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Tritonium~Greek Gods in Space

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Poseidon, god of the sea, must rescue his nieces from the planet Mangina. The product of an affair, the girl's existence must remain unknown. Done with protecting his brother, he sends his son, Triton

Fantasy / Scifi
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Journal Entry X-400CE, SMMTC (Save the M&M twins campaign)

My whore of a brother has done it again, and my patience is at an end. The consequence of his infidelity has annoyed me for the last time. Zeus traipsed the world, impregnating women, immortals and humans alike. And, never thinking of the repercussions. Then, as always, orders me to clean up the mess.

This time, instead of protecting his son, Perseus. I have been commanded to recover his twin daughters whose mother happens to be Namaka, sea goddess from the Terran planet of Choma. Not only do I have to save them from those idiots, the Gigantes, I have to get them back before my sister-in-law finds out.

It would be an uncomplicated task if they were on earth, but no…those Cūlus had to take the adolescents to Mangina, in the Manaxis Galaxy. Who in Hades gives a planet the name, Mangina? A stupid planet with a stupid name, named by stupid immortals.

I will not go, and my wife will not make me.

Triton’s come of age now and I’m sending him in my stead. Anyway, it’s time for him to assume leadership over my Daimone Tritones.

As for my brother, I think I hate him.

Poseidon, the Okeanos Pantheon.

Beneath the Aegean Sea, Greece

In the warm, aqua water of the Aegean, bubbles drifted around two figures in an undersea palace. “My Lord, help me understand correctly. You wish for me to board a spacecraft, travel to the planet, Man-Mangina? And, I’m to retrieve Zeus’ twins?” Triton freely floated in front of the god, Poseidon. “Two queries. How is it my responsibility and not my uncle’s? What in Hades possessed those mentulas to brand a world with that name?”

The lord of the sea looked around his son’s shoulder, then signaled his familiar, Thalago, to close the throne room doors. He waited patiently as the giant, silver and sapphire sea-horse returned to his sitting place. He explained, “I fear your mother finding out about this.”

Poseidon normally wouldn’t brook any argument from his soldiers, especially his son, but this was an unusual task that he had never asked before. “My son, I know this is an exceptional circumstance. Cronus discovered it and named it, not sure of the reason. He probably learned the word from the mortal world. As to Zeus, he cannot keep his tunic lowered and the wife mustn’t know of this transgression. Remember the last time Hera found out about Cythera? She leveled Kitara and billions of Kitarans were obliterated. It is imperative that these two children are returned to their mother by the next rising of the moon.”

Poseidon ran his fingers through his waving beard, “I’ve already sent missives to Zephyrus and Eros. They have agreed to accompany you. Of course, Kyros will be there.” The king sat back on his throne wearily, reaching out and stroking his trident absentmindedly. “I understand this is all new to you. Think of this as a test. I grow weary of fighting the Gigantes constantly and you will be taking my place as commander soon.”

Triton’s tail, of the killer whale, sliced through the oceanic depths of the Aegean angrily, “Father, I have no quarrel with rescuing two little girls. What I do have a problem with…is outer space. I admit, I am unfamiliar with how to fly a ship.”

Poseidon swished his great tail across the dais where his throne sat. “Do not panic, Zephyrus shall be your guide.” Triton crossed his arms, “By the gods, Father. You are holding something back. What is it? I need you to tell me everything.” The silver lines in his blue skin swirled more with his agitation. Poseidon hesitated then blew out bubbles with a huff, “Once you leave earth’s atmosphere, your godly powers will disappear. As you are an earth being, when you leave it, so shall your gifts.”

“What?” Triton stood straight and tall on the tips of his caudal fins. “How am I supposed to fight without my powers? In fact, how do you expect me to battle the Gigantes with just my human strength?” Poseidon rose off his chair with just a swing of his arms. “Son, you have been trained in all types of battle and unfortunately, you had been relying on your divinity the majority of the time.” He held up his hand to halt Triton’s next words. “No need to fret, it will only last while you are flying through the cosmos. Once you land on Mangina, they should come back.”

