Under The Moon

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Chapter 2

After that night , I couldn’t stop thinking about those red eyes.

The thirst for blood is bearable but the loneliness , I saw in his eyes was something that teared at my heartstrings.

I kept hitting my head. I know better than to think about a vampire.

Vampires killed my mum.

But -

“ Sierra.”

I jolted back to the normal world , in my room.

My father was at the door.

“ Yes father ?”

He opened the door and came in.

“ Don’t forget that we have a ball to attend to.”

I sighed and slammed on the bed.

“ When will this ball be?” I asked already knowing that it will be one hell of a boring night.

“ Next week.” My father said.

“ Do I have too ?”

“ Yes , remember you will be our leader soon and you need to get known.”

“ Aren’t balls a vampire’s thing?”

He sucked in his teeth.

“ Maybe , but we still need to have this ball. Other leaders want to get to know you.”

I got up and looked at my father.

His brown hair is short and he eyes look tired. I can still remember other ladies calling my father handsome. I can’t get it. He is so stiff and stern.

My mother used to laugh at me when I told her what I thought , she said that when I was born he had to become stiff and stern so he could protect me.

Well , he is doing a good job that’s for sure at being stiff.

I rubbed my temples.

“ Can Alarik come ?”

My father’s eyes came to a halt at the window.

“ Yeah , he is your bodyguard after all.”

He moved from the wall.

“ Some women have offered to help you.”

I nodded.

“ I guess I need to look my best.”

My father chuckled softly.

“ Dinner’s almost ready.”

I nodded and he left me alone again.

When I looked out the window , I saw that the sun was almost set and the last lights of the sun vanishing within the night.

After dinner , I asked my father if I could go for a walk , he accepted only if Alarik came along , as usual.

“ Hey , at least he is letting loose a bit.” Alarik said walking next to me.

I nodded.

“ Guess so.”

Alarik came in front of me and I stopped in my tracks.

He put his hands on my cheeks.

“ You know he is doing this for you own benefit right?”

I looked up at him and nodded.

He smiled and patted my head.

“ Where do you wanna go ?”

I shrugged. “ Anywhere is fine , I just wanted to walk a bit.”

“ How about we aim endlessly , we can still sniff our way back home.”

“ It’s idiotic how you use your nose.”

He chuckled and nudged me.

“ This nose can pick some very nice smells.”

“ Oh , I’m sure it can.”

He smiled and continued talking on and on how girls fall on his feet with his dog charm.

You can’t deny that he isn’t jaw dropping , but hey , some composure is also attractive.

Thinking about it , makes me sad. He needs to put me first and I hate that.

He says that he doesn’t really mind but because he has a job to do , he can’t have a very serious relationship.

Alarik grabbed my hand and stopped me.

I looked at him.

“ Wait for me here , I have to check something in there.”

He pointed to a pub.

Oh , great.

“ Girl hunting?” I said.

He grinned and winked.

I sighed and sat on the bench near by.

This could take hours.

“ You are such a loner wolf.”

I jumped at the voice behind me.

When I turned , I saw the vampire of last time , he was standing behind the bench , his elbow on his bench looking straight at me.

His eyes weren’t red today , they were a beautiful shade of grey.

I kept staring at him for a while.

He didn’t lose eye contact for a single second.

After I calmed down my beating heart , I sighed.

“ And you are such a stalker.”

He chuckled and jumped over the bench , sitting near me.

“ So , what brings you here ?”

Is he seriously going to have a normal conversation , like we aren’t mortal enemies ? Or how we can’t stand our own odors.

Hmm ?


Today is different, I can’t really smell him.

It’s a neutral odor.


“ So ?”

I blinked.

He looked amused for some reason.

“ It’s not your business.” I responded looking at the bar Alarik was in.

I heard him chuckle.

“ You’re not really one for chatting , are you ?”

Chatting ? Really ?

“ We shouldn’t be chatting.”

He blinked.

“ Why not ?”

I turned and looked at him.

His face was one of amusement but also confusion.

“ If I recall correctly , our clans are mortal enemies , but that doesn’t really matter , we aren’t them.” He said waving his hand.

And with one hand , he destroyed all my resolve.

I can’t understand why the pull I have for this person is.

He looked at me and smiled.

“ Your boyfriend is really a foul , he is in vampire territory and he is actually trying to flirt with girls inside that pub.”

I looked at the club and bolted to my feet.

He chuckled.

“ Don’t worry , there aren’t any vampires in there and they wouldn’t attack out of the blue.”

I looked down at him.

“ How do you know ?”

He smiled softly. “ I just do.”

Sitting back down , I studied this vampire.

He is charming and quite friendly for a person who can only go outside at nights.

He doesn’t give a damn about the feud between clans and he talks to me as if we have known each other for ages.

But the most important thing is that he can hypnotize me with a single look.

Which is not fine at all.

Then something clicked.

“ He’s not my boyfriend.”

He looked at me and locked his gray eyes with mine.

“ Really ?”

I found myself nodding.

He smiled sadly and looked down at his locked hands.

Suddenly I realized what I did.

I could jump into a hole .

Why did I have to say that ? What the hell am I doing ?

He probably doesn’t give a damn.


Why do I even care ?


“ What’s your name ?” He asked.

I thought , that it’s better to not say my real name but it came out before my mind could process anything else.

“ Sierra.”

He smiled. “ Emrick.”

His name suited him quite well.

“ We better not say our surnames , to be safe.” He continued.

Good thinking.

“ Yeah.”

He then sighed and got up.

I looked at him , almost stopping him.

“ Your friend is coming , I should better leave.”

My eyes fell to my feet.

Somehow I didn’t want him to leave.

He turned to me.

“ If by chance you come walking in these parts , I will be here.”

He pointed at the bench.

I looked at him. “ You live on this bench ?”

He burst into a fit of laughter.

His laughter filled my ears. It was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.

“ No-” He said through laughter.

After calming down he took a deep breath.

“ I live nearby. Believe me , when you are around I can sense it.”

He smiled and walked away.

What ?

I was stuck in place. Did he seriously just say that ?

That was hot.



I took a deep breath and saw Alarik exiting the club.

He came to me , reeking of vodka.

When he was near the bench he dropped near me and put his head on my lap.

“ Rejected.” He sighed.

When he looked at me , he blinked.

“ Why is your face so red ?”

What ?

Oh Shit.

I put my hand on my face.

“ Feeling hot.”

He kept staring at me , then shrugged.

After getting slowly up he pulled me with him.

“ Let’s go home , before your father kills me.”

I chuckled , glancing back at the way Emrick vanished to.

The air felt cold but I was sweating.

I hope it’s not what I think it is.

No it’s not.

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