Under The Moon

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Chapter 14

I slammed on bed and sighed.

“ Sleep it off. We will see everything with a better eye tomorrow.” Alarik said patting my leg.

I nodded and rolled up in the embrun position.

“ Sierra. We will figure this out. We will meet at midnight at the old house okay?”

Yeah. If you are alive by then.

I heard him sigh. “ Sierra, wanna know something?”

What ?

“ I can still remember your red eyes. When I first saw you , I actually thought you had red eyes, but I was wrong. I can remember it clearly.”

I smiled softly.


“ Yeah. And I’m sure I will always love those eyes of yours.”

And I will love yours.

“ Mine?”

Yeah , they have a shade of silver , that I have never seen.

Something still really worries me.

“ What is it?”

That we know nothing of your parents yet. We only have been talking about me. But what about you?

“ I don’t matter Sierra. You are the most important here.”

I shook my head violently.

Don’t say that Emrick. Why do you have to die everytime ?

Why your parents didn’t come to see you ?

Why did you fall in love with such a greedy person like me?

Why Emrick ? Why?

My eyes stung and tears fell down my cheeks.

His soft voice , soothed my aching heart. “ Sierra?”

“ Sweetheart, a greedy person would never ask why. And why me ? Well I don’t know , but right now we have to survive tomorrow. After we do and we will , we will find my parents okay?”

I wiped my eyes.

He was being strong for me. He always does that.

He always listens without saying anything he is thinking.

I wanna do that same thing.

“ You already do.”

He said softly.

My eyes went wide.

No , I don’t.

“ Yes you do. You just don’t realize it. Just by hearing your voice , I can breath. Seeing you howling at the moon , makes my heart race so fast , I can see it running away from my chest…”

I chuckled.

“ But mostly, your beautiful heart , is always what puts a smile on my face. And how even if your whole words came crumbling down because you fell in love with me , you didn’t falter. I love you Sierra. No matter what.”

My heart squeezed.

He was right.

“ I love you so much Emrick.”

He chuckled.

“ I know. Get some rest baby.”

Baby ? That’s the first time you called me that.

He chuckled.

“ Do you like it?”


“ Than close your eyes baby and rest. I promise you everything will be okay.”

And with his words, my eyes closed.


When my eyes slowly opened , I had to adjust to the blinding light.

“ Morning , princess. Today we have one heck of a day planned.”

Alarik said jumping on the bed.

“ Let me guess. We have to stay in my room , all day?”

“ Dang , how did you know , I tried to plan a huge surprise.” He said pouting.

I chuckled and hit his thigh with my foot.

“ Where is he?”

Alarik smiled softly.

“ He had to leave for an inspection with the council. But you have guards in front of your room.” He whispered the last bit.

I nodded and got up.

“ I need a shower.”

He nodded and crashed on the small sofa near my window.

I went into my small private bathroom and took a shower.

After finishing , I put my wet hair in a bun and put on some shorts and a baggy shirt.

When I went back into the room , Alarik was reading one of the books I brought back from the library.

“ Which on is that?” I said sitting on the sofa near him.

“ The 1590.”

I sighed.

“ How much did you manage to read from all the books?”

“ Almost everything , I think. Every time was so different, I couldn’t keep up.”

“ What do you mean?”

I pulled my knees up and hugged it to my chest.

“ Every time , we fell in love differently , some at age 20 and some even went on till 27. But the long relationship is that of a year, which was the last reincarnation.”

“ Something has been bothering me from everything that you said.” Alarik said.

He had his chin in his fingers.

“ What is it ?”

“ Why did your mother die this time ? She was alive in every single time you reincarnated right ? Why now ?”

He was right.

I didn’t think about it till now.

“ Yeah, your right.”

“ Do you have something on your mind?”

I sighed heavily. “ Too much stuff , that I don’t understand.”

Alarik chuckled and put his arms around me.

“ You will get through this.”

I nodded. “ After knowing all this , I really can’t let anything happen to Emrick. Knowing more , made things worse.”

Alarik squeezed me to him.

“ I think deep down , your previous reincarnations have already told you everything you need to know. You just need to listen.”

He’s right.

Deep down in my mind and in my heart , I know everything. I just need to stop….


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