“Should? Well, that’s comforting.”

“Do not become complacent. Traveling in deep space can be unpredictable. You need to be prepared for any situation that will arrive.”

“Splendid. When do we depart?”

“Zephyrus and Eros are waiting for you now at your amphitheater. You’ll have to collect Kyros on the way. He’s new to immortality and I’m afraid he’s spending too much time among the ladies, instead of learning how to control his unique powers.”

Triton shook his head, “Fine. And, Father, you know better than to hide anything from mother. She always finds out.”

“Yes, you’re right. This time, she’ll find out after you’re gone. You must make haste.” Poseidon watched his son disappear, then told Thalago, “Even though this is a test of his godhood, I’ll still be there to watch over him.” With that said, the lord of the ocean, dissolved to follow anonymously after his son.

Triton appeared in the undersea cave of the Cyclades, looking for his newly immortalized friend, Kyros Mydilios. He had a hard life as a mortal and because of his loyalty to the Okeanos pantheon, he was granted the highest gift. Two seconds were enough to see the rise and fall of Kyros’ buttocks delve into one of the sea nymphs. Several others surrounded the couple, touching and feeling any body part they could reach.


No response, except heavy breathing and kissing noises.

“Uhm, hello?”

That only brought some of the girls who were vying for Kyros’ attention, to flock Triton and drape their bodies along his torso and tail. “Excuse me, ladies. I don’t have time for this and I need that kado to come with me.”


Muscled shoulders and a mop of long hair, popped up out of a sea of nymphs and mermaids. “Huh?” His dark, grey eyes focused on the Triton’s silver lines, swirl madly in his blue skin. “Hello, my lord.” He gently pushed the ladies away from him and lifted from between another’s legs. “Sorry about that, didn’t hear you. What can I do for you?”

Poseidon watched Triton fold his arms in agitation. “What did I say about calling me ‘lord’? I am not your lord, I am not your superior. You are an immortal now and equal to me. If you call me that again, I shall beat your arse.” He narrowed his eyes at the naked man. “Now, change…we’re traveling to Mangina.”

Kyros looked up, confused. “Mangina? What in blazes is a mangina?”

Triton shook his head and swam from the cave.

Now that the sea had become his home, Kyros had the ability to transform into a bottle nosed dolphin. Unskilled, a few tries were needed. At one point of his transformation, the porpoise was fully formed, except one long leg protruded from the tail. He swam to catch up with Triton, who pointed at the extra limb without a word. Kyros turned his bulbous head to see a foot and wriggling toes. He closed his big, dark eyes and concentrated. The leg was sucked back into the dolphin’s body.

They made their way to Triton’s home. Never one for the traditional, he changed his home every couple of centuries to whatever he fancied. This time, it was a copy of the Flavian Collosseum in Rome. Poseidon thanked the Fates, his son never copied the atrocities that went on there. In the middle of the field, sat a long, oval space ship, the G-Amb 6 battlestar cruiser. Poseidon silently observed Triton and Kyros, approach the B-class starship, then glided in closer to monitor and write down everything that would occur on this venture.

As the boys stopped in front of the ramp that led into the ship, Zephyrus and Eros immerged. The god of the west wind spoke first, “It’s about time you got here. Everything’s set to launch. All we need is for you two to put on your gear and buckle up.” Eros added, “Before you do that, put on some legs first.” He then walked back into the ship. Triton and Kyros looked at each other in puzzlement, both mouthing, “Buckle up?”

Tanned skin over naked bodies appeared where tails used to be. Eros stuck his head back out, “And wear some shorts please. We’re heading into zero gravity, believe me, you don’t want your danglies floating free in space.”

They followed Eros into the water-free cargo bay, where he tossed them both, strange clothing. Triton slipped on the skin tight outfit and pulled the zipper (making sure not to catch his unmentionables encased in slim fitting breeches) up to his neck. “Pray tell, Zephyrus. What is the meaning of the word ‘danglies’, and what type of material is this? Both you and Eros sound very strange.”

