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Chapter 9: Books and Bones

Pitch’s office is nothing of what I would expect. I was expecting something like a dungeon or a torture chamber where no one could hear us scream, really anything but this. I sat in the leather lined chair with Echo following me in. She seemed to be looking for something that I’m a loss to. Echo remained silent walking around the empty room. The room was a small office size chamber. It was painted a bagel coloring with detail molding framing the room with a girly feeling. Echo walked over to the large wooden table that took up much of the space in the workplace. Papers upon papers filed in clutter and insanity with several books of various sizes open on the desk. Pitch had instructed us to sit and wait for him until he would return so that’s what I did however, Echo had other ideas. Her hands searched quickly and skillfully through the papers and books. She is looking for something.

“Haven’t you flirted with death enough today?” I huffed.

“Haha funny,” she spat sarcastically continuing to search through the room. “It’s not like you’re a perfect student either, you’re lucky I took the fault. One hit would hurt me yes, but one touch would kill you.”

“Took the fault? I’m here too you know?” I spat.

“Yes but for my mistakes not yours therefor all you’ve done is erased.”

She saved me? She took the fault to protect me and all I’ve done is be a jerk to her. I brushed back my hand reaching into my pocket. The little fur ball sat in the warmth of my jeans. I can’t blame her, food is food and one way or another she has to eat.

“I guess I over reacted,” I apologized reluctantly.

“Yes, yes you did.” A growl much like a cat erupted from her mouth.

“Hey Echo, who is Elijah?” I asked almost silently.

“Someone you won’t have to worry about,” she growled, “It’s not here!”

“What’s not here?” I asked.

“I’ve been lying to you, like a lot,” Echo smiled innocently.

“Yeah, I got that part.” I returned her smile in a sarcastic manner.

“No I mean why we’re here. To be somewhat honest -”

“Somewhat?” I cut off.

“You should be glad you’re getting that much boy. To be somewhat honest I only brought you here to find the book of death.” Echo whispered.

“Book of death?” I questioned.

“It’s the record of all souls ready to be collected, in other words… “

“My family,” I cut off having her shh me.

“Whisper. Yes, we can’t find them without that book.”

“You planned this didn’t you?” I laughed slightly seeing her brilliance.

“Pissing off death is the only way into his office. I’ve already tried breaking in but that didn’t go so well,” She sighed.

“Is that where you went while I was changing?” I asked putting one and two together.

“Boy is not as stupid as I had thought,” Echo said walking to the door.

“Why thank you, so where do you think this book is if it’s not here?” I asked.

“I really don’t know,” she turned to me. “Maybe you do.”

“I don’t know where it is,” I argued.

“Not yet,” she growled.

“What are you getting at?”

She jumped into my chair coming very close to my face with her own, “only one Seeker has had a gift like yours so I predict you have the same abilities as him.”

“Abilities? What kind of abilities?” I questioned.

“Look through me…” Echo’s words seemed to hiss like a snake’s.

“Uhh I’m flattered but we barely know each other.” I was met with her hand smacking against my face.

“Pervert, no look through me to the wall behind,” She growled.


“I’m not the one with the curse eye now am I?” Echo spat. “Think about the book and let the power have control…”

I took a deep breath and concentrated. Ok book, book, el libro, umm hardcover? What kind of book? That book. My family’s book, their stories, their only hope.

My eyes opened wide with a sharp pain. I could feel the energy being ripped from my very being with the red light giving off a deadly glow. Echo gasped placing her head against my chest grabbing at my shirt in pain. My vision surpassed the walls of the small office and through the commons. I searched quickly as I could feel my time shortening. A great hall at the end of the east wing came into thought. The eye focused on the room. Walls filled to the breaking point with knowledge and novels. History upon history filled with the words of the past. A large black bind held place on a display in the center of the room. Details escaped me as the energy ended. I screamed as the red reverted back into myself. Echo let go of my shirt lifting her head into my blurry vision. She spoke something I couldn’t hear. I gasped. Echo’s expression seemed afraid and worried. I could feel my body being shook as my vision turned black.

My eyes open slowly to see the white walls of my assigned room. I sat up rubbing my head with a confusion and pain. My eyes locked with Echo who stared at me a focused expression. I jumped from the surprise.

“Morning sleepy head,” she smiles not breaking her focus.

“What happen?” I asked.

“You passed out. Pitch brought you in here and I watched over.”

“Wouldn’t you rather sleep than stare at me with those demon eyes, it’s creepy as Hell,” I shouted.

“Hello?” Echo broke her glare.

“True, but don’t you sleep?” I asked turning on the lamp light.

“I don’t need more than an hour every few days. But, did you find it?” Echo asked standing from the bed.

“I think I did. I saw a black book in the library,” I recalled rubbing my head.

“More description?”

“It was in the center on a display pretty hard to miss,” I barked sarcastically.

“Excuse me princess,” Echo said looking out the crack in the doorway.

