The Girl Who Cried Wolf

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Chapter 26


I was in the kitchen humming to myself as I gathered together the items needed for a chocolate cake. Xavier and the others had gone into town to restock up on supplies, leaving Angel and I alone. They were obviously trying to put us together, in hopes that she would see that I wasn’t as bad as the people who had hurt her. Only I had only seen Angel briefly, long enough for her to give me a silent glance and head off to her room.

I was hoping that the cake would feed any possibly cravings, and act as a sort of peace offering. I wanted for us to be friends, even if we had gotten off to a bad start. I had come to really appreciate Kendrick’s pack, they bickered, teased, and loved each other like family. It was something I missed in my life and I felt appreciative that they had let me participate in theirs to the capacity that they had. I knew it was hard for them to trust outsiders, especially one that was human.

I heard the sound of the door of the kitchen swinging open, footsteps shuffling across the tile, “I hope you’ve got a sweet tooth because I’m making us a chocolate cake. I know you probably need comfort food as much as I do right now...” I turned around, dropping the carton of eggs on the floor as my gaze focused in on Silas.

My heart froze in my chest as his lips curved up into a cruel grin, “Surprised to see me, little bird?” How had he gotten in here? How had he found me?

He pulled Angel tighter to his chest when she struggled to get away from him, pressing the knife in his hand harder against the soft flesh of her throat, “Keep it up and I’ll slit your throat, bitch.” That had her tensing, even as she barred her teeth in defiance.

I stared at the knife against Angel’s throat, lifting my hands slowly in surrender, “Let her go, Silas. I’m the one you came here for, right? I’m the one you want.” I should have known that I couldn’t escape my past, that I couldn’t let other people fight my battles for me. For all of Rhys efforts to protect me, he had still failed. Not that I blamed him for this. Silas was my ghost to exercise, he had always been.

Angel met my gaze, shaking her head ever so slightly. I knew that she was telling me to stop with whatever train of thought I was on. It was her job to protect me, even if I was a human, because that is what her Alpha had commanded. I, however, wasn’t under the same compulsion and I wasn’t going to risk her or her baby’s life on the hope that Silas had suddenly grown a conscious. He was a creature of heinous habits and all-consuming obsessions. I sat at the center of it all, the object that he wished to both possess and destroy.

“I’ll do whatever you want, Silas. Just let her go.” I couldn’t live with myself if anyone else were harmed by choices I had made in the past.

He narrowed his eyes, “I want you to come to me, but keep your hands where I can see them.” I nodded my head, inching my way toward them with slow steps. I didn’t have a plan beyond getting Angel free. Perhaps she could get help for the both of us, though I was certain I would probably be dead before anyone could arrive.

I stopped in front of him, the tension hanging heavy between us. In a quick movement, he shoved Angel away. heard her gasp as she collided with the counter. I turned to her on instinct, wanting to make sure that she and the baby hadn’t been damaged. I made a fatal error, forgetting Silas even for a moment.

I sank to the ground from the sharp blow of his fist to my face. My vision went starry for a moment, while my mind tried to recalibrate itself after being knocked silly. I shook my head, ears ringing slightly. I sucked in a sharp breath as I took a strong kick to my ribs from Silas booted foot. I had the urge to curl in on myself to protect against further attacks.

“Stop! Please stop...” I heard Angel cry out.

The pain stopped when he pulled me up off the floor by the back of my shirt, settling my back flush against his chest. I could feel the beat of his heart thumping against me. I could smell the sweat of his skin burning in my nose. All the memories we had together resurfacing, everything tainted by the wickedness of his demented mind.

My heart drummed loudly in my ears as he rested the blade of his knife against my throat. The edge of it was chilled and sharp, “You thought that you could send your new boyfriend to get rid of me, Dove? You thought it would be that easy to erase what we had together?”

