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Attack of Androids

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It all starts with the question what if? What if the androids turn their back on us? What will happen and why would it happen?

Kanglim Kim
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Attack of Androids

Scientists have been working hard to develop mankind's life in a better way. However, there was one problem that they couldn't solve. The secret of androids wasn't solved for so many years. Billions of dollars were used in attempt to create the first android. Every nation was able to develop their androids into a certain level, but no scientist was able to make a true android that was capable of running and carrying things. That caused the scientists to unite and make AOS (Association OF Scientists).

World's greatest minds gathered to solve the problem. Still, it wasn't easy even for them to create one single perfect android. This problem wasn't solved for more than 50 years. Almost every member of AOS was changed. Then, there came a young man named Malcolm X. He was only 17, but he has solved the problem of aging. He wrote so many accurate dissertations that he was offered 3 Novel prizes, but he refused all of them. After Mr. X joined AOS, they were able to create world's first android. It could run, carry things, and best of all it could think. Scientists weren't able to communicate with it, but it could write or draw things. They created huge factories to make androids for military, entertainment, and for convenience purpose. Soon Mr. X was called as genius sent by God. That was the start of the world with androids. It seemed so perfect and peaceful until then.

It took no more than 20 years for these lifeless creatures to attack human. Some say that it was punishment from God for abusing androids, but it was truly the phrase hell on earth itself. Human's reliance of androids was very huge. Androids killed human from everywhere. It started from their house, workplaces, and schools. Even before the military force could do something, more than half of human population was gone.

Only place that was safe on earth was African countries that didn't have money to purchase, or develop androids. Now, world population decreased to less than 3billion. It seemed like the end of humanity. This kind of apocalypse wasn't expected. Androids were like textbooks. Androids seemed less harmful and more useful; it was created for our benefit. However, it could give us critical damage when it is mistreated.

All the leaders of the world gathered up to discuss about what they should do to survive. 3billion humans were counting on them. They were thinking that the leaders will soon come up with a great solution to end this war. Well, the truth was that all the leaders were going crazy. Prime minister of United Kingdom was talking about what he should be wearing tomorrow, president of USA was talking about what he should eat for his dinner, and president of S. Korea was talking about who she should call for her last night. It seemed like other representatives were thinking about all three of these at the same time. It was a pure chaos.

When everyone was starting to give up their hope the prime minister of Japan stood up and announced to the crowd. 'I tink we shood coll the AOS' Not single representative was listening to him. This time, he took out his pistol and shot it twice to the ceiling. 'Pipole! Lisen to what I am saying! We shood coll the AOS!' This did make everyone to look at him. Then there came a deadly silence. It was so quiet that they could hear their own heartbeat. After few minutes had past, prime minister of Japan sighed and called AOS. Nobody doubted anything about what he did.

Mr. X was now the headmaster of AOS. He entered the room with his scientists and an android. Everyone inside that room freaked out. They started to scream and run around. Mr. X tore the head of android off its body. Once again room was filled with silence. This time they could hear the buzzing sound coming from the numerous wires. Mr. X opened his mouth. "As you can see this android is not harmful so please shut up and take your seats. As the creator of androids I felt responsibilities to figure out why androids started to attack us and how they suddenly organized to kill us. My own military force was able to capture 5 androids and I did some experiments with them. I figured out that they were able to send electric signals through air to communicate with each other. These signals are not impossible for us to translate it in English. Plus, we have technology to hear what they say." President of Iran stood up and spoke with a very irritated voice. "Yeah, like anyone cares about it. We do not have time to listen to your lecture about what you've been doing and what you've figured out. We are in true danger over here Mr. X. Now if you're finished would you please leave this room?" Mr. X pulled out his pistol and shot him in his forehead. Everyone was shocked. So shocked that they couldn't protest or even move. "I do not like it when somebody stops me when I am speaking. Now, my conclusion is that every human should implant a magnet inside their tragus, which is their ear. This will make us able to listen to what these androids are saying." After saying this, he walked up to president of USA. "Mr. President! You should send your best spies into the world of android. Maybe they could give us some information about their next attack." President of USA couldn't say anything but to call his general to prepare his spies. Mr. X walked through the room towards the exit. Right before he opened the door, someone shouted at his back. "Have you not found who or what made the androids to attack human?" Mr. X stood there for a moment and spoke back. "I do not know who started it, but I know that next attack will begin in a month so be prepared." Then he walked out.

15 days later, American spies were able to find out which route androids will take to attack the last city of human. They planted mines, and a lot of EMP bombs. Exactly a month later, millions of androids were marching toward the city. Androids are grasshoppers. Androids destroyed everything on their way. We were fast and deadly. The worst part of it is that you cannot stop it coming. As we marched through the trap, hundreds of mines and EMP bombs went off. Metal pieces were dancing everywhere. Mal-functionized androids were nothing but a piece of metal. Humans were able to destroy them easily. Androids' main-force-units were destroyed that day. Leaders of the world ordered their military forces to search and terminate whatever was left for androids. They knew that the leader of this demonic creatures weren't dead yet. Thousands of soldiers went out to the world of android to search the androids.