Zephyrus shut the bay door, “I think it’s made out of Urethane and Neoprene nylon, Kevlar, and Nomex. It will protect our bodies from the environment. As far as my new speech pattern, you’ll see.” They traipsed after the dark-haired, silver-eyed deity up the ladder leading to the main deck. The hatch in front of them, slid silently open to a large room with wide windows. “This is central command.” He pointed to the four chairs, one near the front, one in the middle and two closer to the back, “These are our stations and you’re in charge.”

Triton’s mouth dropped open and looked at Zephyrus, stupidly. “In charge, how in Hades am I in charge? I don’t know anything and as ignorant as a newborn babe.” He spoke louder, “Aren’t you supposed to be teaching me something? Why aren’t you in charge?”

Eros agreed, “You’re right, this technology hasn’t been invented, so no one knows. Some people won’t know about it for centuries to come. As for Zeke being in charge, this is your mission. Zeke, tell them, so we can get going.”

Triton turned to Zephyrus, “Zeke?”

“Once you learn, you’ll want a nickname too.”

Kyros walked around the flight deck, half listening and looking at the many monitors, consoles, sensor displays and modules. Zeke pressed a switch and a drawer opened from the wall next to Triton. “Both of you, grab a headset, make sure the nodes are touching your temples, press that red button and you’ll know everything we do.” Triton and Kyros followed their instructions. When he clicked on the device, information pertaining to running and navigating the ship, weapon’s training, as well as language from the future, were implanted in their brains.

Triton’s eyes popped open with the new knowledge. “Cool.” He went over and sat in the captain’s chair. “Zeke, you’re on navigation.” Zeke nodded then sat in front of the helm’s control. “Kyros, you’re communications.” Kyros removed his device, then sat at his consul. Triton initiated the pre-flight check sequence from the computer pad in front of him. After looking at everyone one else busy with their duties, Eros asked, “What am I supposed to be doing?”

Triton shared a secret smile with Zeke and Kyros. “You can just stand there and look pretty. What else can Cupid, the god of love, do?” Everyone knew the one thing that would get Eros riled up, call him by his former, Roman name. “For the last time, do not call me that name, ever. If I have to remind you again, I am going to kick…your…ass!”

The three immortals broke out in laughter, “Hey, it’s not our fault you quit your job as the king of romance. You’ve been that way for so long, it’s hard not to think of you as Cupid or Eros. So what, you gave yourself a different hairdo and now second in command of the KGA. You’re still cute as a button.”

Eros raged while his friends guffawed, “I am not cute!” He sent an invisible wave toward the three, which knocked them out of their seats and rammed them into the far side of the ship. He raised both hands, lifting their still laughing bodies to hit the ceiling, slamming them back to the deck. Zeke pulled himself up on his knees while the others continued to struggle. “Are you through?” He stood and brushed off his sleeves. “Still can’t take a joke, can you?”

Triton recovered then limped over and placed a hand on Eros’ shoulder. “Come on, you need to lighten up. You know we respect you as a warrior and we get why you left your mother’s employ. Why, I respect you so much, you sir, are in charge of security.” Triton stepped over to his chair, which had broken off and lie on its side. He gave Eros a side look then waved his hand, restoring the seat to its proper place. Kyros shook his dizziness off. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to you guys battering each other at the drop of a hat.”


Zeke zapped him, knocking him back onto the floor. “You’ll get used it.”

The snap of a finger brought everyone’s attention back to Triton. “Okay guys, time to get serious. Let’s get this thing moving.” He pointed to Kyros, “Before we launch, make sure no humans are within two hundred kilometers where we leave the Aegean. Zeke, once we breach the surface, accelerate to hyper active speed.”

Perplexed silver, grey and blue eyes turned toward Triton. “What in Hades, is that?”

“What? Oh, hyper active speed? I got it from the transfer. Just set us at light speed. When we reach earth’s Kármán Line, warp ten to Mangina.”

