Under The Moon

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Chapter 5

The next few days were torture , my father kept me on a tight leash because some vampires have been spotted in the vicinity. I haven’t got the chance to see Emrick yet but I have had chances to check on some vampires abilities and reading others thoughts it’s normal but I didn’t find anything on communication or telepathy. So I made a decision to ask somehow who I shouldn’t be asking this too but he’s the only person with the knowledge to answer me, my father.

“ Dad , can I ask you something ?” I ask my father while the council members exited the meeting room after the weekly meeting.

He looked at me and nodded , while sitting back in his seat.

“ I know this is gonna sound weird but have you ever encountered a vampire with telepathy? I’m doing my own research so to know about when I’m clan leader.”

Worst possible lie ever.

He looked at me but shook his head. “ Not that I know off.”

I nodded. “ Thank you.”

He got up and exited the room. I guess the excuse of studying to be a better clan leader works.

Alarik entered the room.

“ Up for a walk today ? Your father thinks it’s better to walk then to study about vampires.”

I sighed.


Alarik chuckled. I smiled softly , somehow this situation turned into a win win situation. I will get to ask him personally.

So after dinner we went for a walk. When I was a little further away from home I tried to think about him.



“ Finally , you got out of that stinky home.”

I had to bite my tongue so not to laugh.

“ Usual spot?”


After disposing myself of Alarik , I went running to the house.

I saw him waiting for me , he was sitting on the porch.

When he saw me he got up and I went running to him , he hugged me and twirled me around.

He leaned in and kissed me.

I returned the kiss and pulled him closer to me.

“ I missed you.” He said kissing my cheek.

“ It’s only been a week.” I chuckled.

“ That long.”

I laughed and kissed his jaw.

We sat on the porch and talked for a while. Alarik seemed to have hit the jackpot today , I might have some time left.

“ Can I ask you a question?” I said.

He chuckled. “ You wanna know how we can communicate telepathically?”

I was about to ask how but I forgot he can read everything I think off.

Yep.” He said.

I nudged him.

“ I don’t really know how , I did my own set of research but nothing came out of it. Only that there seemed to be a vampire able to do this centuries ago. But they killed him when he was young so.”

“ Things are really confusing.”

He nodded and put his arms around my shoulder.

“ You know that this is going to get worse with time right ? The more we start to like each other the worse it’s gonna be.”

My heart ached a little at his words , but I knew he was right.

“ You think we should stop ?”

He sighed. “ I would rather get caught then letting you go.”

I smiled and kissed him.

“ Me too. But something , somehow feels off.”

He turned to be.

“ Not my feelings for you. Something else.” I explained.

He nodded.

“ I don’t know if this is part of it but I had a weird dream last night ?” He said.

“ I thought vampires don’t sleep.”

He sighed and pinched my face. “ In the morning it’s all we do , sometimes.”

I rubbed my face. “ Tell me about this dream.”

“ We were at an old castle, you were still a werewolf but you wore more ancient clothes , I think from victorian era and I wore almost the same thing. But out of the blue a man came and stabbed me in the chest.”

My eyes went wide , somehow that hurt me instead. “ And?”

He shook his head. “ All I can remember after that , is your scream calling out my name.”

“ Weird.”

“ Yeah , imagine you were the one dreaming it and being killed , it hurts you know.”

I chuckled and rubbed his chest. “ It was only a dream.”

He put his hand on mine and his face darkened.

“ Was it?”

“ I don’t know , but I have never had such a dream so far.”

He nodded and stroked my hand.

But his face looked worried.

“ We will know with time Emrick. For now don’t think about it okay?”

I said kissing him.

He smiled.

Then he rolled his eyes.

Must mean time is up. I chuckled and got up , pulling him with me. When I kissed him , he kept his mouth on mine for another second before letting go.

“ Try to get out more often.”

I chuckled. “ Easier said than done.”

He kissed my forehead. “ See you soon Sierra.”

I squeezed his hand before running back to Alarik.

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