The Girl Who Cried Wolf

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Chapter 16


I sat quietly on the sofa in Rhys small office, pretending to read a book he had laying around. It wasn’t very interesting, something about personal finance and business. I preferred fiction to reality, although I suppose being surrounded by mythical beings had changed my perspective on the books I had read. Clearly, not all fiction was indeed fiction. All the while Rhys was trying to get through the massive backlog of paperwork on his desk. I couldn’t say that I wasn’t curious about what it was he did exactly for a job or if being the Alpha of the pack was his full time job. I had never really gotten involved in all of the inner working while I had been dating Silas and not while I had been a prisoner at his house either.

He let out a low growl in frustration, before shoving the papers in front of him away, “This is going to take me all day.” He hunched forward and began rubbing his fingers to his temples, brows furrowed, “I’ll call Dace to come pick you up. There is no reason for you to wait around here with nothing to do.”

I closed my book and set it down on the sofa as I rose up to my feet, “Well maybe there is something I can do to help you. I mean why not put me to work. I’m not really the type of girl who likes to sit around idly.” I walked towards the edge of his desk, tapping my finger on a stack of papers resting nearby. Rhys watched me with an unreadable expression as he leaned back in his chair. I felt the caress of his eyes on my skin, sending warm tingles up my spine.

“I don’t know if these are things you can help me with, Dove.”

I frowned, feeling disappointed by his response, “Why? Because I’m a human?” I held his heavy stare, even as my mind flinched under it. If we were going to try to be in any kind of relationship than I wanted it to be one where we were equals. I didn’t want to be some arm candy for him to tote around and fuck when the urge called. I didn’t want to be seen only as his human girlfriend or mate. I wanted to feel like I could contribute something of value to him and his pack. Maybe Camila had been right, maybe that’s all I could ever really be to him and these people.

He narrowed his eyes, “What would your being a human have to do with anything? You think I care that you’re a human, Dove?”

“I don’t know maybe nothing...maybe everything. I do know that you need a produce a strong heir or whatever and if you try to do that with me It’s possible that they’ll turn out just like me, completely human.” I spit out Camila’s words, jealousy and spite eating away at my insides, “Are you telling me that doesn’t bother you at all?”

Rhys let out a snort as he pushed his chair back and stood up, “Is that why you’ve been acting so weird since we left the bar? Did someone say something to you? Do you think I would have fucked you like I did if I cared about your humanity, Dove?” He was agitated. I could tell by the way he was holding himself at the moment that he was trying to keep himself from from reacting badly. I felt a little stupid for bringing it up now, but I couldn’t take back what I had said.

I took a small step back, “Does it really matter? And you’re trying to avoid the topic by changing it.” I pointed out as I stuttered over my words a bit. His bringing up the sex we had in his car only an hour ago only reminded me about how much control I lacked around him. Not, that I regretted it but a part of me felt like that was how we solved our problems at this point. We would fuck and then it would be miraculously solved, except it wasn’t. It was simply pushed to the side for us to deal with or not deal with in the future.

He let out a sigh, moving around the desk to get closer to me, “Dove, you’re my mate. I wouldn’t care if your skin was the color blue and you had one eye. I would still want you.”

I twisted my fingers together, “For sex is what you mean, right? ’Cause let’s be honest that is all we do, Rhys. You don’t know anything about me and I don’t know anything about you.” The things I was saying were true. We didn’t know a damn thing about one another yet we were trying to pursue something, whatever this things was between us, because of some kind of fateful bond. I’m sure that we both would have gone about life as usual if we had never met, so why was it so hard to do that now. It would probably save us both the trouble and frustration of trying to squeeze each other into two different worlds. I had no plans of becoming one of them and he could never be happy away from his people, pretending to be just human.

His green eyes seemed to spark up at my words, something I was starting to recognize as his wolf, “No not just for sex. It’s not like I haven’t tried to talk to you...Damn it, Dove! I am trying to respect you by not pushing you for things you don’t want give me. You told me you didn’t want to talk about things. So we don’t talk but it’s not that I don’t want you to talk to me.”

I felt a little silly about the way I was freaking out, it was true that I had told him more than once that I didn’t want to talk. I bit into my lip, “I just don’t want to talk about Silas...” Rhys let out a little growl at his name and I held back the urge to smile, “Not yet, anyway. But we could always talk about other things...Like I could tell you that my favorite color used to be blue but now I think I like green. I could tell you that I love to dip my oreos into peanut butter.”

