Under The Moon

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Chapter 11

42 books.

420 years.

Less than 24 hrs to read everything.


Emrick went home to find something else about that spellbook.

And here I am , with the first diary in my hand.


My baby girl was born today! I’m so happy , that finally I can hold her in my arms. My husband is so excited about being a father. I feel very bad not telling him the truth about our daughters true identity. But it’s better this way. Him knowing would be a havoc of enormous proportion. Telling him that he isn’t this child’s father and especially that she’s our mortal enemies daughter would be the fine line for him to go completely mad and who could blame him.

I’m gonna name her Sierra. She will be the moon to my darkness and my sadness. And I hope that she will be the wind her father needs. She is so beautiful that I can hardly say she is even my daughter. Something very weird happened tho , when she opened her eyes , they were of a crimson colour, eyes that I have never encountered so far in my entire life. From my part of the family is absolutely impossible but… perhaps he would know.

Sierron DeRosa.

Her father.


I almost choked in my tea. What the hell is this?

Emrick ?

Emrick ?

“ Sierra? What’s wrong? I can hear you from home.”

Read my thoughts.

After a second I heard a cough.

“ I almost choked in my coffee , what the fuck ? You are a DeRosa? Does mean we are related?”

I shivered to the idea. No it can’t be.

I’ll continue reading maybe I’ll find something else.

I heard him sigh. “ This is getting weirder by the second.”


I took a deep breath and turned to the middle of the book.


Today I went to the DeRosa family to visit Sierron, he was busy at first so we waited in the waiting room of his office. Sierra was here with me today, she is still so small but I want to tell Sierron about this. He might help me and maybe he will know why she is so special to be born with red eyes. Suddenly a small little kid came running to us. He was very cute , with beautiful silver eyes and black hair.

When I asked him what his name was he didn’t look at me. He was looking at Sierra , who was equally intrigued by this child. Suddenly Sierron came into the room. I can remember his eyes going wild when seeing Sierra. He presented the child , his name was Emrick and he was a couple of years older than Sierra. They found him wandering in the streets and thought better to keep him themselves. When I asked who his family could be , Sierron shook his head and said that he doesn’t have a clue , but such silver eyes are probably foreign. He turned to Sierra that moment and looked into her eyes. He was mesmerized by her. He told me that her beauty is breathtaking but he doesn’t have a clue about what her eyes might represent. Of course he wouldn’t , it was only a one night affair , he probably didn’t want to know , but he didn’t push me away or tried to do anything unnecessary. He just sat there talking randomly with her, she was still 3 years , but her communication skills were far greater than mine. Sierron was breathtaking. I can’t really remember why we ended up together that night but all I can remember is his beautiful golden eyes, looking at me with lust that I have never felt with my husband. I know it was a cruel thing to do , but bringing my daughter to see her father was a good thing to do. At least he will remember her. Being the last time I will see him.


I can’t believe what I was reading.

My mother had an affair and from the words she is writing , she always had a crush on this Sierron person. And that he is my real father.

I let the book fall on my lap and I let my head drop on the arch near my neck.

I can’t believe any of this is real.

I’m a DeRosa and Emrick is not?

“ They took something very important from me.” I remembered what my father said about the DeRosa clan.

“ So that’s the real deal huh?”

Shit you heard.

“ Don’t worry about it Sierra, I kinda had a feeling about not really being part of this family.You just confirmed it.”

I’m sorry.

“ Don’t be. But what is really twisted is that you are part of the DeRosa family. And who is this Sierron guy ? We don’t have anyone with that name here.”

What how is that possible ?

“ Don’t ask me! I’m super confused at this point.”

You aren’t alone.

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