Under The Moon

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Vampire Vs Werewolf. A war known to everyone. It's been long known that  the feud between Vampire and Werewolves can't be solved. Can a curse break this feud ?  Can love ?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

It has long been foretold , that one last battle will destroy everything. One feud that destroyed everything in its path. One love that can save but also destroy humanity. One battle , two people, two paths a single destination.

It has long been on my mind how life is dreadfully painful , not that I know much off , my father wouldn’t let me out of his sight. Even when I’m in the bathroom. And no he doesn’t enter in the bathroom with me but he’s close by and he keeps watch every second. My mother used to tell me that he is overly protective for a reason and that when I will grow up , I will understand everything. I used to believe her but since the day she died , my father has become worse. It’s been three years since I was left alone for more than five minutes. Complaining never helped, I’m gonna be the next leader of my clan and I have to be prepared so the pack will follow me and will trust me to be someone they are willing to give their lives too.

“ Sierra , the full moon is upon us. Are you ready for the night shift ?”

A tall guy came into the room. His hair was dirty blond and his eyes were emerald green , those eyes that look deep within my soul. And that stupid grin he puts on.

“ Very funny Alarik.”

Alarik is my bodyguard, I like to think of him as my friend , but since he is paid to be here , I will call him …. a paid friend. Which for me is not so bad , since I’m stuck in this house for another two years.

Two years huh ?

So far but yet so near.

I heard a howl.

“ Time to go princess.” Alarik informed me.

I nodded.

When I went outside a sudden rush filled my lungs. My body was boiling and the moon was calling out to me.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

My heart was beating , a thousand miles an hour. It was screaming.

I knelt down and put my hands in front of my knees.

When I opened my eyes , everything was different. I could feel the wind blowing and singing through my ears. My senses were heightened and everything was blowing my mind , I have been through this a thousand times but still , the amazing feeling I get when I’m like this is breathtaking.

I stretched my arms and legs and took off running.

A black wolf came running near me , it looked into my eyes and took off running in front of me.

I guess my father is angry.

As usual the night run is nothing but …. Running.

But everything around me is mesmerizing , to the grass under my paw and to the wind blowing into my nose.

When the moon started to fade we stopped and took shelter in an abandoned house.

Another rush passed through me and I took my natural form.

“ You are getting the hang of this. Usually you would take ages to turn back.” Alarik slapped my back.

I was about to turn when -

“ Sierra.” A stern voice called out to me.

I turned to see my father walking to me.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and look at us. Great I have an audience.

“ Yes Father.”

He sighed.

“ You took your own time coming , when you were summoned and then you took off. You know well enough you have to wait for the clear signal.”

I sighed and looked down at my feet.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my head.

“ But other than that you were great.”

I looked up to see my father with a soft smile on his face.

His hand patted my head and then he turned around walking back to the council.

I sighed.

“ Phew , I thought we would have to clean some gut from the floor.”

I slapped Alarik in the chest.

He coughed.

“ I guess you have a good trainor.”

“ Best in the business.”

Alarik chuckled and went to talk to the others.

I sighed again and went outside in what used to be a garden.

The moon was still visible , at least to me.

“ So beautiful.” I said softly.

Suddenly I heard a chill run down my spin. When I jumped back , I saw a man looking at me.

His dark hair swaying with the soft wind, his white complexion shining with the last rays of the moon and his eyes , gleaming with lust , never wavered from looking into mine.

Eyes , red as blood.

“ What are you doing here ?”

His voice rang through my ears , deep down to my heart. It gave me chills , and not the cold chills , the he has a sexy voice chills.

Great , a vampire is what I need right now.

He jumped and walked towards me.

But he halted the second he came too close.

“ You stink of wet fur.” He said putting his hand on his nose.



“ And you smell like blood. Let’s see which one is better.”

He chuckled softly.

“ Wow. I heard that Vampires don’t have a sense of humour.”

His eyes turned to me.

“ And I heard that wolves hang in a pack.”

I scuffed.

Suddenly I heard my name being called.

“ Better run or they will rip you apart.” I said looking back at him.

He smiled. His teeth white as snow.

“ They have to catch me first.”

He suddenly leaped on the wall within a flash.

He looked back at me.

“ First time I had a normal conversation with a wolf who didn’t try to kill me.”

He smiled at me.

“ Same here.” I smiled up.

When he was gone.

I crunched down and sighed a very deep sigh.

What the hell was I doing ?

Nothing , just having a normal conversation with a vampire.

A Vampire!

Our mortal enemy.

Gonna be fun explaining this to dad.

“ Sierra.” My father came outside.

He halted and looked around.

“ I smell blood.” He ran towards me and pulled me with him.

“ What the hell were you doing outside alone ?”

I opened my mouth to tell him the truth but I stopped.

Somehow telling him about my encounter with a vampire doesn’t seem to fit my desires to tell him everything.

“ I smelled the blood and went to check as well.”

He looked at me and sighed.

“ Vampires are dangerous Sierra , remember -”

“ They killed mother , I know.” I finished for him.

He sighed again and put his hand on my cheek.

“ You look so much like her.”

I smiled up to him. He always says that , as to put me into a spot of being like her.

It would be an honour my mother was amazing.

She was a great leader , who took over every time my father couldn’t.

But I can still remember her words clearly in my head.

“ My dear Sierra , you have your own life to live.”

She wants me to be me.

And that’s what I will be.

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