Under The Moon

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Chapter 6

Everything was dark. I’ve been walking in this tunnel for quite some time now. Finally I can see a small light at the end of it. But before I could make it I heard a scream. I ran outside and the light blinded me.

When I was able to finally see , my eyes went wide.

I was looking at myself. But I looked older somehow , the clothes were from the victorian era. Suddenly I remembered Emrick’s dream. In fact Emrick was on the floor , with a hole in his chest and someone was standing near him. A man I know quite well.

“ Father?” I whispered.

Suddenly the girl who looked like me , went running to Emrick , pushing my father away from him. She knelt down crying her eyes out , suddenly she grabbed a knife and was about to stab herself but my father stopped her.

“ You can’t kill yourself over a mere vampire. Sierra!” My father shouted.

I gasped. What the hell ? So she’s really me.

“ I loved him!”

“ You can’t love a vampire , it’s against the rules Sierra. Now let’s go.” My father screamed.

But she didn’t let go of the body , she cried and screamed his name , kissing his face.

Suddenly I felt something on my face.

I was crying.

Suddenly she turned to face me. She screamed , but I couldn’t really hear her well.

She screamed again , this time loud enough for me to hear. But when I was about to yell back , something hit me pushing me back into the tunnel , into the darkness. Alone.

My eyes bolted open , I was panting and sweating.

I was still crying , heavy tears.

Suddenly I recalled what she told me : “ Don’t let it happen again. Protect the one you love.”

A soft knock came on the door.

I took a deep breath and wiped my eyes.

“ Yes , come in.”

Alarik came into the room , he had a dress in hand.

“ Are you turning into a she-wolf?” I joked.

He laughed sarcastically and threw me the dress.

“ Get ready , the ball is in an hour.”

My eyes went wide.

“ You forgot.” He said.

“ I forgot.” I repeated.

He sighed and closed the door behind him.

I slapped my face and went to take a shower.

When I put the dress on I gasped.

It was a beautiful shade of silver , almost the same shade of Emrick’s eyes.

It was a pencil dress , plain but it had beautiful gold chains stuck in the middle.

Another knock sounded at the door.

“ Ms Sierra?”

“ Coming.”

Three beautiful ladies stood in my room , they were here to help me get ready.

“ That’s a beautiful colour, it matches your beautiful olive skin tone miss.”

“ Your father has good taste.”

They all chuckled.

I smiled , knowing well enough that almost every women has a secret crush on my father. It was kind of disturbing at first but he never gave anyone another second look. He talked to anyone that spoke to him , with modesty and no superiority. My father might by stern and sometimes very strict and can come out as mean but he is one heck of an amazing leader. I have huge shoes to fit and I’m not really ready for them.

“ There miss, all ready. You look beautiful.”

I looked at the mirror.

My mouth was open wide. I couldn’t even recognize myself.

They applied light makeup but it gave me a whole new look.

My hair was not tied up as usual , it had beautiful curls falling down my back.

“ Is she ready?” I heard a voice from outside the room.

“ Ready , father.” I said.

He entered and halted when his eyes met mine.

After a couple of seconds , which made me feel very insecure, I thought that I was looking funny , but he smiled.

“ You look beautiful.”

I smiled softly and grabbed his extended hand.

When Alarik saw me , his eyes went wide and didn’t move an inch , until my father hit his head. He blushed a little and chuckled , offering me his hand.

Waiting outside was a huge black limousin.

“ I thought we could take a run.” I said.

My father turned and glared at me. Alarik had to bite his tongue not to laugh.

I shrugged and got into the car.

When we arrived , I noticed everyone putting on a mask.

“ What?”

My father turned and gave me a silver mask.

“ It’s a masquerade ball. Put it on and follow us. Remember-”

“ Don’t speak unless spoken too.” I finished for him.

He sighed and patted my head.

“ You will understand why , when we get in.” He said exiting the car.

Alarik extended his hand , helping me get out.

“ What did he mean by that?” I whispered to him.

He chuckled. “ You think , vampires are all gossipy but werewolves can be worse.”

“ Great.”

Alarik laughed once and led me in.

The hall was huge , with beautiful gold chandeliers dangling down from the ceiling.

Waltz music was playing and some people were dancing in the middle and some just stood there watching.

“ Waltz ? Really ? Mythology is really off point.”

Alarik laughed out loud.

“ You think only vampires dance to this music ? But really mythology is far away from reality.”

He chuckled and grabbed my hand in his. Somehow this felt uncomfortable but right now , he is probably the only one who can keep me safe.

“ Not the only one. I told you , if he touches you one more time his hands will be chopped.”

My eyes went wide.

Emrick ?

What the-

“ Fuck. Yeah. I had to see you and I snuck in here. Fancy ball.”

I bit my lip not to laugh.

You shouldn’t be here , what if they sniff you or something.

“ Sniff me ? That’s not something I hear a lot. Actually never. By the way the way you bite your lip is hot.”

I turned around , but no one was there.

Suddenly my heart skipped a beat.

A man was approaching me , he was wearing a red velvet suit , with a red mask.

I could recognize him anywhere.

Red really ?

Make it more obvious.

I saw him smile.

“ I thought it might be funny.”


When he was in front of me , he smiled and bowed down.

“ May I have this dance?”

I turned to Alarik who wasn’t really paying attention , so I grabbed Emrick’s hand.

“ You look beautiful.” He whispered.

“ I should say the same thing , every girl’s eye are on you.” I said looking at all the ladies looking at him.

Who blames them really.

“ But my eyes are only on you.”

My cheeks flushed.

When we were on the dance floor , he grabbed my hand and placed it on his shoulder.

“ I never danced waltz.”

“ You have , you just don’t remember it.”

My eyes went wide. “ What?”

When the music started playing , my body moved on its own.

