Under The Moon

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Chapter 18

I took a long deep breath as I walked outside of the airport.

“ We are actually here.” I said smiling.

A soft hand intertwined with mine.

Emrick smiled and kissed my hand.

“ Believe it baby , we are here.”

I wanted to shout to the world.

“ Italy.” I said.

“ Italy.” He repeated.

“ Italy.” We turned and saw Sierron smile softly.

My mum hit her head with her face.

He looked at us and at her.

“ What?”

“ You ruined a perfect moment dad.” I said.

My mother and Emrick laughed out loud.

My father blushed slightly.

“ Um , let- let’s go.” He said taking my mother’s hand in his and walking forward.

I saw some people looking at me and my father.

I guess you don’t usually encounter , people with white hair and red eyes.

After the transformation , I stayed the same.

Just like my father.

And I didn’t mind.

My mother turned her face and winked at me.

I chuckled.

Emrick took my hand again and we followed them.

When we arrived , I had to bit my lip not to smile.

“ This is where you used to lived right?” I turned to my mother.

She smiled and nodded.

“ It’s ours now.”

This was where my mother fell in love with my father.

“ It’s beautiful.” I said.

We all smiled and went inside.

It’s going to be a beautiful experience to live here.


“ Sierra , we have a mission.” Emrick came into the kitchen already wearing his gear.

I sighed and went running to change.

After I changed , I ran to my mother and kissed her cheek and kissed her tummy.

Then I kissed my father’s cheek. “ Take good care of them dad.”

“ Leave them to me.”

It’s already been a year since we came to live in Italy and we never have been more busier. Since Italy is big , we usually have to take the trains and stay overnight , everywhere we go but it was getting a little pricy so Emrick talked with his mother.

Yes , he finally knows his mother.

And she has been helping us travel.

Being an angel must be neat , with a little clap we are transported everywhere we need.

“ This mission is going to be difficult be careful.” The angel said.

“ We will.” I said and moved forward.

“ Thanks Mum.” Emrick said.

The angel smiled and and put her hand on his cheek.

“ I’m so proud of you.”

Emrick smiled and ran towards me.

I smiled softly and he nudged me , then putting his arms around my shoulder.

“ It’s all so mysterious , don’t you think?” He said.

“ What is ?”

“ How an angel fell in love with a vampire.”

“ Well , he must have been one heck of a vampire. Look at you.”

Emrick chuckled and squeezed me too him.

Suddenly I felt a chill run down my spine.

A chill I know too well.

When I turned , two silver eyes were looking at me.

The man was tall , with broad shoulders and his charcoal hair swaying with the cold december wind.

I stopped in my tracks.

“ What?” Emrick asked.

I kept staring at the man.

Emrick looked behind us and froze.

“ I guess , you must be the ones , Rosa send to help me.” He chuckled softly.

“ Rosa?” I whispered.

“ My mum’s real name.” Emrick whispered.

He kept staring at this man.

“ I think I know why your mum did what she did.”

Emrick kept silent.

The man chuckled and came towards us.

He smiled softly and extended his hand.

“ You must be Sierra.”

I came out of my trance and took his hand into mine.

“ Yeah , um - nice to meet you.”

He smiled and nodded. “ It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I heard a great deal about you.”

My eyebrows shot up.

“ You did?”

He chuckled.

Then he turned to Emrick.

“ Emrick , I presume.”

Emrick kept staring at him , he didn’t budge so I kicked him slightly.

He cleared his throat and nodded.

I stared at the two men in front of me.

They were identical.

Now I know what Emrick will look like when he grows up.


I shook my head. He’s your boyfriend’s father control yourself.

Emrick glared at me.

Shit you heard.

The man chuckled softly.

“ It must be nice to communicate telepathically.”

We both turned to face him.

“ How-” Emrick asked.

“ I know everything.”

He looked at me.

“ Can you still turn into a wolf?”

My eyes went wide.

“ No , not that I know off.”

“ Try.”

I looked at Emrick , he shrugged.

Then I looked at the Moon , somehow my heart started to beat faster.

My blood boiled.

“ I think I can.”

“ Then do it.” The man said.

I nodded and knelt down.

Suddenly I transformed and I jumped around.

I forgot how amazing this is.

The man crouched near me and put his hand out.

I walked slowly towards him.

He put his hand on my head and stroked softly.

“ White fur.”

What ?

I looked at Emrick and he was staring at me.

There was a small fountain near by and I walked towards it.

My fur was white as snow and my eyes a crimson red , almost like fire.

What ?

The man came towards me and kissed my head.

If I were human I would have blushed.

“ They told me you were beautiful but I didn’t believe that you were this beautiful.”

Emrick came between us.

“ What are you doing?” He glared at me.

The man chuckled.

He moved back.

“ Let me explain the mission. We have to capture a man , who is turning humans into vampires.”

“ What?” Emrick asked.

I howled and growled.

Then I leaped in front of them.

I can smell blood.

“ Prepare yourself.” The man told us.

A human figure emerged from the shadows.

“ Just to be clear. My name is Adrian and I’m-”

“ My father.” Emrick finished for him.

“ I think we noticed.” He continued.

Adrian chuckled.

He moved towards me.

“ I need you to listen to me clearly Sierra.”

I turned my head towards him.

“ Keep my son safe.” He whispered in my ear.

Emrick didn’t seem to have heard.

I licked his face.

He chuckled and pat my head.

“ Let’s do this.”

I howled , to the moon.

Asking it to guide us, knowing well enough that under the moon , everything is clear.

And that now everything is complete.

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