Under The Moon

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Chapter 17

“ What about Emrick?”

She smiled. “ He would too be given this opportunity. But remember you both have blood running through your veins that is not human.”

“ And what would happen because of that?”

Sierron smiled. “ They would probably need you to take actions into your own hands and led a double life as agents.”

I chuckled. “ A spy for an angel. Never thought I’d hear that.”

Sierron smiled.

“ But , it’s too easy.”

She shook her head. “ I think it’s time you told her Sierron.”

Sierron looked at me.

“ My dear , I have to tell you something very important. The feud between the clans all started because , I fell in love with your mother.”

“ What?”

He nodded. “ At first it was nothing serious , I was a vampire and I didn’t expect such a beauty like your mother , but when I saw her , I fell in love immediately. Because of that I probably tried too much to get her attention.” He said rubbing his cheek.

“ I kinda serenaded her in the middle of the street.”

My mouth fell open , but it put a huge grin on my face.

“ You did?”

He blushed slightly and nodded.

“ Thankfully she felted the same and everything was turning out great but-”

“ There’s always a but-” I sighed.

“ The Callidora family took over and everything went down. Jeremy , never liked me much. I knew him from before and he always hated me for some reason or another , I never knew why.”

“ Jeremy , must be my other father?”

He nodded. “ Long story short , everything happened so suddenly , that the Callidora family attached the DeLuca family and everyone had to flee. But I stayed and entered the family DeRosa. They welcomes me with open arms , but because of that …”

“ The Feud started.”

He nodded and sighed.

“ It’s all my fault.”

I shook my head and grabbed his hand in mine.

“ You fell in love. Nothing wrong with that.”

“ Exactly my dear and that’s why you will be given another chance. We angels , took advantage of your love , it’s the least we can do.” The angel smiled at me.

I looked at Sierron. “ What about you?”

He smiled softly and shook his head. “ I must remain here.”

“ What ? But I just got to know you!”

He put a hand on my cheek.

“ And it was a fantastic experience , I got to finally meet my daughter and talk to her as a father.”

My eyes watered.

The angel put a hand on mine and a hand on Sierron’s.

“ You can have a change too Sierron. Evangeline is still not gone yet.”

Sierron’s eyes filled with tears and grabbed the angels hand.

“ What do you mean-”

The angel chuckled. “ She still has a place in this world. It’s a gift we give you. Take good care of it.”

Sierron almost hugged the angel.

Huge fat tears fell down his cheeks and I couldn’t help but smile.

He really loves my mother.

“ Dad , shall we sing?”

His eyes went wide and hugged me to him.

“ I’ve waited so long to hear those words. Let’s.”

We looked at each other and both took a deep breath.

The silence hugs the night. Your breath is the only thing that I can feel. Your love hugs me and doesn’t let go. There’s no one left on this earth. Only you and me. Your kiss gives me life. Your eyes that reflect the sun , now dead , make me cry , a cry already finished. The ice in my heart is now water , that destroys me from inside , with the strength of a wave. There’s no one left , not even your beautiful voice that gave my heart warm in this cold world.

Now I’m alone , with only your memories in my brain that is already dead.

I remember our first kiss , that made me feel faint.

Now you’re gone , and your warm lips are now cold , like your heart now dead.

Everything is finished.

I’m dead now and you aren’t here to tell me that you love me , like the sun loves the night.

When my eyes opened , my father was in front of me , still holding my hand in his.

Everyone gasped and came around us.

“ Jeremy. You are banned. You need to pay your debts.” The angel said.

Jeremy tried to run , but a sudden light enveloped him and he was born.

The angel turned to us. She closed her eyes and took a deep breathe.

Everyone was mesmerized by her.

Suddenly I heard a cough near me.

Emrick slowly opened his eyes. The wound in his chest was gone.

“ Emrick?!”

He adjusted his eyes on me and he smiled.

“ What did I miss?”

I chuckled and hugged him to me , crying all the tears I could.

For the person who I loved most.

“ Sierron ? Sierra?”

This voice!

When my father and I turned , we both gasped.

My mother was walking towards us with a smile.

I ran to her and she hugged me close.

“ Oh , sweet heart. You did it.” She cried and squeezed me to her.

But then I remembered , there was someone who was waiting for her as much as I was.

My dad was staring at us. Just staring.

I walked towards him and waved my hand in front of his eyes.

“ She’s here.” He whispered.

I chuckled. “ She is.”

His face softened and grabbed her by her arms and twirled her around.

My mother chuckled and hugged him to her.

Everyone clapped.

They all gathered around them , leaving me at the back , watching them.

Warm hands wrapped around my body.

“ Italy?”

He whispered in my ear.

I turned and kissed him . “ Italy.”

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