Her eyes locked onto me and she rose her finger to her lips. I stood from the bed walking besides her peering out the slight opening. Two bone guards stood watch from out door. I had figured it was by Pitch’s command. I could only imagine the lie Echo told to him after I blacked out. I turned to Echo who made a mini command map in the air of our plan. I nodded, I think I understand but I wasn’t one hundred percent sure. Echo saw the expression of confusion on my face, she pointed towards my guns and I knew. Cold air filled my lungs as I pushed against the wooden door. I walked out meeting the two guards. They both rose their staffs against me with points ready to strike. My eyebrows narrowed, I yelled much like an animal reaching for both of my pistols. With a quick pull twin shots rang through the halls. Both skeletons fell once again lifeless to the ground. My dead eyes stared at the scene, I feel no remorse, no guilt and it sickens me.

“They were only in the way…” I whispered to myself running down the hallway Echo quickly behind.

We only have a moment until someone notices them and comes looking for us so we have to be quick. I shouted the commands of directions to get to the library to Echo as she ran slightly ahead which I understand. So short of time and so far have I fallen.

Large identical black and white doors at the end of the hallway proved our point of interest. I pushed open one of the gigantic doors with Echo’s help. In the library an eerie still filled the room. No one that I could see stood in the round room but I still had a feeling of being watched and by the uneasy look on Echo’s face I think she has the same feeling.

I could see the book in the center unguarded and easy prey. I pointed it out to Echo who ran towards it with inhuman speed. Her hands reached the book with ease but something wasn’t right. A white mist began to fill the library. I coughed through the fog and began to search for Echo who seemed to be lost in the white cloud.

“Echo?” I called lost.

“Catch,” Echo yelled hidden as she spoke a black book broke through the white that now filled the entire room making visibility next to nothing. The encrypted journal landed perfectly in my hands, I pulled it close to my chest looking for the demon.

“Dominic… the book,” two blue eyes called out to me. I rubbed my own to clear my vision. Fawn flew slightly above the ground holding out her hands.

“Give me the book Dominic. You’ve been tempted by evil but It’s not too late to do good, hand it over,” Fawn spoke warmly and inviting but there was no way I will hand over this.

“No it’s the only way to save them,” I shouted gripping the book tighter.

“The dead cannot be brought back,” Fawn counseled.

“Yes they can!” I screamed, “I did.”

“Then you are not pure and must be eliminated at any cost,” Fawn said flying down to my level. Max walked from the fog that seem to fade as Fawn lowered. I looked behind the two seeing two Echoes fighting, copying each other’s movements and actions in the way I had with Annabell but this time I couldn’t tell the difference.

“Echo!” I spoke to the two both girls stopped and looked over at me.

“Dominic it’s Rainia!” Both shouted at the same time.

I pulled out my pistols pointing the white one at Fawn and Max and the black to the two Echoes still locked in combat. Max laughed at my motion, “A little gun against us?”

Max lifted a hook shot into the air and aimed it towards me. I didn’t move nor did I flinch, there has to be a way out of this. A smirk filled my lips as an idea came.

A wicked laugh erupted from me as I grew a crazed look, “Death has no effect on me. It’s just like the angel said once you die you stay dead! See if a weak little hook shot works on me or choose to keep your life.”

Max and Fawn both grew a look of uneasy from my bluff. I didn’t break, my face held the crazed expression that resembled much of Echo’s. Max’s aim became uneasy and weak.

“Are you scared?” I asked in the creepiest voice I could muster.

“You’re a freak,” Max yelled.

“Run!” I snapped with a blood curling scream.

The boy took several steps back out of fear of my life. I could see the uneasy of Fawn as well. I howled biting towards them, might as well make them think I’m completely insane. Am I?

“He’s possessed,” Fawn shrieked in horror.

“Echo,” I called turning my attention away while they were confused.

“Shoot Rainia she’s a shapeshifter!” Both girls called.

I turned both guns towards the girl and they seceded there fighting. Both looked identical in every way even their clothes matched. Both were torn showing their torsos past the tattered fabric. I stared at the perfect clones. Rainia is only speaking when Echo talks masking her own voice in the process so I can’t tell them apart that way and with the same appearance that doesn’t leave me with many options.

“Hello? Anyone out there?” I called into the empty space.

I was met with silence and nothing more.

“Hello,” I called louder to get the same reply.

“Hello is anyone here? Hello!” I screamed.

“Hello Hello Hello” The real Echo mimicked in my voice.

I pointed both pistols to the fake as the real Echo ran to my side. I smiled pulling back the lock with a click. Rainia returned to her angel form and stared at me with great fear. Danny soon joined her followed by Max and Fawn.

“I can’t take them all….” I whispered to Echo.

“You won’t have too,” she growled.

“I invite you Dominic-” Echo began.

“No!” Fawn yelled.

“Don’t let them get away,” Max followed.

“I invite you to leave Pandora,” she finished grabbing my wrist tightly.

“I humbly accept your offer!” I barked before they could reach us.

Black spirals filled everything as Echo and I fell once again through the never ending vortex that is Pandora.

Now the fun begins.

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