There was a smile playing on Rhys face as he crossed his arms over his wide chest. He leaned back into this desk crossing his legs at his ankles, “Why is green your new favorite color?” I shrugged my shoulders, giving him a playful smirk in return. A small silence developed between us but it didn’t feel as burdened as it had a few minutes ago. He let out a small breath, “Look, the reason I didn’t think you could help isn’t because you’re human. It’s because I don’t want to get used to you being there, running this pack beside me if you decide you want to leave...”

I felt my heart ache a little at the pained look in his eyes, “I...” I didn’t know what to tell him. I didn’t have any words.

He shook his head, “It’s fine, Dove. I’m not saying this to make you feel guilty or anything. I just wanted to ease your has absolutely nothing to do with your being human.” I gave him a nod of my head, losing my smirk. It didn’t matter that he didn’t want to make me feel guilty or any of that, I felt it. I felt like I was being an awful person, dragging him through all of my shit with the possibility of me leaving him behind still on the table.

Rhys pushed off his desk, “About the other thing you brought up...about the heir...” My face rushed with heat. I wanted to crawl underneath a rock and never come out again. I really had a knack for throwing myself under the bus.

I waved my hand, “Forget I said anything. It was weird and stupid...” He reached out and grabbed onto my hand. I sucked in a breath as my body immediately responded to his touch, sending warm pulses up my arm and making my legs feel like jello. I wanted him to take me in his arms and touch me like he had in the car. He had bent me over in the back seat, while he took me so hard that the car was rocking back and forth. I knew he felt the same way by the way his nostrils flared and his pupils dilated.

“It’s not stupid.” He spoke in a low voice as he pulled me towards him, “I had never really considered it until you said something, but the thought of you carrying my future son...”

“Or daughter...” I murmured as I lift my eyes from his chest to his face. He let out a rumble that had my core drenching itself. He put my hand to his crotch, making me grab hold of his hardened cock. I shivered as a small whimper of need fell from my mouth. I couldn’t help my reaction to him, I wanted him with a force that rivaled gravity. There was absolutely no logic to any of it.

“The thought of your belly full of what is mine...what is ours...makes me want to start filling you up right now.” He leaned his head down as he brushed the hair away from my neck with his free hand, keeping my other fastened to him. My eyes fluttered shut as he kissed my throat in a seductive pattern, a little bit of nibble, some tongue, and just the right amount of lip. I sagged forward, my body totally on board with whatever he wanted to do.

I licked my lips, forcing my body to submit to my mind, “And if our hypothetical children turned out to be human?” I wanted to know the truth. It was important. If we were going to have any kind of future together it would be better to know if we could even be compatible in our thoughts and desires.

“I doubt our children would be human. I have very strong genes.” He whispered before he continued to kiss. I frowned at his response, pulling back so that I look him in the eyes.

“But what if they were? What if that is all I could give you?”

He stared down at me, silent for a moment before responding, “I would love them, Dove. They would be something we created together...there is nothing else I would feel but love and pride.” I believed him. There was something deep inside of me that knew I could, that he was telling me the truth. It was a weird understanding to have but It made me feel lighter. It helped me to see him in a different light, not just who he was right now but It helped me to the potential of who he could be in the future. A future I found myself wanting to be in with him.

I licked my lips, “And what about your pack? Do you think they would see you as weak if you had only human heirs...if your mate was only human?”

Rhys gave me a dangerous smirk at my question, leaning forward and cupping my chin in his hand, “If anyone in my pack thought that made me weak I would just show them otherwise. They wouldn’t be saying it again. I think it’s fair to say that they’ll think again in regards to my mate, even if she is human. Neither of us are weak, and neither will our children.”

My mind felt clear as I stared up at him, everything I had experienced since meeting Rhys fell into place. I found my heart to be empty of doubts, no little voices in my head. I didn’t know this man in the average since of the word but I did know him. My heart and soul knew him. My mind might take time learning him but I could have all the time in the world the break down everything that made up the handsome and strong man before me. I didn’t want to run anymore. I needed to learn to trust my heart again, but to do that I was just going to have to jump, “Rhys...”


“I want you to make me yours.” His brows lifted high at my words, “I mean I want you to like mate me or whatever you call it.”

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