“Speaking of mangina, hold on a second.” Kyros ran his fingers over his keyboard and then read from the vidscreen. He slammed his hand against the console, “You are not gonna believe what mangina means in the future.” Triton just rolled his eyes before speaking. “Once we pass the thermosphere, all of our powers will be dormant. So, we’ll have to rely on this futuristic technology, our wits and our fists. Eros, we each need one uti-weaponry belt. An ion phaser, fully charged, and one laser edged short sword.”

“You will all call me Erok, from now on.” He turned and left to grab the equipment.

Triton pressed a few buttons, “Touchy, ain’t he? When he returns, we’ll be cleared for takeoff. Speaking of nicknames, I like Taz. What about you Kyros? Want to change yours, as well?”

Kyros was busy looking at the screen, “Nah, I’ll keep mine for a while. Come over here and look at the definition for mangina.”

“Why don’t you just tell us?”

Kyros, shuddered and shook his head. “I’m not saying it out loud.”

Taz returned to studying the ships diagnostics, “I’ll look when we’re up in the air.” Zeke stood and walked over to the monitor. “Zeke, you’re no wuss, what does it say?”

Zeke cleared his throat, “I’m with Kyros on this, I’m not gonna talk about it.” Erok returned and took a peak. “What the hell? Why would anybody name their planet after that?” He shook his head, “So stupid.” Taz’s curiosity got the best of him, “Let me see.” He had to read it twice to make sure he understood the meaning and then hesitantly peered at the picture. “Man that looks like it really hurts. We’re in agreement, we will never talk about this again.”

They all laughed, “Agreed.”

Poseidon was still invisible, but he needed to get into the con room that was hidden behind one of the ship’s panel walls. Once they hit space, he’d lose his powers and the boys would see him. Each room on the ship had cameras and microphones, allowing him to monitor every little thing the younger gods did.

Unaware that the lord of the sea was in their midst, they went about preparing for takeoff. Taz resumed his seat and the others followed. Zeke punched in coordinates, while Kyros scanned their immediate surroundings and above the ocean for any mortals. Erok checked the weapons system. Zeke announced, “Liftoff in twenty seconds. There are no belts to buckle, so hold on to your seats.”

They each gripped their armrests when a sultry voice echoed throughout the room, “Gentlemen, please secure yourselves with the safety harness that are enclosed in your chairs.” Every head swiveled around looking for the source of the lovely tone. “Who’s that?” Kyros asked.

“You may call me, C.H.A.N.E.L.”

Poseidon hurriedly tapped into the ship’s database and gave instructions to CHANEL not to divulge his presence. A beeping started behind him. There, floating in the air was a communique sphere. Nervous, he pressed the talk button. “How did you know?”

Amphitrite, wife of Poseidon and queen of the sea, laughed lightly. “I am ‘far-seeing’ remember? Just know that I approve your decision for our son. It’s good that he’s learning more about the future, but you mustn’t tell the boys the truth about our immortality. It will become known when he meets ‘her’.”

Relief, relaxed the king’s body. “Yes, dear. I had no intention of telling them. I think I’m going to get some sleep, it’s going to be a long trip.” The sound of water gurgling came from the metallic orb, “Alright, darling. Don’t forget, he mustn’t find out you are with him. There’s nothing worse than a son knowing his father doesn’t trust him.”

“Yes, dear.” Poseidon reached out and turned the sphere off then crushed it. “Women.” He turned his attention back to the young deities on the bridge.

“Chanel, who and what are you?” Taz was looking around the room as if the owner of the voice would suddenly appear. The sultry, warm voice surrounded the men, “I am AI advisor of G-Amb 6 and your Galaxia guide. Before you ask, CHANEL stands for ‘Computerized Heuristic Avatar and Navigational Embodied Loudmouth’. Lord Poseidon thought it was funny when he named me.”

