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Chapter 6: Daughter in the Fire

“She didn’t tell you did she?” A voice came from behind.

Two more figures entered the hall. A girl with long dim hair with mixtures of brown in it. Her skin was a tanner exterior and from her accent I can only presume she has some Hispanic background. She wore soft eyeliner and a tan lip gloss. She sported a black vest like outfit with several buttons going down the front with a red outline. It reminded me of a marching band leader but much more expensive looking. She wore a black tank top under the unbuttoned half jacket and skinny jeans. The boy following her was about my height wearing a black fancier jacket with matching dress pants and white dress shirt with the first two buttons undone. His hair was flipped over from the side with the right side of his head shaven. Along with his night hair small square glasses rested on his nose blocking part of his yellow eyes.

“What didn’t she tell me?” I fussed as more questions were being asked.

“Daughter of Satan,” the boy said pushing up his glasses.

“Hallow!” Echo yelled.

“Satan?” I yelled in fear.

I could feel my breath becoming rapid and my heart beat increasing in intensity.

“Better he knows now. What are you freaking out about?” She questioned me in an annoyed voice. “What? What? Going to go home and cry to mommy?” The mystery girl barked smugly.

“She’s dead Annabell,” Echo growled, her eyes glowing in rage.

“Excuse me?” Annabell said as if she were insulted.

My heart sunk from what had just happened. Echo tried to touch me but I swatted her hand away howling “Don’t touch me.”

“Baby,” Annabell hissed.

“Stop it,” stress was building up within me.

“And what if I don’t?” Annabell threatened.

“Keep away from him,” Echo growled teeth growing longer pointing out from her lips much like a vampire’s.

Hallow walked inches from Echo with a devilish grin painted on his face. I looked around with a worry expression the other Seekers were all stepping away from us with haste. I looked at Echo who was stuck in a stare down with Hallow. My eyes lock with Annabell’s who had a disgusted scowl on her face.

“You need to learn your place.” Her hands grabbed a black whip from her belt holding it up to me.

I stumbled back as she unwrapped the leather. Her eyes locked on me, they were a crazed expression with a twisted grin. If it weren’t for her green eyes I’d say she was the demon.

Echo placed her left leg back far bending her right to avoid one of Hallows punches. She grinned jumping up kicking the boy in the face. Hallow grabbed his nose cracking it back into place with no sign of pain. I jumped left as Annabell cracked the whip missing me by only a few inches. I jumped back again as she stuck for a second time.

“Hold still,” she called.

Hallow ran towards Echo grabbing her shoulders throwing her behind him. Echo twisted quickly pulling on Hallow’s hair bringing him to the ground. His hands pulled against her ankles in a quick motion sending both Demons to the floor. Echo was the first to jump up as I avoided another whip strike. She seemed annoyed and unfocused on the issue at hand.

“Dance puppet dance!” Annabell giggled.

Echo pulled her arms into a crossed position in front of her face and took several deep breaths as Hallow stood. She laughed a wicked laugh pulling her arms quickly across each other. Echo’s entire body busted into flames as her eyes grew a crazed look. Hallow took several jumps back at the sight.

I stopped paying attention at my own battle long enough for Annabell’s moment of opportunity to come. I cried as the black leather ripped across my chest. I fell to my knees holding my bleeding chest with my hands in a frugal attempt to stop the blood.

Echo turned from my screams and bolted from her own fight to mine. She ran faster than any human could. She didn’t come to me though, no, she ran to Annabell lifting her by the neck. Annabell choked from the swift movement dropping the weapon she had used on me. Hallow jumped from surprise and began running towards the girls.

“Ahh,” Echo said squeezing harder, “you don’t want your contract to end so soon do you?”

Hallow stopped and gained a more sophisticated appearance as he knew that she had the upper hand. Annabell struggled against Echo’s grip.

“If you ever try to hurt my master again.” She threw her to the floor, “you won’t be so lucky.”

Echo ran over to me and Hallow did to Annabell.

“I can’t turn my back for a minute without you getting into trouble can I?” Echo panted.

“It hurts…” I choked weakly.

“It’s a demon’s whip, it’s meant to wound demons so I can’t imagine the pain you must have,” Echo smiled clotting the blood with a piece of her white ruffle. She bit her lip as she worked to help me but something was bothering her deeply.

“The cut’s not deep, for that you’re lucky,” Echo whispered as if she was becoming more and more excited.

She stood in a huff from me and turned away. She wiped her hands across her white ruffles giving them a blood stained appearance. I stood shaking slightly and walked over to her. She seem to be trying to hold back something as she stared at her cleanse hands. Annabell stood coughing, she glared at me as if it were I who caused this entire fiasco. The cut on me continued to drip slightly as I stood. I pulled my shirt over the abrasion. Echo continued to bite her lip harder and harder as her teeth returned to normal.

A slight ticking noise reverberated through the room. Echo and the other Seekers all perked up at the sound. Echo’s face turned an icy white as she stood attentive next to me. All the Seekers, angels and demons all stood in this manner; all but me. I leaned over supporting myself with one arm on my knee the other pressure on my cut. The ticking grew in intensity until the door began to open slowly.

A figure standing at least seven feet, maybe more came into the room. He was a heavy built man with wide shoulders. A black hood seized his face with only two sickly green glowing lights breaking through the darkness. His body was wrapped in tattered fabrics and watches that seemed to tick in unison. He wore large metallic boots and no skin showed along his body. Three halos going from larger to smaller floated around the top of his shadowy hood. His body looked entirely made up of shadows.

“What is going on here?” His voice howled like the wind on a dead cold night. It sent shivers up my spine.

He’s eyes locked onto me, “Why do you not stand attentive?” He questioned with a deadly glare.

I pulled away my hand showing my red liquid that dripped from my chest.

“To wear the crimson in a room of demons is rather brave, or perhaps foolish,” he hissed walking over to Echo.

“Boy, what is your name?” The hooded man asked. I opened my mouth to answer but before I could mutter a single word Echo answered, “Dom.”

She stared at the floor when he approached. “Can he not speak for himself?”

She remained silent to the question.

“Learn to protect your master,” his voice roared through the silent room.

“Yes Pitch,” she called gracefully.

“I do applaud you on not drinking. Perhaps you are not hopeless,” Pitch said walking down the line.

“Who is that?” I whispered to Echo.

“Death…” she whispered back almost too silent to hear.

“If you wish to talk behind my back, don’t,” Pitch growled walking to the center.

“Today as you have discovered we indeed have a new Seeker added to the school. Echo daughter of devil and Dominic son to deceased of recent, have formed a contract and have come to train to become Seekers and hopefully fulfil his wish as you all do. And must I repeat the rules of no fighting on school grounds unless required by me, Annabell.” Pitch glared at the girl.

“He started it.” She said crossing her arms. Does she even fear death?

“Next time, I’ll end it…” he hissed.

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