The Girl Who Cried Wolf

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Chapter 17


I felt like Dove had taken all the air from the room at her words. My wolf needed no more convincing, rising quickly at the thought of sinking his teeth into the pale skin of her neck and claiming her as he had wanted to do from the moment we had met. I however felt more uncertain and needed a moment to adjust to the sudden change of attitude. I needed to be sure that she was not going to decide minutes later that she wasn’t ready and she didn’t want me, because I wasn’t sure if I started I would be able to tame my beast.

Slowly I found the ability to fill my lungs, staring into beautiful eyes that reminded me of the forest in the way the green and brown danced together, “Do you know what you’re saying? There is no reason to rush this, Dove. As much as my wolf is riding me to mark you. I don’t want to push you too far and have you run from this...from me.”

She pulled back a half-step, “The things in my life have always been so uncertain, Rhys. There is still a lot of uncertainty with Silas hanging in the shadows...” I couldn’t help the growl that rumbled out of my chest at the mention of the bastards name. I was more than pissed that my trackers had been unable to get a read on his location. He had run to his pack and relocated them right off the grid, probably planning his next move. The bastard had another thing coming if he thought I would let anyone take my female away from me again, even if I had to lock her up in an ivory tower to keep her safe.

Gentle fingers brushed over my hand, calming my wolf. I doubted she even knew what she was doing, it was a natural instinct for her to reach for me when I was upset. It was as natural as it was for me to reach for her when I saw her shrinking away, “I know you’ve got skeletons in your closet just like I have in mine. I’m not asking you to share those with me today or even tomorrow but I hope in time we can learn to trust each other. I know relationships are hard, especially when you’re with a stranger. But in my soul and in my heart, I know you, Rhys.” Her words made my chest feel heavy. They were just as tempered and pure as her. I felt like some kind of jackass standing there why she professed her feelings and all I could think about was how I was so unworthy of them.

This female was the one that the moon had tethered me to, and I was completely unworthy of her. I shifted uncomfortability, “I think we should wait.” Dove seemed to deflate a little at my response. It made me feel even more like a bastard, which at the moment it felt pretty hard to do. Her hand began to fall away from me but I snatched it quickly in a firm grip, “I know you are certain about how you feel right now...”

“But you aren’t certain about how you feel. I get it.” She snapped quickly, dropping her eyes to the floor.

I fought back the urge to stomp my foot in frustration like a young pup, “Can I finish what I was going to say before you speak? Damn, woman. Don’t put words into my mouth because you’re feeling insecure.” She lifted her eyes, narrowing them slightly. I knew I was digging myself a deeper hole but it didn’t mean what I was saying wasn’t true.

I held her hand when she tried to pull away, “You’re an ass.”

“I am.” I completely agreed with her. I was an ass and that probably wasn’t going to change anytime soon but I wanted to treat her well. I let out a long sigh, “Listen, I am not the best at sharing my feelings and shit...” She gave me a look that was dripping with sarcasm. She didn’t even need to speak the words her face was practically shouting her thoughts at me.

“All I was trying to say before you interrupted me was that, I know you’re certain about how you feel about us right now. If you are as certain as you feel you are then it shouldn’t matter if we wait a little bit longer. I just think that you need to understand better what it means for us to be together, Dove. There are a lot of things that come with that, not just me.” I had to think about the pack and what was best for them. As the Alpha they looked for me to lead them and I had been struggling to do that since Dove came into the picture. My whole world was focused on her and her needs. I had never considered what it might be like if I found my true mate and how that would change me. It was mind altering to have my focus consumed so entirely by another person. All she had to do was smile at me and I felt empowered. Or piss me off by doing something reckless and I was ready to tear the world apart.

“And what does all that entail?” she lifted her brows, “Your pack? I think I can handle them, Rhys. They’re a little rough around the edges from what I’ve seen but I think I made a point to them today.” I knew she was proud of the way she had handled Alan like she had. I was going to have to deal with an unhappy wolf tomorrow from how hard she had embarrassed him, though he definitely had earned it. My little female had surprised me when she had gotten that man to submit to her.If it had been me with the knife I would have taken a couple pieces of him as a souvineer before I walked away. Dove may not be a wolf but she had shown her teeth like one, just thinking about it made me wanting to bend her over my desk and fuck her. Hard.

I suppressed the urge, releasing my hold on her hand before I gave into the need. I didn’t want her to think we couldn’t have a conversation without it turning into sex. I grimaced as I reached back to grasp the edge of my desk, leaning away from her, “If you were going to be with me, and let me mark you then you would become the Luna. You would be in charge of helping to care for the pack members, seeing to their needs and helping keep them protected from outside enemies. It is not as simple as putting a prick on his knees. Though that can be one of the perks.”

