Under The Moon

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Chapter 4

I have been standing in front of the mirror for half an hour now. I can’t decide what to wear. You can consider this as a date right ? I almost hit my face with my hand. I know well enough that this is the stupidest thing I could do , but somehow my body and mind decide on their own. My heart is aching for me to go but at the same time it’s telling me it’s going to hurt me.

“ Sierra , shall we go ?” Alarik came into the room.

I found an excuse to go for another walk with Alarik , while he is girl hunting I might have some time alone with Emrick. Deceiving Alarik , makes me angry at myself , after all that he does for me but I can’t help it.

Grabbing my jacket , I looked at myself in the mirror one last time. My long auburn hair is tied up in a ponytail. My black jeans matching perfectly with my red shirt and black leather jacket. I look like Lara Croft.

Sighing heavily , I joined Alarik outside.

“ Which way shall we wonder today ?”

I pointed left , knowing well enough it was where the old house was.

He nodded and starting walking.

Taking a deep breath , I followed him.

According to my plans there should be a pub nearby , I hope he takes the bait.

And he did.

“ Can you wait here?” He asked.

“ Girl hunting again?”

He winked and crossed the road.

After making sure he was behind the door , I ran the other direction.

When I arrived , the house looked spookier than the last time I came here.

Suddenly I heard a noise.

“ Emrick?” I whispered.

A soft wind hit me from behind , when I turned , Emrick was looking down at me with his splendor.

“ Took your own time.” He said grinning.

“ Sorry , had to dispose of my bodyguard.”

He chuckled and put a strand of my hair behind my ear.

I looked into his eyes, his eyes glowed like the moon. The grey in his eyes shined as much as the moon shines at night.

“ What?” He said smiling.

“ Your eyes are like the moon.”

He chuckled and stroked my cheek with his thumb.

“Your hair looks like fire.” He said , pulling a strand of my hair and kissing it.

“ I should guess , that when you are in wolf form your fur is red ?”

I nodded softly.

He smiled softly. “ I knew it.”

“ Knew what ?”

“ The night I first saw you , I saw a beautiful red wolf. I didn’t know why I found that wolf so beautiful. But I guess I know now.”

My cheeks flushed and looked down.

He put his fingers under my chin and pulled me face up , making me look at him.

“ I don’t understand why I feel like this. Do you?” He asked with a sorrowful look.

I shook my head softly. “ I don’t. But all I know is that , the first time I saw you , my heart was beating so fast , I almost didn’t hear the pack howling.”

He smiled softly and put a hand on my chest.

The moment I felt him close , it was beating so fast , I thought it would burst.

He smiled and stroked my collar bone.

“ We shouldn’t do this.” He said inching closer.

“ We shouldn’t.” I said , but it came out as a whisper.

We shouldn’t but we wanted it.

He inched closer and closer.

When his nose touched mine , we heard a sound and we froze.

Emrick looked behind him and I looked the other way.

After a second , he both sighed , almost laughing.

A small bunny jumped out of the bushes.

“ I guess we are still scared to do this.” I said taking a step back.

But he then pulled me to him and his lips crashed into mine.

I sucked in air , or what was left of it in my lungs. I couldn’t breath.

His lips were cold but the warm feeling it send through me was exhilarating.

He was cautious on how to kiss me , he knew that if he wasn’t careful he would end up hurting me , but I didn’t care. I put my hand around his neck and pulled him closer.

He moaned in response and continued kissing me with so much lust and hunger.

We knew that this was a bad idea but he knew it was the right idea.

I felt it from the first time I laid eyes on him. He was special , in ways I will probably never understand.

He’s a vampire and I’m a werewolf. We shouldn’t even be this close to each other.

With this kiss , he told me that he isn’t afraid of the consequences.

What about me ?

Am I ?

Somehow , instead of making me nervous he calms me down and me being here , is proof enough that he is worth it.

He pulled away softly and put his arms around my waist. He kissed me softly again and put his forehead against mine.

“ I’m ready.”

I chuckled softly. “ I think I got that.”

He grinned and kissed my forehead.

“ I won’t push you if you aren’t ready.”

I shook my head softly. “ I am.”

He smiled and kissed me again.

“ Do you think you can sneak out everyday?”

I sighed. “ That would awesome but no.”

He nodded. “ I knew it.”

I looked up to him , he has a sorrowful look in his eyes.

Putting a hand on his cheek , I turned him to face me. When his eyes looked into mine again I said : “ I can try.”

He smiled and kissed my hand.

“ How will I tell you , when I can?” I asked.

“ I already told you. I can feel you.”

My cheeks flushed again. He grinned at my response and chuckled.

Suddenly , I heard something.

Emrick turned around.

“ Your bodyguard is outside the bar.”

I nodded and pulled him to me kissing him again.

“ See you soon.” He nodded and kissed me.

When I was running , I turned around , watching him watching me leave. His eyes glowed and his expression was sad. I hat to hit myself not to run back at him.

But I had to do what was right and right now was to not let Alarik find out I snuck out.

When I was around the corner , I stopped and walked towards Alarik , he was looking around alarmed.

When he saw me , he came running hugging me.

“ Where the hell have you been?” He said.

“ Sorry , I heard a sound and went to check.”

He sighed and put his hand on my head.

“ Don’t do that again.”

I nodded and he smiled.

Suddenly I heard a whisper : “ If he touches you one more time I will rip his arm off.”

I turned alarmed to Alarik but he was smiling.

What the-

Emrick ?

How the hell can I hear him ?

“ I told you , I could feel you. And you seem to hear me. How I don’t really know, but he can’t hear me.”

How ? And wait , you can understand all of my thoughts.”

I heard a chuckled. “ Yes , so if you have some dirty thoughts about me , I will know.”

My cheeks flushed.

After hearing a soft chuckle , his voice disappeared from my head.

“ What ?” Alarik said looking at my red face.

I shook my head.

“ Nothing. Shall we go ?”

He nodded and we were on our way.

So basically , I can’t think without him knowing. Great.

“ Yep.”

I sighed.

“ But only when you are in the vicinity so don’t worry. When you are back home , I won’t know what you are doing in the shower.”

I hit my head with my hand.

“ What?” Alarik said looking confused.


“ Oh no nothing.”

I heard one last chuckled and nothing more.

I guess I’m out of range now. Sighing in relief , I caught a confused Alarik staring at me.

“ It’s been a long day.” I said.

Stupidest excuse ever but he bought it.

After arriving home , I slammed on my bed.

Thinking about what just happened.

How the hell can he read my thoughts ?

Tomorrow I should search for some information in our library.

I have to find a good excuse so not to seem suspicious.

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