A little bit surprised at his father’s attempt at humor, Taz’s only response, “Okay…”

“Just so you know, the coordinates to the Manaxis Galaxy were 1.5 billion kilometers off target. I took the initiative to correct them.”

Everyone turned to Zeke, “What? It’s been fixed. Not like any of you would have done any better.” Erok and Kyros mumbled their displeasure, while Taz growled, “You’d better not get us lost.”

Chanel interrupted before a fight ensued. “Lift off, in five seconds. Buckle up, gentlemen.” The low sound of boosters starting could be heard. Everyone watched the amphitheater and sea creatures grow smaller and smaller as they rose out the ocean. Dark waters became lighter as they moved closer to the surface. “The area is clear of mortals, Captain.” This came from Kyros, who was keeping an eye on the monitors. When they broke the water line, waves could be seen spiraling away from the sides of the ship.

Zeke, punched the ship into light speed. If anyone were near, all they would have seen was a silver streak.

Journal Entry XI-Heprion Galaxy, SMMTC

G-Amb 6 and its crew have been traveling for about two weeks in deep space. The boys haven’t discovered their stowaway. The ship’s computer CHANEL, has been keeping them occupied by telling them about the future. I gave her instructions to only report on technology and cultural references. Information about their future selves was forbidden.

Traveling through space is for the birds. I’m bored…should’ve brought the wife.

Poseidon, the Okeanos Pantheon.

Somewhere in Space

“Chanel, how long ‘til we reach Mangina?” Taz spoke as he walked through the bay door. Zeke had left his post to stand over Kyros laughing at something on the vidscreen. Erok was reading.

“One hour, ten minutes and ten seconds before touch down on Mangina’s surface.” Taz turned to his crew, “Guys, we have to prepare-“

He was interrupted by Chanel’s voice, “Recalculating travel time.” They all looked at each other. Kyros asked, “Why the change?” A sigh could be heard from the speakers, “I’ve had to re-route due to the Gigantes behind us. Their MC46 star cruiser will overtake us within ten minutes, prepare to be boarded.”

All four jumped to attention and turned back to their stations. Taz yelled, “Why didn’t you give us more of a head’s up?”

“Are you immortal deities of the Proklitikos Pantheon?”

Zeke answered impatiently, “Yes, we are Olympians. What does that have to do with anything?”

“Then you can handle the four Gigantes that just transported inside the cargo bay.”

“SHIT!” They exclaimed. All scrambled for the door. Erok ran through first. Reaching the cargo hatchway, they slowed. Taz pointed to Erok and Zeke to go left and he and Kyros would go right. With a closing of a fist, they burst through. Weapons at the ready.

Clytius was the first Gigantes spotted. Taz stepped in front of him, then clocked him in his jaw. With his attention on the older god, Taz was pushed to his knees by another. Before Taz had a chance to turn towards him, Kyros hooked his arm under the Gigantes, lifted him up then slammed him on the metallic surface.

Zeke and Erok found similar success in taking down the other two. Erok had one flat on his stomach, his hands held behind his back. “Porphyrion, you really suck at fighting, you know that? I didn’t even break a sweat.” The immortal struggled against Erok restraining his arms, growled, “Doesn’t matter, we know where you’re going and you will not get them back.”

Zeke, picked his prisoner off the ground and led him to an open room located at the front of the bay. “Bring them over here, so I can lock them up.” Among grunts and groans, the Gigantes were shepherded over to the room. Clytius, leader of the Gigantes Maritime Force, screeched, “You think you’ll make us stay in here?” Taz pushed him inside after the others. Once Zeke, Erok and Kyros backed out, he slammed his hand on the bright yellow switch that turned red. Taz spoke up into the air, “Chanel, the force field is on, set it to level five. If they touch it, raise it to level six.”

“Shield activated.”

The confused Gigantes, looked around for the woman who spoke. “We don’t care what you do to us, the Manginans know you’re coming for the girls, and you’ll never find them.”