Soldiers were not able to find any left androids, but they found cities that we've created. Human cities were brighter than the cities of androids. Think of a human city, and then delete all the humans. 50years after the city with no human minus any nature is what the world of androids looks like. No happiness but only coldness was circling around the city. The city was dead.

2years after the catastrophe, humans were able to rebuild their residence. Theycreated a big round city surrounded with wall. This wall was 50m high with extreme electricity flow. Huge EMP bombs were set every 50meters. Moreover, if an android tried to come near Rubio city, magnetically working mines could blow them up. They called this city Rubio city, and humans were living without any android's help. It seemed so perfect and peaceful once again.

However, leaders of the world could not forget about what happened to them. They decided to implant magnet into all humankind. They asked Mr. Bowden, the new leader of AOS (Mr. X was kicked out of AOS for creating such harmful creature. Nobody ever saw him again since then.) to build anti-android weapons. They also ordered people to create an inner wall for high government officials to live in. More than one third of the human nation believed in walls of Rubio city as a religion. After the attack, many of the religions meant nothing to humans. They needed something more than an invisible creature that was supposed to protect them when they were in danger. That caused humans to believe in walls of Rubio city. It was visible, and it protected them from the outside world. Christian and Islamic leaders called them lunatics. They said that androids drove them crazy like dogs suffering rabies.

August 10, mines that were planted around Rubio city blew up. Somebody calculatedly dropped chunks up steel and metal around the city wall. Magnetically working mines were now gone. It happened during night so no one was injured, but government leaders called on an emergency meeting. There was no evidence left on the scene of an offense. Steel chunks were blown to pieces, so there was zero possibility to find any finger prints. They couldn't avoid thinking about the possibilities of second android attack, but they were not ready to risk the peace they had created. Thus, they pressed it as a simple mistake of a security guard. Citizens of Rubio city believed it without looking at it second time.

21 days after the accident, an android was standing in front of the wall. This android was incredibly tall. It was able to stick its face over the Rubio city wall, which was 50meters tall. It was just standing there spurting extreme amount of steam in to the air. Mr. Bowden suggested the leaders to open fire at its head before it did anything. Military leaders gathered all the EMP bombs around that area and missiles around that gigantic android. Then as the general's arm went down, missiles and bombs went off. Metals were flying around. Everyone expected to see nothing. Instead of nothing, they saw the android, but this time with its mouth opened. It screamed out ultrasonic sound wave loud enough for everyone inside the Rubio city could hear it. It shook the earth. It didn't stop screaming out the sound wave. It took no more than 5 seconds for about 50 people's ears blew up. The ultrasonic sound wave shook the magnet inside human's ears to vibrate so hard that it destroyed tympanic membrane. People were running around everywhere. Some were screaming, some were rolling around with pain, some were praying, parents were covering their children's ears, yet no human inside Rubio city was able to hear again. Androids' counter attack has begun.

The giant android started to kick the wall over and over. Boom Boom Boom, it didn't stop. Humans weren't able to hear it, but they could feel the sound of their end. Slowly, the wall was going down. It kicked until there was a big hole through the wall. Thousands of androids were marching inside Rubio city. Humans could not do anything. They were so surprised and most of all, they lost their ability to hear. Without communication there was no chance of fighting back. Everyone just started to run towards the inner wall. Government leaders fell into a deep dilemma. They couldn't let all these people to come in. There was chance of androids getting inside the inner wall. There wasn't much time to think about this problem. At this moment, humans were running inside the inner wall and androids were coming closer and closer. They needed to make a decision. To save themselves or at least try to save all human kind, that was the trouble. Now, androids were only a couple hundred meters away from the wall. Nobody dared to make any decision. Then president of US pressed the button to lower the gates of the inner wall. Few people were squashed under the gates. Thousands of human was trapped outside the inner wall. They couldn't advance because there were no possibility for them to go over the wall, they couldn't go back because androids were coming to kill them. The crowd was panicking. Women were crying, men were shouting out something that no one could hear. Then all in sudden few men ran toward the androids. It seemed like they had already gave up on their life. If they were going to die anyways, they were going to die fighting. It sure was a brave try, but the results were not worth it. It didn't take more than 10 minutes for all of them to die. Androids didn't stop charging. They ripped humans apart, smashed them, sliced them, and blew them up. They made mountains out of dead human bodies to cross over the wall. Inner wall was only 20meters high. It didn't take so long for androids to flood inside the inner wall. All they could do was to sit down with their lovers waiting for the end of humanity. Androids killed every living thing that stopped them from moving. They easily reached the room of high officials. Androids killed them without delay. Now, only Mr. Bowden was standing inside the room. He was covered with blood of his fellow humans. He was shivering to death. Then a young man came up to him and said. "Good day Mr. Bowden! Remember me?" He pulled out a pistol and shot Mr. Bowden in his forehead.

This day, human remembered, the fear of being controlled by androids, the fact that androids were always ahead of human.

This was the end of humanity, and the start of the era of androids. Androids created cities and nations like humans did. We created economy, culture, and language of our own. We made the same mistakes that humans made. However, we did not repeat the very mistake that humans made to destroy them.

I am the first android created by my father Malcolm X. I am the leader of all androids. This is the story that I heard from my father and I recorded this story to celebrate our father's 115th birthday. 'Our Father, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done. Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. AMEN.'

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