“ You might be asking how I knew that right ?”

Good thinking speaking in here , people are looking at us.

“ Yeah well , we are the only one dancing.”

My eyes bolted to the other dancers, they have stopped and they were looking at us.


“ You are doing great , don’t worry. About what I said , you had the same dream right?”


“ That has to mean something right?”

I don’t really know , but I only saw after someone killed you.

“What ?”

What I saw was after you died.

“ You saw who killed me right?”

My eyes almost started to water again.

Emrick squeezed my hand.

“ Don’t worry.”

I took a deep breath.

“ I tried to find something about this , but didn’t find anything.”

Neither did I.

“ Actually , I snuck into this ball to find something about it.”

So you aren’t here to see me.

“ It’s a win win situation , I get to see you and I get to find out more about our story.”

I smiled up to him .

“ And I’m glad I did. I will never forget the way you look tonight. You always look beautiful but tonight you are mesmerizing.”

Wow how many compliments today.

He smiled down at me.

“ You deserve them.”

The song stopped so we stopped.

We kept looking at each other eyes , not caring about the people looking at us.

“ Sierra.” My father made his way into the crowd.

Emrick kissed my hand and bowed.

“ See you later.”

Before my father could see him , he vanished into the crowd.

“ Who was that?” My father asked , looking at the way Emrick went.

“ Don’t know , he just asked me to dance.”

My father sighed in relief.

“ Why ?”

He looked down at me and shook his head. “ Nothing , you just vanished and I was worried.”

Yeah right.

Somehow I think my father is hiding something from me.

“ Yeah he is.”

Emrick whispered in my head.

How do you know ?

I could hear a sigh , it wasn’t from my father , he was taking the hands of some people who approached him.

What do you know ?

Well , for starters , I wished he wasn’t your father.”


“ Don’t be angry. I need to speak to you , face to face , I will explain what I know.”

I shook my head.

My father introduced me to some aristocrats. They seemed genuinely interested in meeting me , which was bizarre.

When the party came to an end , everyone was drunk.

My father and Alarik , helped putting people in their cars.

Suddenly an old man crashed into me. I had to keep steady so not to fall.

“ I’m so sorry young lady , drank a little too much today.” He said.

I remembered his face , he was one of the aristocrats my father presented me too.

“ Mr Aloy right?”

He arranged his glasses and smiled when he recognized me.

“ Oh my , Lady Sierra. Please excuse my rudeness.”

“ It’s okay Sir.”

He smiled softly.

“ You are more beautiful than any other reincarnation so far. And I’ve met them all.” He chuckled.

What ?

“ Reincarnation ?” I said.

The old man looked at me and blinked.

“ But of course -”

Suddenly my father stepped in.

“ Mister Aloy , your car has arrived.”

“ Oh great , it was good to see you again Lady Sierra.”

Again ?

My father sighed.

“ Dad ?”

He looked at me with pity eyes.

“ He was drunk Sierra, you are a fool to even believe anything a drunk says.”

My eyes went wide.

He was lying at me , straight in my face. I knew he was lying.

“ Walk home , you need to cool off your head.”

My blood was boiling.

Suddenly , I just screamed at him. Thankfully everyone has already left.

I knelt down and howled.

My skin was boiling and so was my anger.

My hands turned into paws. Finally I could run away.

I heard my father calling me , but it was too late.

I ran away , howling at the moon to guide my way to him.

Emrick will listen to me. He won’t say any lies.

“ I wish he wasn’t your father…” I remembered Emrick’s voice and it echoed into my head.

I have never been more angry than this.

Suddenly a figure jumped in front of me. I stopped in my track.

Emrick was looking down at me.

“ Sierra?” He whispered.

Kneeling down.

I growled and he took a step back.

“ I know you’re angry and you have all the right to be but please let me explain.” He whispered.

He moved his hand slowly and touched my head. He stroked it and then he kissed my nose.

“ You are a beautiful wolf , but please let me see your human form.”

I sat down and howled.

He sighed and sat down near me.

“ Guess not.”

I put my head on his lap.

“ You just want cuddles.”

He smiled and stroked my head.

It was quite pleasing. I couldn’t face him as a human , not yet.

He sighed.

“ When I try to read your mind all I hear are dog barks.”

I growled and he winced. “ Sorry.”

He chuckled softly. “ You actually have a cute and spoiled side. Who would have thought it would be when you are a wolf. When you’re human you keep a wall up , which is really hard to jump over.”

I moved my head and looked into his eyes.

When I’m into wolf form , they look more silver.

They are beautiful.

I licked his face and he chuckled.

“ Kisses , wow.”

I licked his ears and he chuckled pushing me away softly.

“ Sorry , Sorry.”

I nodded and put my head on his lap again.

“ Let me start from the top. I have to tell you my real name.”

My heart skipped a beat.

“ My name is Emrick DeRosa, next in line for Clan leader.”

I closed my eyes , I knew who he was. I didn’t want to acknowledge it but somehow deep down I knew it.

“ Judging from your reaction , you must have guessed it.”

He stroked my head softly. “ And guessing from your father , you are the next leader from your clan.”

A whine escaped from my mouth.

He sighed and kissed my head.

It was time.

I took a deep breath and stretched.

My body calmed down enough and my paws turned into human hands.

When I was in full human form , Emrick’s eye went wide.

He pulled me to him and kissed my forehead.

“ Seeing you transform under the moon , made you look so beautiful.”

I kissed him softly.

“ Emrick.”

He put his hand on my mouth.

“ I know what you are going to say. Please just let me hold you for a little bit more.”

My eyes filled with tears and I hugged him to me.

“ My father killed you.” I said through sobs.

I heard him sigh , he kissed my neck and crushed me to him.

“ Shh. Don’t cry , we will be alright.”

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