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Freiyon Fables A Tail To Remember

By JustParodiez Man All Rights Reserved ©

Children / Fantasy


The world of Freiyon! Magical, mysterious, frightening, clever, mystical! It's a place where animals and trees can walk and talk like humans and magical beings and magical happenings can happen almost on a daily basis. And where one squirrel, escaped from a zoo in the Human World, is about to embark on the biggest travelling adventure of his life. Along the way he will encounter new friends, battle vicious enemies, solve odd puzzles and explore a vast amount of the magical world he finds himself in. The Freiyon Fables is a trilogy of magical adventures taking place between two worlds, the Human world and the world of Freiyon. This first one is more exploration and getting to know the mysterious lands within the World of Freiyon and what each place holds.


On one cold night, a mother and her son sat near a campfire in the depths of the woods. The boy shivered as he wasn’t close enough to the fire.

“Come and sit by the fire, my son. It’s a very cold night.” The mother beckoned.

The boy shuffled over and warmed his hands on the fire. He realised something he had never really asked before.

“Mum, is it true that your mother discovered a whole another world?” He asked, feeling his hands begin to warm up, a pleasant feeling coming over him.

“Well, it’s funny that you should mention that, because that’s the reason I brought you out here tonight. I’m going to tell you the story of my mother, the friends she found, and when I’m done, you can ask whatever questions you want to. But you need to listen carefully, because it’s a long story, and I want you to soak in every single word of it.”

The boy sighed.

“Ok, mum.”

The mother retrieved a big book from her backpack and opened it up.

“Her story begins, not in her home, but in her old workplace, while she was on the job.”

As she started reading, the stars in the sky sparkled and all was quiet in the forest. It was as if all the nearby wildlife wanted to hear her story as well.

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