Under The Moon

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Chapter 8

“ Why does my father kill you in that dream?” I said , putting my hand on Emrick’s chest.

He sighed. “ I don’t know , maybe because I took his daughter from him?”

I looked up to him and he smiled.

“ You haven’t yet.”

He smirked. “ But I will. One day , I will take you away from all this.”

My heart stung. He was so kind.

I inched closer and kissed him. “ Where would we do?”

His eyes brightened. “ Anywhere you want?”

I thought for a moment. “ Italy?”

He chuckled and nodded. “ Sure.”

Suddenly a thought came into mind and I got up.

“ What happened ?” Emrick said concerned.

“ What day is it today?”

“ 14th of April why?”

A very disturbing thought came into mind and when I looked at Emrick and the look on his face , he might have just read my mind.

“ You think something is going to happen of the First of May.” He said.

I put my arms around him. “ I won’t let that happen.”

He kissed my nose and hugged me to him.

“ Emrick ? Do you believe in reincarnation?” I asked him.

“ I’m a vampire and you are a werewolf , at this point I believe anything.” He laughed.

“ What if - ?”

He looked at me. “ What if what?”

“ We were reincarnated?”

His eyebrow shot up. “ Why?”

I shook my head. “ There was this guy at the Ball who said something about how he met all the previous reincarnations. And this dream that we both had. It’s kinda believable.”

Emrick thought for a moment. “ But why? I mean out of all people why us?”

I shook my head. “ I don’t know , I’m just trying to get some answers to all these questions.”

Emrick nodded. “ I know , but reincarnation ? Something is off about that.”

He was right.

But somehow it didn’t sound impossible , especially after that dream.

After sometime I recalled a story my mother used to tell me when I was small.

“ Once upon a time , there were a boy and a girl , from two completely different parts of town. This boy and this girl , never saw each other , but one night when they met , something hit them. Like a lightning struck and they couldn’t stop thinking about each other , but they knew that if they would seek each other out , their families wouldn’t be happy , so they met in secret. After a short while they fell in love so deep that no one could measure it. But unfortunately for them , their families found out and everything finished. The father of the girl was so angry that he took it on the boy and ended up killing him , the girl was so devastated that she ended up killing herself. The gods were so angry that they placed a curse on both families , the boy’s family would be only able to go out at night and had to suffer a thirst that would never be quenched, for not caring enough for their son. The girl’s daughter , had a similar faith but they could only answer to the moon, with no real liberty for killing a boy.

But the worst punishment was that the families had to endure the reincarnation of their children and the love between them that cannot be stopped. Their love with make them meet , over and over again, until the families noticed that the stupid feud between the two families is not needed.” My mother stroked my head.

“ What happened to the boy and girl?” I asked.

My mother smiled. “ They always meet , they always fall in love and the boy always ends up dead. But the father of the girl would never let his daughter kill herself again. So you can say the girl suffered a faith worse than death. But it is said that when the families stop this feud , the boy and the girl could finally be together.”

I gasped.

Emrick looked at me. “ Was that a memory ?”

I nodded. “ Do you think-?”

“ That it might be us?” He finished for me.

He put his hand on his mouth. “ I don’t know Sierra, the feelings I have for you can’t be described , but this story is crazy.”

I put my hand on his. “ I feel the same way. But you feel that something is strange right?”

He nodded and kissed my hand. “ One this is for sure.”

I smiled knowing well enough what he was about to say. “ Our feelings for each other will never change.”

He smiled and leaned in kissed me softly.

Suddenly we heard a sound and when we turned, I felt my heart fall to my legs.

“ Alarik?” I whispered.

Alarik was glaring at Emrick , with such fury , I was scared to even move.

“ Start explaining.” He said.

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