Zeke laughed, “You don’t care?” He leaned against the metal doorframe, “Your minds will change when we take you back home and bury you under Smolikas…remember that?” He grinned smugly at the fear on their faces. “Yea, that’s what I thought. Look forward to a one thousand year hibernation boys. Cause you’re going back.”

Since Kyros was fairly new, he didn’t understand this dance the immortals had been playing for centuries. They couldn’t kill each other, the only thing that could be done was to bury and retrain one so deep, it would take a very long time to get out.

Erok spoke up, “Porphyrion, am I ever so glad to see it was your ass that showed up.”

Porphyrion, leader of the Gigantes Aeriform Force, bared his teeth. “I’m not afraid of some stuck-up cherub who should be sitting on his mother’s knee, instead of playing at being a warrior.” Erok didn’t take the bait, he just chuckled, “Keep it up baldy. Piss me off, I’ll make sure you stay under, triple times over. If those girls are harmed in any way, you can kiss your total freedom goodbye.” He leaned in closer to the invisible barrier. “And, you know I can do it.”

Porphyrion shrank back fearfully.

Taz asked, “Chanel, how much longer ‘til we reach the surface of Mangina? And, when we land, can you keep them-“he thrust a thumb toward the prisoners, “from using their powers?”

“Mangina is in view and will touch down in fifteen minutes. The gravitational field will remain at interstellar levels, thus keeping the Gigantes with only their human capabilities.”

“Thank you, Chanel.” Triton turned to his fellow spacemen, “Guys, when we reach the surface the plan is to get the location of Mela and Mira. Flash inside, grab the girls, back to the ship and bounce. Everyone check your weapons and let’s go.”

As they prepared to leave, Poseidon was busy jotting down the fight scene and the dialog in his journal. Zeke asked Chanel, “Do we have an exact location where the girls are?”

“The twins are kept in cell that is below ground. I am providing you nav-comms that will show you the way. It is also a means of communication.”

Kyros responded, “We won’t need that, we’ll just zip to the cell, then zip back out. We can talk to each telepathically if needed.” Teleporting and telecommunication for the gods was as simple as breathing. All it took was a thought. “I’m ready to go, let me see which room they’re in and this will be over with, quickly.

Zeke stood up from the console, “Okay, I got a lock on the girls, let’s roll.”

Nothing happened.

Erok asked, “Why aren’t we moving? I thought our powers were supposed to come back.”

Taz answered, “Father said, ‘They might.’ Damn it to Hades, this will not do at all. What else doesn’t work?” He swept his hands in the air towards his buddies and they all flew against the panels. A startled cry came from all of them. “Oops, that part works.”

Chanel silently conjured up four wrist devices. After they begrudgingly put them on, they familiarized themselves with the mechanics.

Zeke coughed, “There’s a shuttle we can take. We won’t be able to fly right up to their front door. We’ll have to find some sort of hill or trees to hide behind. Then sneak in through the back.” He looked down at his nav-comm, “Chanel, give me a location to park the shuttle and the schematics of the building. Show me which door to infiltrate, then we’re outta here.”

Taz, huffed. “Hey, I’m the one in charge.”

“You got a better idea?”


“Then shut up. Grab your gear and let’s go. The Gnats said the Manginans know we’re coming, and I don’t want to waste any more time.”

Taz led the way out the door, but left a parting shot. “You’re lucky you’re older than me.”

“Bite me, Taz.” Zeke laughed.

Once the boys left, Poseidon came out of hiding, then instructed Chanel to make sure everything showed on the vidscreen. He watched them race across the grey landscape. Colors were unheard of on Mangina. The spectrum scale went from white to black. A culture shock from his beloved Aegean Sea.

With the shuttle hidden by an outcropping of rocks, the immortals of Greece, made their way to a large, triangular building made of stone. According to their nav-comms, their targets were located in a room on floor down from the back entrance. Why the Manginans didn’t put a guard here, was beyond them.

As they waited, Taz put a finger to his mouth. All was quiet ‘til a small squeak interrupted the silence. They all looked down and were surprised by a small grey mouse walking around their feet. Kyros leaned down to pick it up and move it out of the way.

