Under The Moon

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Chapter 15

A whole day passed without anything interesting happening , other than the stupid puns Alarik comes with. We kept writing notes on everything we know and sticking them on a wall.

At the end of the day we wrote and we filled a whole wall.

We knew a lot of things but at the same time we know nothing. Emrick didn’t reach out today and I didn’t try to contact him either. I knew he was probably trying to find everything he could from his end but this wait is excruciating.

It was around 11 pm when someone knocked on my door. Alarik was asleep on the couch and he didn’t give signs of waking up soon.

When I opened the door , my father was looking down at me.

“ Come with me.” He was stern as always , but I can’t understand if he is angry or sad.

I grabbed a jacket and followed him , somehow I have a feeling it’s going to get cold.

When I followed him , I was about to run away , knowing well enough where he is headed.

But I couldn’t.

“ Take a seat.” He said opening the window.

I did as I was told.

After a couple of minutes , I heard him sighing deeply.

“ I heard you spent all day yesterday in here.”

My eyes closed.

How did he find out?

One of the maids must have seen me.

“ How much do you know?”

I didn’t hesitate. “ Almost everything.”

He sighed again and sat down in front of me.

“ You know I do this for your own safety right?”

“ Do you ? I think you’re only doing this out of pride.” I spat at him.

He glared at me. “ What pride? Where your wife has slept with another man and my daughter is not my daughter?”

The anger in his voice made me shiver.

I was afraid of him.

I always was.

“ Now tell me Sierra. Did you meet anyone ?”

My heart stopped. “ What do you mean?”

My voice almost broke.

“ Someone other than our clan?”

I rolled my eyes. “ Well , you didn’t exactly let me out of your sight dad.”

He looked into my eyes , he was trying to find something. Something to expose me , but after a minute he sighed in relief.

“ Good. It means we should be okay this time.”

“ Are you sure?”

He looked at me and snorted.

“ You didn’t meet him and your mother is not around. Everything is falling out perfectly.”

My jaw hit the ground.

Who the hell is this man? Was he always like this ? Did he act for 20 years?

“ You disgust me.” I spat at him.

He got up and put his hands on each side of the armchair locking me in place.

“ Me? What about you huh? A disgusting daughter of a disgusting vampire. I had to look at your face for 420 years.”

“ You knew?”

He snorted again. “Of course I knew. I’m not stupid. I knew since the first time I saw her. Even if that stupid vampire removed her memories.”

I gasped.

What a jerk.

“ What happened after that ? Tell me!”

He looked down at me , with a disgusting look.

“ I don’t know the details but in the end when he showed up that stupid girl fell in love with him again. And you were born.”

That doesn’t make sense.

“ Why would he show up after removing her memories of him , it doesn’t make sense.”

Then my world stopped.

My father smiled wickedly.

And at that moment, I understood.

“ I sent him a message , telling him that he is needed and if he doesn’t come back , I would kill Eva. He came back like an obedient dog.”

“ You… You -”

“ I- I what? You stupid girl. After having to endure Eva , you came out exactly like your father , with those stupid red eyes and that stupid white hair. But that’s not all you had to fall in love with a stupid DeRosa kid.”

My eyes stung, I tried to hit him , but he didn’t budge.

“ Let me go.”

“ And where would you go? You have no one.”

I hit him in his stomach and he fell to the floor, I ran outside.



“ Sierra? Whats going on? It’s still 11.30.”

Please Emrick , help me. He’s after me.

“ Dammit!”

He shouted.

When I was in the vicinity of the old house , I saw him running my way.

“ Emrick!”

When I saw his face , all my built up tears came bursting out.

“ Sierra!” He came running to me and hugged me to him.

He squeezed me so tight that I couldn’t breath, but I didn’t care.

He was the only person who I could trust.

Suddenly I heard a shout. “ Sierra watch out!!!”

When I turned a huge black dog jumped was growling at us.

He howled.

“ You lied.”

I shook my head.

He wasn’t in state of reasoning.

I crouched on the ground and transformed.

When I howled , I could see the gleam in his eyes.

No one will touch Emrick.

No one.

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