The Girl Who Cried Wolf

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Chapter 28


“How did Silas know where I was?” She questioned as we pulled onto the long driveway up to the house. I had begun to worry about the silence that had overtaken the car when we passed over the county line. It was clear from her question what she had been thinking about now.

I tightened my hands on the steering wheel, “It was Camila. Apparently, they were having some kind of relationship. He used her to spy for him...”

She was quiet, too quiet as I parked the car and turned off the engine. I could smell the twinge of fear mixing around her. It made me grind my teeth together. I didn’t want to her be afraid. I wanted this to be the last time I ever smelled it on her. I would chase every demon and monster from her life to keep it that way.

“Where is she now?” Dove turned to me, Hazel eyes wide, and innocent.

I twisted in my seat, reaching out to brush my finger over the light bruise that was beginning to stain her cheek. It stirred the fury of my wolf to know that Silas had put his hands on her again. It burned me to know that he was dead because I wanted him to suffer for all he had done to my female, “My mother has her chained up in our holding cells. She can’t hurt you.”

Dove blinked at my words, “What’s going to happen to her?”

“I plan on killing her. Slowly. The method though I haven’t decided on, yet.”

“No more killing.” The words rushed from Dove’s mouth, a slight tremble to them.

My lips pinched together, “She betrayed this pack, her Alpha, her future Luna, and endangered an allied pack. This is not an offense that I can simply overlook, Dove. There must be punishment for her involvement in this. I mean she is an accomplice in Silas’s attempt to murder you.”

She held my gaze, unflinching, “I’m not saying you should overlook it, Rhys. I want her to be punished, believe me I do. All I am saying that there has been enough death because of me. I can’t take anymore.”

I released a heavy sigh, turning my face away from Dove. I wanted to see Camila pay for her betrayal and I wanted her to pay in blood, but I didn’t want to deny Dove. I opened my eyes, “We will discuss Camila’s punishment later. Right now, I want you taken care of.”

I turned to her, waiting for her argue with me as she usually did but she only sagged into the seat with a small sigh, “I could really use a shower, to be honest.”

“I can make that happen.” I gave her a small smile.

She stared at me, silently before leaning across the center console and planting a tender kiss on my lips, “I’m also going to need you to fuck me until I can’t think straight.”

My smile turned into a devilish grin, “Baby, there is nothing more I would love to do.”

The water danced over her skin, washing away the stains of the past. I watched her, enjoying the way it flowed with the gentle curve of her breasts, rolling down her stomach into the apex of her thighs. I felt like a man who had been wandering in the desert, standing on the edge of a beautiful oasis. It was hard to believe that this female was mine, only mine.

She opened an eye to peek at me, full lips twisting into a sultry smirk, “Are you just going to stand there and watch me while I shower?”

I crossed my arms over my chest, “Perhaps, it’s quite the show.” I loved the way her cheeks turned a deep shade of red. My wolf rumbled with hunger. He wanted our female. He wanted to mark her and I was inclined not to stop him this time.

She held my gaze as she began to rub her hands over her breasts, leaving a trail of soap behind. I flicked my tongue over my lips, hungry for a taste of her. Dove arched her back, letting the wall fall over her face as she rolled her nipples between her fingers, “I was so lonely without you, Rhys.”

I watched her from behind hooded lids, “Did you touch yourself for me while I was gone?”

“Oh yes.” She rolled her lip between her teeth as she slid her hand down her stomach, cupping herself, “I thought about your cock filling me up, pounding my little pussy.” A tiny moan passed through her lips and I noticed that subtle movements of her fingers as she teased herself.

“Do you like how I fill you up?” I asked in a low voice as I pushed away from the counter of the sink, moving towards her. She was a siren drawing me in with her sweet sounds and dirty talk. She had no idea how she coaxed the beast inside of me.

“Nothing satisfies me like you, Rhys.” She whimpered with need, rolling her hips forwards as she ground against her fingers, “Nothing.”

“I think your clean enough.” I scooped her up out of the shower, the sound of her surprised gasp was followed by a soft laughter, bringing a smile to my face. Since meeting Dove my world had been turned upside down, in the best kind of way. She brought out a side of me that had been dormant. She made me want to be a better man, for myself, for her, and for the pack.

I tossed her onto the bed, “I’m going to fuck you until your crying for mercy.” I pulled my shirt up over my head as I kicked out of my shoes.

I felt nimble fingers work over the button of my jeans, the sound of my zipper going next had my heart picking up. I tossed my shirt away to see Dove looking up at me, my cock poised at her lips. I swallowed hard and my cock twitched, “I think you’ll be the one crying for mercy.”

I threw my head back with a groan as she fitted her mouth over the head, and slowly slid it to back of her throat. I couldn’t stop my eyes from rolling at the sensation as she worked my cock over with her tiny tongue, licking one side then the other. I laced my fingers into her hair, pulling it as her teeth light scraped over my sensitive flesh, “Fuck. Dove. Your little mouth...”

