who you’re talking about,” Mahad considered.

The description seemed to match that girl from before.

“Did she get into a fight by the border?” he wanted to confirm.

“That’s the one,” the kid affirmed, nodding.

He lowered his sword slightly.

“How do you know her?”

“Hold on,” Mahad interrupted in irritation, “I thought you would know that story.”

He sheepishly scratched his neck.

“She kinda brushed me off when I asked,” he explained.

“That sounds like the one... She crashlanded before me and my sister three days ago in the district. I healed her and we helped her sneak out of the state, unnoticed,” the redhead explained, noting the sword drop instantly.

The boy collapsed, seated back on the bed.

“So that’s what happened...” he trailed off in relief, accepting his story.

He didn’t seem like an enemy, at least, not for now.

“I’ve told you my name,” Mahad pointed out, “so I’d appreciate it if you’d do the same.”

“Anubis,” he stated, holding out a hand in greeting, “Anubis Ilistaire.”

“... Nice to meet you then,” he shook his hand, completely unaware of the name change.

“The name’s Mahad. Mahad Amun-Ra,” he stated, “my younger sister, Hathor, is downstairs.”

“Um, if you don’t mind my asking... How did I get,” Anubis gestured to the building, “here?”

“According to her,” he pointed out the door, “She found you floating in the Sai River and brought you here.... Though I’m not sure how reliable that is... I healed you, but I’d hope I didn’t heal a careless person who simply fell on some rocks in the waters,” he said sarcastically.

“... The Sai River...” the brunette thought aloud, “Where am I anyway?”

“You’re currently in the Aeiytia Empire,” he explained, “The Aegean District of course.”

"What?” the Ilistaire exclaimed in a sudden panic, running out the door and to the outside of the house.

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