Under The Moon

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Chapter 3

“ The DeRosa family are growing in strength.” A council member said.

I looked up and saw my father rubbing his temple.

The council meets every wednesday of the week.

My least favorite day.

Guess why ?

I sighed , listening over and over again for they hate the DeRosa family.

The DeRosa family was the most important Vampire family in the state and their name is known probably world wide. It’s probably the family which competes with ours the most. The DeRosa and the Calibra have been at war for years , before I was even born.

My father never took action against anyone , he wanted to live in peace and he knew well enough who the vampires that killed my mother were and they weren’t from the DeRosa family.

In fact he killed them personally a few days after finding out who they were.

Brutal but he did it out of anger and love.

He was lost without mum , his love for her was beyond words.

“ Any sightings of dead bodies ?” My father asked.

The council remained silent.

Good way to shut them up dad.

I could almost give him a hi5.

“ There was a sighting of a vampire a few days ago , around the Milton area.”

My heart sunk.

It’s where I met Emrick.

“ Well , obviously it’s their territory.” Alarik jumped in.

I could hug him.

My father nodded.

“ True, they live very nearby , but they never hurt anyone in the area and you know it well enough.”

The council was silenced again.

“ If that’s all , have a good day.” My father rose from his seat and everyone else rose up with him.

I sighed and sank deeper in my seat.

Worst hour of my life.

Alarik chuckled knowing well enough what I was thinking , he slapped my thigh and got up , walking behind the councillors.

My father came near me and sat in the seat next to mine.

He sighed deeply and put his hand on his face.

“ Long hour ?”

He chuckled.

“ They are obsessed with the DeRosa family , I know-”

“ Do you hate them ?” I interrupted him.

He looked at me.

“ Hate is a soft word for what I feel for them.”

My eyes went wide.

My father’s face contorted into anger , I’ve never seen him in.

“ They took something very important for me. I will never forgive them.”

“ Something important to you ?”

He sighed and got up.

“ There is no need for you to know Sierra. But let me tell you this. Stay far away from Vampires as you can.”

After saying that he left me alone in the meeting room.

“ You keep me locked here remember ? How can I possibly escape.” I mumbled to myself.

After dinner , I sat on the couch watching some T.V with everyone.

Alarik sat near me.

“ You look so thrilled to be here.” He whispered in my ear.

“ Save me.” I said.

He chuckled and grabbed my hand , pulling me with him.

After leading me to the garden , we set down on the grass and looked up at the stars.

“ I wish I could take you somewhere far away from here.” Alarik said out of the blue.

I almost choked in my own spit.

“ What ?” I asked.

He chuckled. “ I have watched you grow inside that house , never able to open your own wings. It hurts really.”

“ You speak as if you are an old man , you are only a few years older than me.”

He grinned and ruffled my hair.

When I was about to open my mouth to thank him , someone came running from inside the house.

“ Alarik , mission.”

We both got up , but when I was about to step inside the man looked at me.

“ Ms Sierra , the clan leader informed me to tell you that you will stay here for this mission.”

I blinked at him.

“ What ?”

“ I’m sorry Miss.”

Alarik looked at me and frowned.

I rubbed my hand.

“ Just go Al and tell me everything later.”

He nodded and left with the messenger.

I sighed and sat on the grass again.

“ Somehow , I knew it.” I mumbled to myself.

“ Knew what ?”

I jumped , knowing well enough this voice.

Emrick was sitting on the wall , looking down at me.

“ What the hell are you doing here Emrick?!” I said looking around us in panic.

He chuckled and jumped off the wall.

“ Don’t worry everyone is leaving.”

Suddenly , I heard a howl.

My father , leading the pack.

I slammed on the floor.

Emrick came running to me and knelt down near me.

“ What’s wrong?”

“ You just gave me a heart attack.”

He blinked and laughed once, helping me get up.

His hands were so cold.

“ How the hell did you know where I lived ?”

He smiled. “ I told you , I always know where you are.”

I felt my cheeks flush.

“ Why did you risk coming here Emrick , it’s dangerous?”

“ Are you worried for me ?” He grinned , putting a piece of my hair behind my ear.

I had to contain myself not from falling again.

“ I just don’t want , vampire pieces in my garden.”

He laughed.

After some time , I looked at him in the eyes.

“ Why are you here , really?”

He smiled softly.

“ I thought that you would come to the bench again but you didn’t so I had to find you.”

My heart leaped.

“ Why?”

He inched closer.

“ I don’t know.”

I could feel his presence near me.

He was cold.

So cold.

But somehow it didn’t bother me.

“ Why ?” I asked again.

He put his fingers on my cheek. I jumped , feeling his cold hands, made me shiver.

His eyes went wide. “ I’m sorry.” He stepped back pulling his hand away but I grabbed it.

Putting his hand between mine.

“ I just wasn’t expecting you to touch me that’s all.”

“ Why not ?” He said smiling sadly.

“ I’m a werewolf. I stink.”

He chuckled softly and stepped closer.

“ I don’t smell anything anymore.”

It’s the same. I can’t smell the blood either.

Then a thought came into mind.

“ Did you call a mission on purpose?”

He looked at me , than grinned.

“ Was it that obvious?” He chuckled.

I shrugged.

“ They won’t be long.”

He nodded and put his hand on my cheek again. This time I didn’t flinch.

“ Who are you Sierra ?” He asked looking deeply into my eyes.

“ I could ask you the same thing Emrick.”

“ I’m willing to tell you , if you let me hear about you.” He whispered.

His voice sent chills through my spine.

I nodded.

“ But I’m guessing , they don’t let you go outside. Such a princess.”

I nudged him slightly.

“ I’ll come here again.”

“ It’s too dangerous.” I said grabbing his hand.

He looked at our intertwined hands.

“ I don’t know why I’m doing this , why I feel the need to see you but I do. And I’m willing to take the risk.”

I never expected those words to come out of his mouth. But mostly because I’m feeling the same way.

It’s like we have known each other for a very long time.

But worst of all , is the attraction I’m sure we feel for each other.

Which is forbidden even to think about it.

I sighed and backed away.

“ We can’t Emrick.” I turned around , but he grabbed my hand and pulled me back.

When he turned me , his face was in front of mine , his nose touching mine.

His eyes were wide as mine , he didn’t know why he did that.

“ I’m sorry , I don’t know what is going on.” He whispered.

But he didn’t move.

And neither did I.

We kept staring at each other , not letting go.

Suddenly , I heard a howl.

“ Shit.” I said pushing Emrick away.

“ Go hurry.”

He blinked confused.

“ They are coming back.”

He grabbed my hand again. “ I’ll be back tomorrow.”

I shook my head.

“ Emrick-”

He put his finger on my mouth.

“ Don’t tell me it’s too dangerous. It’s worth it.”

I kept shaking my head.

“ Somewhere else.”

He nodded.

“ The old abandoned house , where we meet the first time.”

I nodded and he smiled.

Then he jumped on the wall and vanished into thin air.

After taking a couple of calming breaths I entered the house , waiting for my father to come back from a mission which was a bluff so a vampire could see his daughter… a werewolf.

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