Under The Moon

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Chapter 7

After that night , I didn’t see Emrick again. I didn’t move from my room. My father was upset with me , but mostly I didn’t want to leave. Seeing Emrick is dangerous.

“Don’t let it happen again..” The me in the dream said.

I will trust myself and from now on , I won’t see Emrick again. If being with me endangerous his life , I prefer living without him.

But not seeing him , cut at my heartstrings.

Now that I can’t be with him , my feeling have doubled , tripled the least.

But it’s for the best. It was never a good idea from the start , what were we thinking?

We are both soon to be clan leaders. We need to care for our clans.

Being in love is no excuse.


My eyes went wide and I crushed on the floor.

Love ?

Alarik bursted into the room and pulled me to him.

“ Sierra …... what wrong ? Sierra!”

Eyes started to fill my eyes.

I love him.

I actually love him.

Alarik pulled me to him and hugged me.

“ Everything will be alright Sierra. Calm down.”

He stroked my hair and whispered softly into my ear. He then pulled me up and put me in bed.

“ Rest.” He smiled.

I grabbed his hand. “ Don’t leave me alone.”

He sat down and put his other hand above mine.

“ Never.”

I closed my eyes and through tears , my mind went blank.


“ Sierra ?”

This voice seems familiar.

“ Sierra darling, wake up.”

I opened my eyes , to mind my mother pulling the curtains open.

“ Mum?”

“ Oh look who’s awake.” She chuckled.

“ Mum!” I ran to her and hugged her.

“ Oh , so much love. What’s the occasion?”

I shook my head.

She chuckled and kissed my hair.

“ Sweetheart , we are late for the ball. Put the dress on.”

She smiled and pushed me to the bathroom.

When my eyes finally adjusted , I noticed it wasn’t my room at all.

It was a completely different room.

When I looked outside , I saw miles and miles of meadow.

My eyes went wide.

A carriage was making its way to this house.

A Carriage…..

I looked at the dress my mother gave me.

It’s the same dress of the dream.

Wait ?

I looked in the mirror.

I’m her.

Touching my face , I almost winced at how my fingers are so cold.

“ Hurry darling.” My mother said from the next room.

I composed myself , this is the chance I get to know more about this crazy situation.

I washed and put the dress on.

It was a beautiful violet dress , with a corset and princess skirt.

Victorian era.

When I opened the door , my mother smiled and she helped me do my hair and makeup.

I really missed this.

Although it was the Victorian Era , makeup was almost the same.

“ Mum , what day is it?”

My mother looked at me and chuckled.

“ It’s the First of May dear.”

“ What year?”

“ 1870.” My mother chuckled and stroked my hair.

First of May 1870.

My mother smiled and put the brush on the small table.

“ There ready.”

I looked at the mirror , somehow the girl looking at me wasn’t me at all.

My mother kissed my head and extended her hand.

“ Shall we go , your father already left to go give his regards to the hosts.”

I nodded and followed her.

The carriage ride was dreadful.

My mother chuckled. “ When you run , you never feel sick , but on a carriage you always feel sick.”

Run ?

Am I still a werewolf ?

When we entered the house , it was luxurious , I had to shut my own mouth. It was one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen.

Everyone greeted my mother and me and when we entered , everyone was dancing and laughing.

It was more joyful than the one I had just attended.

“ Sierra?”

What ?

Emrick ?

I heard a chuckle. “ You still haven’t got used to this ? It’s been over a year already. Plus I told you , I would sneak into this party.”

A year ?

Suddenly I see a man making his way to me, he was definitely Emrick , this time he was wearing a green suit with a white mask.

He bowed to my mother first. She smiled and nodded.

Then he turned to me. “ May I ?”

I looked at my mother and she nodded.

I took his hand and he pulled me to the dancefloor. Like before , I knew how to dance.

“ You ready for tonight?”

Ready for what ?

He looked at me and furrowed his brows.

“ You don’t remember that we planned to run away together today?

My eyes went wide.

I’m so sorry , I had a restless night.

His face softened and his eyes were worried.

“ You are still having those nightmares?”

I nodded.

“ You’ll be okay. We will be okay.” He whispered.

After the song , he pulled me away.

Everyone was too engulfed into their own chat , to notice our exit.

He pulled me through the back door and started to run.

I had to removed my shoes to keep up with him .

Suddenly he halted.

I almost went crashing into him.

“ What?”

“ We have company.”

I looked to where he was looking and my eyes went wide.


My father was looking at us , with fury I have never seen in my life.

I stepped in front of Emrick.

“ Father stop this.”

My mouth was moving on its own.

He then suddenly moved in front of me.

I have never seen someone so fast.

“ I tried so hard to protect you , from falling in love with this vampire , over and over again. And in every life , you end up loving him. Why Sierra?”

My eyes went wide.

“ What?”

He hit me in the face and I went flying.

When my back and head hit the floor , I gasped for air.

Everything was thumping.

I couldn’t see , I couldn’t hear.

When I arranged my head , I saw the horror.

My father hand was in Emrick’s Chest.

My mouth flew open and I screamed.

The light went out and everything was blank.

My eyes flew opened , my hand was trembling , tears started to fall from my eyes. Everything was turning.

I was back into my old room.

Alarik was sleeping in the chair next to me.


I have to see Emrick.

Then I opened the window and jumped out.

It was alright pitch black , but I ran , I knew where he was.




Suddenly I heard a whisper. “ Sierra.”

I stopped in my tracks , panting , crying.

Suddenly , I saw him.

He was standing a few feet away.


I gasped and went running to him.

He opened his arms and I hugged him.

“ Emrick.” I cried.

“ Shh. It’s okay Sierra.”

He hugged me closer and stroked my back.

Suddenly , he pulled me up and put his arms under my feet.

He moved us to a safer place.

When he set me down under a tree, I was calm enough to speak.

“ You-”

He put his fingers on my lips.

“ I know everything. I heard you scream and everything came flooding in my head.”

My eyes watered and he pulled me to him.

“ What…. What is going on?”

He shook his head and kissed my forehead. “ I don’t know."

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