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Have you ever felt like your life is already laid out in the stars? No? Well, mine was. And it wasn't pretty. But who says I'm gonna follow it?

Fantasy / Romance
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In your life, people will tell you how to live it. In extreme cases, they’ll try to plan out everything to the last detail. Your education, career, who you will marry, how many kids you’ll have, what their names will be, all the way down to how you die. Sounds crazy, right? Who would want to live in that world? Who would want to follow that? But what if you had no choice but to follow? This was the world that Chase was born into. But his life wasn’t planned at all.

A turn of events found him in an orphanage and from there, a facility that specialized in the merger of humans and animals. Hybrids. Specifically designed for the military. Years of pain, torture, and experiments slowly weakened Chase. At the age of 16, one more experiment is done, the last one before he was terminated as a result of his age. A serum that was supposed to enhance his reflexes and senses; a serum that would make the perfect super-soldier. It took the main attributes of a hawk. Their speed, intelligence, impeccable eyesight. Unlike all the others, it worked. It was a huge breakthrough, but no one expected for him to grow wings from it. It leads the scientists into a frenzy, trying to recreate the serum that was no more. Trying to take any DNA from Chase, hoping to make the perfect weapon. Yet a deadly explosion ripped through the facility, erasing all information on the serum, along with what they thought was Chase.

Chase was only a few that survived though and ran away from the scientists. He ended up in the outskirts of the capital, living in an abandoned building, stealing to get by, fighting in underground rings every once in awhile in times of need, hiding from the public eye to avoid discovery for fear of what would happen if he was found. Living a life of crime. 3 years later, he had developed a system to keep him under the radar. Sticking to the more busier parts of town helped him escape and leaving if an enforcer came by. He knew his luck would run out soon, staying in one place and doing the same thing over and over again would catch someone’s attention eventually.

On the biggest day of the year, the celebration of the start of the Timeline and the founding of the country, (especially since it was also the 250 year anniversary), Chase’s luck decided to run out then.

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