It bit him.

He slammed it down on the ground.

Erok whispered, “Now look what you did, you killed it.”

Looking guilty, Kyros held his hands up in defeat, “I’m sorry! It bit me.” Taz and Zeke turned their backs on him and shook their heads. “Pitiful,” came from Zeke.

“It’s not my fault!” He whispered furiously as he followed the others through the door.

They snuck to the room that held the twins. What they found was not what they expected. Two small toddlers lay holding each other on a single bed, fast asleep. Erok moved closer, “Where are the guards?” He spoke quietly, as the others fanned out. Taz tiptoed closer to the sleeping babies. “They can’t be over five years old. Let’s wake them up and get out of here. The jailers gotta be around here, somewhere.” He reached a hand out and gently shook a little one’s shoulder. “I hope they can understand me.” He put on his most pleasant face and kneeled down so he wouldn’t look so scary.

The girls sat up at once and screamed in Taz’s face.

All four in a panic, it was Zeke who calmed things down. Over the screaming, he told Erok, “We may not be able to teleport, but you may still have your charm spell. See if it works to shut them up.” Erok, with his hands over his ears, nodded and then crouched into the girl’s line of sight. Soothingly he cooed, “Shh…shh, it’s okay. Mira and Mela, we mean you no harm. We’re here to take you home.” All the while, golden tendrils drifted from him to the girls. Immediately they quieted.

Mela or Mira, since they were identical, they couldn’t tell the difference, stuck her thumb in her mouth after saying, “Home.” Erok smiled, “Yes, we…” he pointed to all the men, “are taking you home to your mom.” Taz noticed they were tethered to the bed with silver chains and bracelets. Taz reached out and broke them apart. “That was easy enough.”

Bright green eyes turned to its twin and there seemed to be a silent communication between the two. The other shook her pitch black curly cues and spoke with a lisp, “Ahmoosawn.” The immortals looked at each in confusion, “What’s ahmoosawn?” Kyros came closer and held out his hand to show he wasn’t a danger. To the god’s surprise the M&M twins jumped off the bed, too quick for the men to catch them. They ran out the door chanting, “Ahmoosawn, Ahmoosawn!”

Zeke growled, “We don’t have time for this. Catch ‘em! We’ve got to get back to the shuttle.” They watched the girls with their chubby legs, move so fast, their dark blue skin seemed to leave a lasting streak down the hallway. Everyone finally came to a halt when they reached a room on an upper floor. The girls put their hands together and the locked door opened. Four Manginans stood up to stop the intruders. Two pairs of blue hands raised in the air and the Manginans disappeared. Zeke stopped behind them in shock. “If they have those kinds of powers, why didn’t they use them to free themselves?”

Taz stood next to him. “Must have been those chains that held them to the bed.”

All attention turned to the twins, who had walked over to a tall, metal wardrobe, pointed at it, jumped up and down, saying in unison, “Ahmoosawn, Ahmoosawn, Ahmoosawn!” Erok walked up to the door and gently pushed the jumpy cherubs to the side. “Okay, okay, just a sec. I hope there’s nothing bad in here.” He put his ear to the metal to listen for danger. Hearing nothing, he slowly opened the door.

He peaked in.

After a few seconds of tension, his shoulders dropped in relief. Widening the door, he stepped aside so the others could see.

Inside was a red, furry toy from the future. The girls bounced with glee and sang, “Nana Na Na, Ahmoosawn… Ahmoosawn!” Kyros reached for the doll and Taz kneeled down, “Okay, we’ve got your Ahmoosawn, do you want to come with us, so we can take you home now?” Dark curls bounced with their nodding. Taz turned to one…he still couldn’t tell the difference, “Zeke here, is going to pick up your sister and I’m going to pick you up and we are going to go to our ship, alright?” M & M gleefully nodded. Mela or Mira pointed to Kyros, “Ahmoosawn?”

