Under The Moon

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Chapter 12

With every book I’ve read , new things developed and I saw a whole new version of my mother. She was so different from what I thought she was. With every book she changed. And this Sierron guy disappeared from every book , except the first one.

“ Sierra?”

Emrick ? Hey I got a lot of new information and everything is making more sense.

Let me read you this.


Today my whole world changed. Today I saw my daughter take her own life , right in front of me. I screamed so loud that my heart shattered. My husband killed the man she loved and she killed herself.

I can’t really explain what I’m feeling right now.

That moment her life was taken , a bright light enveloped them. And a soft voice talked to us. It said :

“ Dear All , you have committed a sin that it can’t be forgotten. We are the angles that have been looking at you for centuries. This feud started with love and we are going to end it with love. Our dear children , this hate is going to destroy the world and therefore we have no other option but to give you a lesson. These poor children have done nothing wrong but love. You people have been doing the wrong. Their pure love will save you all. Those from the DeRosa family will suffer a faith worse than death. Were your thirst won’t be quenched and you can’t see the sunlight. This is all because you didn’t really give care to this poor child. The Callidora , I will give you the same faith , a faith where you are under the control of the moon and you aren’t in control of your body. May this be the lesson for you to calm your anger. But the worst faith is that you all shall never die. You will witness your childrens birth and death over and over again until you learned your lesson. They will be reincarnated with no particular pattern , you shall love them and give them love and when the lesson is learned this faith will stop. Please see this as a lesson and to understand what you did wrong.” And like it appeared the light disappeared , Sierra and Emrick’s bodies were gone. I screamed and hit my husband over and over again until he let me hit him. He killed him , that poor child. With his actions our daughter died. MY daughter died. I can’t write properly , my hands are still shaken. I don’t know what our faith will be from now on.


My eyes filled with tears. Somehow my mother’s tears are still visible on the paper.

“ Sierra?”

I took a deep breath and wiped my eyes.

No time for crying.

I heard a soft chuckle. “ You are simply amazing Sierra Callidora. It’s okay to cry you know?”

I smiled.

Yeah but we have more important matters and we only have a few hours left. Did you find anything about Sierron?

“ No unfortunately. But I found a very interesting spell.”

What is it?

“ It’s in italian , but I’m pretty sure it can take you back to a time you wish to visit.”

Seriously ? Something like that actually exist ?

“ I think we established that we can’t take anything for granted. We were reincarnated 42 times Sierra , get the lesson.”

I burst into a fit of laughter.

“ Finally I heard you laugh.

I smiled softly.

Tell me this spell.

He chuckled : “ It says : Sono da sola.

La notte fredda mi fa raffreddare il mio cuore ormai spento.

Nettuno e il mio pianeta.

Tutta da sola , nel buio e nell infinito.

Con pianeti vicini, but migliaia di anni luce da me.

Migliaia di immagini che non riconosco.

Il mio cuore batte per qualcosa che non so.

Spero che ci sara una persona che mi guarda e mi salvera.

Perché come nettuno , non riesco a prendere un po di sole , e rimango fredda dentro.

Ma sopra tutto da sola.”

It was in italian but I understood everything.

I took a deep breath and spoke the words.

I am alone.

The cold night is freezing my heart now already dead.

Neptune is my planet.

All alone , in the dark and endless.

With planets close but light years away from me.

Millions of images that I don’t recognize.

My heart is beating for something I don’t even know.

I hope that there will be a person that will look at me and save me.

Because like Neptune , I’m not able to get some sun ,and I remain cold inside.

But mostly , all alone.”

Suddenly a light envelopes me and my body is pushed back , making me almost choke to breath.

When I was finally able to open my eyes , I was in a small cottage.

“ What the hell?”

“ Sierra?”

I turned to see Emrick , at the other side of the room.

“ Emrick!” I went running to him, when I tried to hug him , my body just went past his body.

“ Huh?” I said turning around.

His eyes were wide like mine.

Suddenly recognition hit his face.

“ The spell it actually worked. We aren’t really here.”

“ So that means I can’t touch you?”

His face softened and he put his hand on my cheek. Although he didn’t really touch me it felt just the same.

Suddenly I heard the door open.

My eyes darted to the person coming in.

I knew the person quite well.

“ Mum?”

Emrick turned to me. “ That’s your mum?”

I nodded.

“ Wow , she is beautiful.”

My eyes darted to him.

“ But you are more beautiful.” He said trying to make emends.

I chuckled.

“ Mum ? Is dinner ready?”

My mother said putting her coat on the hanger , she was probably about my age.

“ Yes dear. Can you go fetch me some water from the well?”

I saw my mum sigh , but she grabbed the wooden bucket from the ground and went outside.

I followed her and Emrick followed me.

Suddenly a gush of wind hit my face.

My eyes almost popped from my eyes.

Everywhere was beautiful meadow and green enveloped everything.

When my eyes fell on my mother , I hurried back to her.

She was getting water , while humming to a song.

I know this song somewhere.

But all of a sudden , a man appeared to be coming from behind the trees.

I wanted to get her attention but she did what I wasn’t expecting her to do.

She looked back at the cottage and went running to this man.

She jumped on him and kissed him.

“ Who’s that guy?” Emrick asked.

“ I don’t know.”

When he stepped in the sunlight , my breath stopped.

The man was mesmerizing.

He was so striking. So unusual , so …. Not human.

His face was perfection , his eyes were of a crimson colour , so vibrant that I could see them from here. But his hair , was pale as snow.

“ Sierra I think..”

I nodded , knowing well enough what he was thinking.

“ He’s probably my father.”

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