Under The Moon

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Chapter 13

“ How is that possible , from your mother’s book , she didn’t seem to know him that well did she?” Emrick asked confused.

I nodded , still staring at the couple in front of me.

“ Maybe she lied?” He continued.

I shook my head. “ I don’t think so. I read everything and she did find him appealing and she probably had a huge crush on him , but this … this is different.”

“ Let’s get nearer.”

I nodded and walked to them.

“ Are you sure you should be here Sierron?”

My mother said putting her hand on his chin.

Sierron smiled softly.

“ I would risk everything Eva, you know it.”

“ I know and that makes me even more worried.”

My mother said sighing and turning to look at the cottage.

Sierron enveloped my mother in his arms.

“ She is still in the kitchen, she won’t catch us.”

My mother sighed and turned around, hugging him.

“ If my mother knew vampires existed she would flip.” My mother chuckled.

But I gasped.

“ What? Vampire ? But I thought that , they turned vampires and werewolves after the curse.” Emrick said looking stunned.

I nodded. My mouth still open.

“ Which means you were already a vampire from the start.” Emrick said outloud.

My mind was spinning , if I was in my body , I would have probably fainted.

“ My mother invited the Callidora family for dinner. She wants me to marry the son.”

My mother , rolling her eyes.

Sierron looked serious.

“ Well you are in line for the clan of course you would need to marry.”

My mother looked at Sierron.

“ But I have you.”

Sierron smiled at her.

“ You do. So ? What are going to do?”

“ For now nothing. I never liked their kid anyway. He’s arrogant.”

Sierron chuckled.

“ Well , that is a relief.”

My mother nudged him.

“ I have to go. My mother will think I fell in a well.”

When she was about to turn Sierron pulled her back.

“ Evangeline , I love you more than anything. You know that right?”

My mother put her hand on his and nodded.

“ I know. That’s why I love you so much.”

Sierron smiled sadly.

“ This is going to be one of the most difficult things , I have done in my entire life.”

My mother frowned. “ What?”

Sierron put his hand on my mother’s forehead.

“ You will forget me and forget everything we did together. You need to marry into that family and be the great leader I know you are.”

My mother’s eyes went wide.

And so did mine.

“ What ?! No! Sierron-”

My mother’s voice faded softly.

Her eyes closed and her body went limb.

I looked at Sierron.

He was crying. He kissed her.

“ I will never forget you. I will love you till I’m a rotten corpse.”

Suddenly my body was pushed back and I screamed.

When I finally opened my eyes I was back in the library.

My eyes filled with tears and I hugged myself.

“ Sierra?”

I gasped , but it was only Alarik.

He saw me crying and came running to me.

“ What wrong?”

I explained everything to him.

He sat down on the floor.

“ How did everything turn so confusing?”

I shook my head, still crying.

“ Sierra?”


“ I really want to hug you to me right now. Why did he do that? And how the hell did your mother get pregnant then ?”

I shook my head.

I don’t know Emrick. I really don’t know anything anymore.

Did you see how much he loved her?

“ I noticed this but you felt a huge impact from him right?”

Yeah , from the first moment , I knew he was my father. I just felt it.

“ Yeah and that means that something must have happened after that. But we have over a 10 year gap from the first diary right?”

Yeah. And it means that something big must have happened.

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