Under The Moon

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Chapter 9

Emrick shot up to his feet and covered me with his body. My eyes went wide and put a hand on Emrick’s shoulder.

“ It’s okay. Just let me talk to him.”

Alarik was pulsing.

Emrick looked back at me and nodded , taking a step back.

I inched closer to Alarik.

“ I can explain.” I said.

Alarik chuckled angrily and grabbed my hand. “ You will explain when we get home.”

He started to pull me but soon stopped. Emrick was in front of him , blocking his way.

“ You better move , blood sucker.”

“ I won’t.”

They glared at each other. “ Emrick , just let him pass.” I whispered , already afraid of the consequences that Alarik caught us will be.

Emrick looked at me.

“ Are you sure?”

I nodded.

Let me speak to him alone , I’ll try to sneak away later.

Emrick sighed and moved aside.

Alarik pulled me with him.

I snatched a soft kiss from Emrick , before being pulled away by Alarik.

When we arrived home , everyone was asleep. Alarik pulled me to my room and threw me in locking the door behind him.

“ Explain now.” He said.

“ Before I do , can you promise me to keep this between us?”

He laughed sarcastically. “ I’ll decide later.”

My heart sank.

But I knew that if I didn’t tell him , it would make the situation worse so I sat on the bed and started to explain.

He heard everything without interrupting once , even when I tried to explain what we thought about the reincarnation.

When I finished , he looked at me and sighed.

“ Dammit Sierra.”

He rubbed his neck and came to sit near me.

“ I was seriously scared that he was sucking your blood or something.”

I smiled softly. “ He wouldn’t.”

“ How do you know?”

“ I just do.”

He sighed again. “ I don’t know what to think.”

I arranged myself on the bed and turned to face him.

“ I hope you know that I tried to fight off these feelings at first. I know I’m gonna be the clan leader soon and especially falling in love with a vampire is the worse thing to do. But I can’t control my feelings Alarik , they are simply growing day by day and I can’t stop them.”

Alarik looked at me and smiled softly. “ Worst time to fall in love.”

I chuckled and nodded. “ Yeah I know.”

He pulled my hand in his and squeezed. “ I won’t tell your father but you have to promise me something.”

“ What ?”

“ You can’t see him again.”

My eyes went wide and I retreated my hand. “ What ?!”

“ Sierra , this is dangerous and if what you said it’s true , your father will kill him again.”

My eyes went wide. “ I-”

“ If you love him , it’s better this way , at least until the first of may. Maybe it was all a stupid misunderstanding and all this story about being reincarnated was a stupid mistake but it’s better to be safe.”

“ He’s right.”

Emrick ?

“ Yeah. He’s right Sierra. We should do what he suggests.”

My eyes started to water.

You mean I can’t see you again?

“ No! No , Sierra just until may first , I can’t live without you , we are going to Italy remember.”

My heart ached. I could feel his heart aching just like mine.

I love you Emrick.

My heart skipped a beat and I felt it squeeze.

“ I love you Sierra, more than you know. If dying is the only way to love you than I’m ready to die.”

Don’t say that !

My eyes couldn’t keep open with the tears.

“ I will say that ! Cause it’s the truth. Sierra , no matter what , death can’t tear us apart. If this reincarnation shit is real than no matter what we will always meet again.”

I nodded and wiped my eyes.

Just be safe and don’t come close to my house until that day okay ?

“ Okay. I love you Sierra.”

And I , love you.

When I couldn’t hear his anymore , I broke down and cried. Alarik hugged me to him.

“ Where you just talking to him ?”

I nodded.

“ This telepathy thing is neat.”

I chuckled despise the circumstances. This is for the best.

But doing for the best is the most painful thing I had done so far.

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