Kyros smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll carry Ahmoosawn.” He gave it a squeeze and the thing started singing, “Lala La La, Ahmoosawn…Lala La La, Ahmoosawn.”

The girls cheered, “Yay!” Taz and Zeke picked them up. Erok led the way. He checked the hallway first for any inhabitants. With no one about, they hauled ass back out the way they came in. Taz was out the door with Mela or Mira first and was brought to a halt by the little girl’s scream. Her cobalt skin paled as she hollered. Something was preventing all the men from moving a muscle. Somehow they knew it was the little girl who turned their bodies like stone. He asked her, “What is it, what’s wrong?” Only his eyes could move as he implored the little cherub.

“Jerry…Jerry!” She was pointing at something on the ground and his eyes followed along her arm to her pointing finger. “Let me see what you’re looking at Mira.” His head and neck were released from the paralysis.

She was pointing at the dead grey mouse. “Oh crap.” He turned back to Mira, “I’m sorry honey. It was an accident. Right now, we have to get out of here before those bad men try to take you away again.”

Both Mela and Mira struggled to get out of Zeke and Taz’s arms. Their muscles were released and they let them down. The girls crouched over the poor little grey mouse and cradled him in their little chubby hands. The twin’s blue hands glowed and the flattened body of the rodent, filled with life. They put it down and let it scamper back towards a bush. Erok spoke up, “Okay then, let’s go. I still don’t know why there is no one around, but I don’t want to push our luck.” He gestured for the girls to be picked back up and he led the way to the shuttle.

The twins were buckled in and the men ran to the controls. As they were zooming across the barren plains, sirens went off. “What’s that?” Kyros looked at the monitor that showed the outside of the shuttle, “Shit! We were wondering where the Manginans were. Well, they in their own ships and they have us surrounded. Zeke, can you make this thing go any faster?” Their small carrier transporter was only about five hundred feet off the ground. There were at least, a hundred Manginans ships on the sides and above them.

The men were so busy, they completely forgot about their adolescent passengers. Kyros turned, and noticed the missing twins. He yelled, taking off through the deck’s door. Taz and Erok followed. “Be right back, try to speed it up, Zeke.” The girls didn’t go far. They were at the observation port. Somehow, they opened the window and both were hanging out. Little legs dangled inside, while their head, torso and arms waved outside. A perfect target. The three tried to grab them, but there was some type of field surrounding the girls and they couldn’t grab hold.

Chanel’s voice came over the intercom, “The children are fine, gentlemen. Look out the window.” Taz, Erok and Kyros stopped trying to save the twins and walked over to the other glassway. The Manginan ships were still present, accept, there was quiet. They observed the most amazing thing, the ships floated stock still with billowing black smoke surrounding the bottoms, drifting upwards. They no longer pursued the small transporter.

“Zeke, stop the shuttle.” Taz commanded as he moved closer and looked around at all the shuttered ships surrounding them. “Can you see what we are seeing?”

Zeke’s voice came over the speakers, “Yea, I see it. Is it the twins?” They looked at the girls and their bouncy curls could be seen blowing in the wind. Mela and Mira, quietly waved their arms towards the ships. They both shouted, “You take Ahmoosawn!” Suddenly, each ship, one by one, began dropping out of the sky. “Shit! Zeke, get us out of here! The Manginans are falling, if we don’t hustle, they’re gonna land on us!”

“On it!”

Erok reached over and this time, and was able to pluck the girls out of the window. He carried them back to their seats, buckled them in and handed them Ahmoosawn. “You two, sit tight. Okay?” With their luminous green eyes wide, they smiled and nodded. Then turned their attention to their toy.

After ducking and dodging falling hunks of metal, they finally made it back to G-Amb 6. Poseidon watched them scrabble back into the ship with their cargo tucked away in small bedroom and watching their Ahmoosawn toy sing and dance, the deities relaxed in the command center, while Poseidon hid away in the back room before takeoff.

Taz leaned back in his chair, “That wasn’t so bad.”

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