I gritted my teeth, leaning back harder into his chest to put some distance between my neck and the edge of his knife, “What do you want from me, Silas? Do you want to kill me, is that it?” I needed to keep him talking. I needed to keep him distracted.

He nestled his lips closer to my ear, hot breath rippling over my cheek, “I should kill you for all you’ve done to me, baby. For all the things, you’ve made me do for you.”

“Then kill me, if that’s what you want.”

“After all my work to get you back? I want to draw this out, Dove. I want to make it as sweet for you as it is for me.” Silas was sick, beyond what I had seen. I met Angel’s gaze for a moment, determination to survive setting in. I was going to finish this once and for all, Silas would never let me go and I would never stop trying to get away from him. This cycle would carry on forever if one of us didn’t kill it. I took in a deep breath through my nose, clearing my mind of all distractions. I knew what needed to be done. I had been training for this moment for months.

“God, I’ve missed you, Dove.” He nuzzled into my hair, breathing deeply, “I’ve come to take you home. You’ve had your fun, but that’s all over now.”

Angel shook her head, eyes widening as if she knew what was taking place in my mind. I gave her a small reassuring smile, though I had no idea how this was going to turn out.

“You don’t get it. I’m not going anywhere with you, because I am home, Silas.” I replied in a soft voice.

The knife on my throat pressed harder to my flesh, “What did you say?”

I shifted my right foot, muscles coiling, “I said I am home.” I launched my attack, hooking my foot around the back of ankle as I jerked forward.

He lost his balance, falling forward and taking me down with him. The knife clattered to the ground next to our bodies. It took a moment for us both to recalibrate. Silas moved for the knife first, hand stretching outward. I rolled on top of him, throwing a quick punch that only clipped his chin. It wasn’t a solid hit but it was enough to deter him from his current objective.

I lunged for the knife, fingers brushing over the hilt as Silas grabbed hold of my hair, yanking hard. I cried out in anger and pain as my head was pulled at painful angle, ”You filthy, whore.”

I pulled back, feeling as he tore some of my hair free from the roots. I got a firm grip on the knife as cry to survive falling from my lips as I sat up, lifting my hand high before I slammed it down. The knife sliced through his skin like butter, blood splattering across my face. Intelligible words and frantic screams rang out as I lost myself in the frenzy of emotions and movements.

When I came back into myself I was still sitting atop Silas, holding the handle of the knife in my trembling hand. I was panting from the exertion. I could taste his blood in my mouth and feel it warm and sticky against my skin. I lifted my face to Angel who stood by watching with brows drawn, breathing in shallow breaths as she kept her hand pressed to her stomach. I could tell she was in pain, my gaze drifted down her body to see the wetness of the jeans she was wearing. There was a small puddle collected on the floor beneath her. Her water had broken, she was in labor.

I needed to help her. I tossed the knife to the side, regaining more of myself, “You’re in labor. You’re going to have this baby, now.”

She shook her head, obviously in denial, “I don’t want to...not without Xavier”

“Xavier will be back soon but I don’t think the baby will wait that long. We need to get you to a bed.” I replied softly, pushing up off of Silas’s dead body. I felt numb in my mind and in my body. I knew the shock would were off and I would be left with the horrid memories of what it was like to kill a person. It didn’t matter that Silas was a bad man, or that he may have deserved what had happened. I’d never killed before. That left a mark on a person, taking a life shouldn’t ever be easy.

I wrapped Angel’s arm around my shoulder, helping her to walk, “Are you okay?” She hissed out between her teeth.

I didn’t know the answer to that question, and I didn’t want to think hard on it at the moment, “Just focus on your breathing. Don’t worry about me. We’re both alive that’s all that matters right now.”

She nodded her head, breathing in through her nose and out through her mouth. I could feel the adrenaline in my body wearing off, and the shock settling into my aching muscles and bones. I pushed the thoughts of what had happened down deep. I could sort through them later, right now I needed to help Angel and her baby.

I needed to make sure no more lives were lost at my hands.

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