She twirled her tongue over the head, sucking in her cheeks. I couldn’t take anymore. My control was frayed. I could feel the savageness with which my wolf wanted to claim our female. I fisted her hair and started to thrust my hips, fucking her little mouth as deep as she could take me. Her eyes widened as she stared up at me, “Can you take me in your throat, my sweet Dove?”

She opened her mouth a little wider, relaxing her body into my movements. I pushed in, feeling her throat give way, and swallow my cock until my balls slapped against her chin, “Oh. Fuck. Such a good girl for me.”

I continued to fuck her mouth, staring down into her beautiful eyes as she swallowed me so willingly, “I’m going to fuck your pussy like this, is that what you want?”

She moaned at my question and I pulled myself free from her mouth. I would let her taste my come another time. Tonight, I wanted her pussy and I was going to have it.

I pushed her down onto the bed, slipping out of my pants in a hurry. I couldn’t wait to have my female. I had waited long enough. I rammed into her, watching how I spilt her open with every powerful thrust of my hips. My cock glistened with her juices, the sweet scent of her arousal clinging to my skin and driving the frenzied madness of my wolf. Dove had her knees pulled to her chest, mouth open as she panted with excitement, “Oh. Fuck. Yes.”

I stared down at her golden hair sprawled out around her head like a halo, pale skin catching a glow from the moonlight spilling in through the window in my bedroom. She looked holy and erotic laid bare before me, “God. You’re so fucking perfect, baby. So. Fucking. Perfect.” I pulled myself out of her after a couple of punctuated pumps, enjoying her cry of distress.

“Rhys...” She rolled her hips as she opened her eyes to stare up at me in wanton hunger.

“I’m going to mark you Dove, if you don’t give me a minute.” I rasped out, barely holding onto control. I wanted to mark her but I wanted it to be more special. I didn’t want it to be while there were still echoes of Silas in her mind.

She lifted herself up on her elbows, breast heaving, “So mark me. We don’t need to wait anymore.”

I let out a heavy groan, leaning forward to press my forehead to hers, “I want it to be special, baby. I don’t want it to be like this. I want you to be...”

She tilted her head back, catching my lips in a heated kiss, silencing my words. She molded to me, mewling softly into my mouth before pulling back, “Now, or later. I’m sure of you. I’m sure of us. I want you to mark me, Rhys. Right now.”

That was all I could take. I let out a fierce growl as I flipped her onto her stomach, “I won’t be able to stop.”

“Don’t stop.” She pressed herself into me, rubbing her soaking core over my cock.

I pushed into her, holding onto her hips as I began to pound. I let my wolf rise as close to the surface as he could come without shifting. Dove threw her head back, “Oh my god. I’m going to come.”

I tightened my grip on her hips, bending over her as I continued to move inside of her. My eyes were focused on the soft curve of her shoulder and neck. I was going to mark her. My canines lengthened, and sweat began to build on my brow as I tried to maintain some control I didn’t want to break my female.

“Rhys. So close.” She whimpered in distress, “harder. Need it harder.”

My control faded into nothing, and I pounded into her without restraint. The room filling with the sound of our bodies slapping together and Doves sweet cries of ecstasy. Her pussy walls tightened around my cock, my own orgasm barreling down on me. I lunged forward, piercing her flesh.

It was good. Too good.

It was better than the orgasm my body is in the throes of, just knowing that Dove was finally mine. My head felt light and my body dizzy at the rush of the bond solidifying between us.

Dove cried out, but it wasn’t in pain. The pleasure of the bond seemed to be moving through her the same as it was me. I pressed my teeth in deeper, enjoying the thick sweet flow of her blood as it coated my tongue. I knew it was fucked up but I found it was a flavor I wouldn’t mind tasting every hour of every day for the rest of my life.

I probe the puncture wounds with my tongue before pulling it back it my mouth. I remain frozen over her, making sure that the bond is fully formed. When I breath in and smell me mingled in with her scent I know that the deed has been done. I’ve marked Dove. She would always be with me and I would always be with her.

I felt her sag underneath me in exhaustion, and I let my canines retreat, lapping at the small wound I had given her. She shivered, “Rhys...” I heard the needy edge of her voice. I would love to keep fucking her but I knew she needed to rest.

I slipped out of her, falling onto the bed next to her and pulling her into my chest, “I love you, Dove. Rest now.”

She nuzzled her face into my chest, sighing, “I love you.” I felt the bond pulse at her words, warmth spreading through my chest. It was a reflection of how Dove felt. It was an open connection to heart. I smiled as I closed my eyes. I was a crazy man when I first met Dove, thinking that I could live with this, without her.

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