Her eyes seemed to flash with amusement at my last comment, “So the Luna is like the female equivalent to you?” She pulled her arms up, crossing them under her breasts. Which only pushed them up and made them look more mouthwatering then they already were. I ground my teeth together, closing my eyes for a moment as I tried to reign myself in. It was fucking hard to have so much conversation when all I wanted was to be buried inside of her.

“Sort of.” I opened my eyes, meeting her inquistive gaze, “Listen, I think this is a conversation that you should have with my mom. She would be able to show you better what it means to be a Luna.” Yes, that would be a good idea if my mother wasn’t currently being a stubborn bitch. She couldn’t seem to overlook the past and see that even if Dove was a human she wasn’t the kind that wanted to do us any harm. Well, she wanted to do one of us harm. I had a pistol loaded with silver bullets locked away in the side drawer of my desk to prove it.

“Does that mean I get to see Astrid?” She seemed excited over the idea. If only she knew that my mother had threatened to kill her.

I cleared my throat, pushing away from my desk, “Well, see. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

She narrowed her eyes, “What’s with the dismissive language?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“We’ll see. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” She put my words back to me in a mocking tone that had my wolf ruffling up in agitation. He didn’t like the disrespect even if it was from his female. She thrust her hands to her hips, “That’s bullshit. I know that means, ”Never going to happen” and I want to know why the hell not? Don’t you even want to mark me? Or is this “let’s wait” crap just a way to hope I’ll change my mind and leave. That’s it isn’t it? You’re trying to scare me off cause you don’t want to be mated. You just want to have me around to fuck and carry your babies.”

I gritted my teeth. I was back to being an asshole again and she was back to putting words into my mouth. My female was going to drive me to the limits of my patience and control. She held her ground with a heavy glare that made my cock throb against the zipper of my jeans, “I thought we already cleared this up, Dove...”

“Yeah you’re a real hero, putting me before yourself.” Her tone had a growl slipping from my chest. I was going to take her over my knee and redden that ass of hers if she didn’t watch the way she spoke to me.

I moved towards her with intention, “You think I don’t want to mark you?” My gums ached as my canines lengthened as my wolf came forward.

Dove held firmly, though I could see the unease in her eyes as I got closer, “That’s exactly what I think.”

I crowded in on her space, looking down my nose at her, “You have no idea what you’re talking about.” I reached out and fixed my hands on her hips, yanking her closer to me. Our chests pressed against one another as I lowered my face toward hers, brushing my lips over the corner of her mouth, enjoying the way her breath caught. I let my nose trail along her jawline, taking her deep into my lungs. I pressed my lips to her throat, letting out a growl of approval as she inclined her head to the side, giving me better access.

I sucked her skin into my mouth, rolling it between my teeth as I sucked hard. It took all of my willpower to keep myself from actually ripping into her skin with my teeth. I wanted to claim her. My wolf wanted to claim her. And I also knew she was not ready for all the things that would come after and how that would change everything between us.

Dove’s hands clutched at my shirt, ”Rhys..." My name on her lips had me growling as I walked us, until I had her pushed up against the wall. My control was slipping my canines, scraping against her soft skin. I shifted my hands to her butt as I lifted her up off the ground, using the wall to secure her to me. Her legs wrapped around my waists as she began to grind herself against my cock, whimpering as I continued to leave my mark on her neck. It wasn’t the one she wanted but it would satisfy me and my wolf for the time being to have the other males know that we had been there.

I pulled back away from her reluctantly because if I didn’t I was going to have myself buried inside of her again while I claimed her. Dove’s eyes fluttered open, blazing with the hunger I had ignited in her. I looked to the red and bruising flesh on her neck, grinning, “Now you can say that I have left my mark on you.”

Her cheeks flushed at my words, hand slapping to cover up the mark that I had left on her. Those hazel eyes narrowed into tiny slits, “You’re a real ass, you know that?”

I let out a laugh as she unwound her legs from my waist and I set her back down on her feet, “Guess you’ll have to get used to that, sweetheart.” She pushed me away from her as she rolled her eyes. I caught her hand again, pulling her closer, “I promise that the next time I leave a mark on your neck Dove It won’t fade. And no one will ever be able to question who you belong to.” I meant what I was saying. I was going to make this female mine, even if I had to throw her over my shoulder and take her back to my cave.

Her glare softened slightly, a small smile pulling at her lips, “Well since all that paperwork isn’t getting done...”

I growled approvingly at her train of thought as I picked her back up, letting her wrap her legs around me, “You sure you don’t want to talk more?” I teased her.

“Talk later. Fuck now.” She supplied quickly before pressing her lips to mine in a hungry kiss.

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