Under The Moon

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Chapter 16

My father looked amused. Alarik rounded up the corner and came running to us. But suddenly halted when he saw the scene.

“ Sierra?” He looked at Emrick , who shook his head , telling him to stay out of this.

Suddenly my father transformed back to human form.

He wiped his jacket and smiled.

“ No fun , when he doesn’t understand a thing. Come on Sierra.”

I transformed back as well.

“ What the hell do you want?” I asked taking a step in front of Emrick.

“ So you do know each other , bummer. I actually thought that for once you didn’t meet.”

I glared at him and he chuckled.

“ You don’t intimidate me Sierra. You know well enough who will win if we fight. Know your boundaries.”

Suddenly , all the werewolves of our clan came behind my father and all vampires came behind Emrick.

“ What?” We said in unison.

My father laughed.

I guess ,we will have an audience.

Some vampires tried to step but I stopped them.

“ Please , let me handle him.”

They looked at each other and took a step back.

My father laughed driely. “ It’s funny how they follow you so fast. Guess you really are his child.”

“ He never appears and no one knows him. What happened to him?”

My father shrugged. “ He disappeared the first time you died.”

“ Why?”

My father glared at me. “ I don’t care. I always hated him.”

“ Then how did I get reborn every time?”

My father rolled his eyes.

“ So many questions. So many answers. You don’t know anything , and soon you will be reincarnated again and I will take much better care that you never step out of the door.”

“ How can she be reincarnated if Eva is dead?!” Alarik spat at him.

My fathers eyes looked at Alarik than at me.

“ Bummer, guess you will die for the last time than.”

My father started to walk towards us but Alarik jumped in front of me.

“ I won’t let you do this.”

My father laughed once. “ Stupid boy. You don’t have any clue who you’re dealing with.”

Alarik when running to him , but my father was too fast and he hit Alarik in the stomach and sent him flying the other way.

“ Alarik!” I yelled.

I was so scared of this man.

Suddenly a warm hand touched my cheek.

Emrick stepped in front of me.

He had a soft smile on your face.

“ Emrick ? Move. Move!” I tried to move him but it was no use.

“ It’s the only way Sierra.”

My eyes went wide and tears started to fall. “ No! No! No! , move Emrick!” I shouted , hitting him in his chest.

“ I love you Sierra.”

Suddenly everything stopped.

A hand pierced Emrick chest. Blood splattered on my clothes and on the floor.

Emrick had a smile on his lips.

“ I.. go-t , t-o , save yo-” His voice broke and his body went limb , crushing on the floor.

I screamed , but no sound came from my voice.

Everything was moving so slowly , I couldn’t hear , I couldn’t breath , I couldn’t think.

“ Emrick ? Emrick ? Emrick! Emrick! Emrick ! EMRICK!” I screamed , but his body didn’t respond.

I could hear my father’s laughter.

My anger boiled and I screamed so loudly he stopped laughing.

His face changed colour.

A sudden wave of energy bursted from my body.

“ You are gonna pay!” I shouted.

My body floated.

A white glow enveloped my body and I could feel energy pulsing through me.

I heard a voice calling to me.

“ Sierra , sing. Sing darling.”

I didn’t know this voice. But it was warming me up.

When my feet touched the floor , I looked at Emrick.

He still had a smile on his face.

My eyes filled with tears and I hugged his body to me.

“ White hair. Red eyes.” I heard people whisper.

Suddenly a soft voice whispered in my ear. “ Sing Sierra.”

My mouth opened and I knew exactly what to sing.

Il silenzio abbraccia la notte. Il tuo respiro e tutto che sento su di me. Il tuo amore mi abbraccia e non mi lascia andare. Non c’è più nessuno su questa terra. Solo io e te. Il tuo bacio mi dà la vita. I tuoi occhi che risplendono il sole ormai spento , mi fanno piangere, un pianto ormai finito.

Il ghiaccio nel mio cuore è ormai acqua , che mi distrugge dentro, con la forza di un’onda.

Non c’è più nessuno , neppure tu che con quella bellissima voce mi riscaldava il cuore in questo mondo freddo.

Ormai sono da sola , con solo i tuoi ricordi nella mia testa ormai morta.

Ricordo il nostro primo bacio , che mi faceva svenire.

Ora non ci sei , e le tue labbra così caldi , sono freddi come il tuo cuore ormai spento.

E tutto finito.

Sono morta ormai , e tu non ci sei per dirmi che mi vuoi bene come il sole vuole bene la notte

As I sung , a beautiful white light enveloped us and warmed us.

“ My beautiful daughter.”

I knew who was talking to me.

When I opened my eyes. I saw him.

His white hair dancing with the wind. His crimson eyes, looking down at me , with love and kindness.

“ My dear , you have endured so much.”

I shook my head softly , my tears falling on Emrick’s face.

“ He suffered more than I ever did.” I whispered, kissing his forehead.

Sierron smiled softly and nodded.

“ He did. Now dear , you have to decide.”

I looked up to him. “ Decide what?”

He smiled softly and a warm light blinded me , revealing a beautiful woman with white wings.

“ Dear Child , this feud has been going on for a long time now. We wish for it to parish.”

I looked at her.

“ What can I do to help?”

She smiled softly and knelt near me.

“ You have done more than enough. To tell you the truth , the angels have been weak , with no power and your beautiful and kind love for each other made us strong again. You never know what you are doing but you gave us strength. But by far this time was the most beautiful time I have ever seen. You understood everything. But unfortunely the others didn’t.”

“ I think that my father is the real problem , they never hurt each other in the past.”

The angel smiled sadly and nodded.

“ He is a very aggressive man.”

“ But please don’t blame the others for his mistakes.”

The angel smiled.

“ I would never.”

I smiled.

Then I turned to Emrick again. My heart aches and crumbled.

“ What will I do now?” I said through tears.

Sierron knelt down and touched Emrick’s forehead.

“ You never discovered his nature did you?”

I wiped my eyes and shook my head.

Sierron smiled softly. “ He is a hybrid , much like you. But he is a mix between vampire and an angel.”

My eyes bolted open. Not understand what I’m hearing.

The angel chuckled.

“ I did a huge mistake but it was worth it.”

My neck cracked as I turned to look at the angel.

“ You’re his mother?”

She nodded softly and smiled.

“ I would never let my son die so easily.”

My hand went to my mouth.

“ No wonder he’s so handsome.”

The angel and Sierron laughed out loud.

“ My dear child the song is gonna end soon. You need to make a decision.” The angel said.

“ What decision?”

“ If you and your real father , since the song together , then you can be reborn as a human and live a normal life.”

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