One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 10

“Well I have been keeping track of your moms progress and I am paying for her stay, after all that’s happened I felt I had to.” Jonathan said moving his eyes back to her mom

“Well thank you very much Mr. Rice,” her mom said.

“You should join us for dinner one of these nights.”

“That would be lovely Mrs.?” Jonathan asked

“Just call me Heidi,” her mother told him.

Jessica stared at Jonathan and wondered what he was up to. He seemed to be looking for any way he could of invading her life. As she drove home she noticed everyone was quiet. As they arrived at the apartments parked and they get out of the car

“Thank you for coming with me Jason” Jessica thanked Jason

“No problem, don’t forget about our movie date tonight if that’s alright with your mom” Jason said to Jessica

“I will be fine just don’t be back to late ok Jess.” Her mother told her

“Thanks mom” Jessica said,

“By the way where is your sister?” her mother asked,

“She ran off to dads. He hates me for speaking my mind but just stay calm and relax though ok” Jessica said

“You shouldn’t fight with your father its bad enough what he is putting me through. Sometimes I wish he would just disappear so I could have my girls with me and the drama would end.” her mother sighed

“Don’t worry about him right now you need to relax.” Jessica told her mother

“I have been in the hospital relaxing now I want to get back to life Hun” her mother told her.

Later on that night Jessica was getting ready to go to the movies when her dream came back to her. Would he really hurt or kill Jason. Why can’t he just leave her alone?

“Honey Jason’s here” as Jessica walked out she overheard her mother talking to Jason.

“Now don’t go breaking my daughters heart”

“Yes mam I have no intentions of that” Jason told her smiling “What movie are you going to see?” her mom asked

“I thought we would just see what’s playing and go from there” Jason said

“Okay well don’t keep her out to late” her mom told him

Jessica walked into the room

“Ready to go” Jason asked.

“Yep let me grab a coat” Jessica told him and before they left Jessica gave her mom a hug.

Jessica and Jason pulled into the movie theatre parking lot,

“Man it’s crowded” Jason mumbled.

When they finally found a parking space they left the car. Jessica grabbed Jason’s hand and smiled

“Don’t want me getting lost do you?” she asked playfully.

“No your mom would kill me” they laughed and walked up to the window at the theatre.

“What do you want to see? Batman looks good” he looked at Jessica as though he was waiting for her reaction.

“Yes that sounds great.” She replied

As they were standing in line she saw a familiar face it was Jonathan.

“Crap” she mumbled.

“Everything ok?” he asked

“Yeah I’m good just forgot my id” she mumbled

“Don’t worry you look old enough”. He laughed

As they took their turn at the window she felt Jonathan's eyes on her and she became worried.

Yes she knew he was there it was written all over her worried little face he thought. He had over heard so much at the hospital and following her was easy. He knew about the movie date and had waited until they pulled in to approach the theatre window. He had figured if he was ahead in line she couldn’t say anything. He bought the Batman ticket as soon as he over heard them. Now standing they’re watching them hold hands and being so personal it made the rage in him grow. He calmed himself because he knew he couldn’t kill Jason and risk losing Jessica he had to deal with the boy in another way. One of the things he loved about being a vampire was how he could change people’s minds and bend them to his will. He rarely did it as he enjoyed real conversations but in this case it was the only way to rid himself of this Jason boy.

He entered the theatre and hung around the lobby. He watched them buy popcorn and then making sure they were ahead of him he entered the theatre and sat a couple rows up. The movie was to boring for his taste. He kept his eyes on Jessica as that is all he wanted to be there for. Then he saw Jason lean over and kiss Jessica and Jonathan had to restrain him from the rage growing inside. He should leave but he found himself unable. Why can’t she feel the connection with him? Why is that boy better? What he is human that was a weak argument.

As Jessica and Jason exited the theatre when the movie was over, Jason stopped and decided to kiss Jessica again.

“Look I really like you and well I was hoping you would be my girlfriend.” Jessica started smiling

“Yes of course, I like you to and I would love to be your girlfriend.” Jessica answered

As they hugged Jessica felt dread in her stomach as she held onto Jason. Then Jason pulled away to kiss her again. He kissed her with such passion she had never felt that her feelings of dread melted away. “You asked me before to be your girlfriend silly but I liked it better this time” Jessica said kissing him back.

That’s it this boy must die! Jonathan was beginning to lose his composure. He refused to lose her to some meek human who was no match for him. Now he knew what he had to do and he would be nice but that boy had better listen. He could make that boy wish for death if he didn’t comply. He watched them get into Jessica’s moms car and drive off. He knew if he moved quickly enough he could be at her apartment before her. He decided that was the best solution. With that thought he moved like lightning taking back roads to lessen people noticing him although they would only feel his breeze and not see him he never wanted to test his theory on traffic cameras or people on the sidewalks. He had lasted this long without raising suspicion and he wanted it to stay that way.

Jessica pulled into her moms spot and turned the car off and looked at Jason with a smile. She leaned over and kissed him.

“What was that for?” he asked

“For being so good to me and I wanted to do that since I met you”

You’re not the only one” he brushed her hair aside and kissed her so deep she thought she would choke with no air.

He made her feel a way no other boy had before. She truly felt alive when she was with him. He ran his hand through her hair and gently put his hand around the back of her neck pulling her closer for a passionate kiss.

“I don’t know what it is about you Jess but you are amazing.” Jason told her

“I’d better get upstairs before I get in trouble” Jessica told him

“I’ll be 18 next month and I plan on eventually moving somewhere close after I get a job so I can make my own rules” Jessica told him

“Well until then I shall walk you to your stairs.” Jason told her.

“My prince charming” she laughed

As they got out of the car Jessica felt like eyes were on her and not Jason’s.

“Well thank you for walking me to the stairs I hope we can do this again soon” Jessica told Jason. They kissed one last time before she headed upstairs. As she opened her door she was shocked to see Jonathan sitting on the couch talking to her mother.

“There you are, did you enjoy the movie?” her mother asked,

“Yea I did mom, hello Jonathan.” Jessica said,

“Isn’t he a sweetheart he came by to check on me?” her mom told her

“Yea he is a real gentlemen mom but it is a bit late I’m sure he wants to go home.” Jessica said getting him his coat

“Nonsense I enjoy the company of two beautiful women. Let us sit and talk” Jonathan said grinning,

“I’m really tired rain check maybe,” Jessica said

“Why don’t you sit down sweetie he has the most fascinating views on things.” Her mom encouraged

“I’m sure he does” Jessica said with a hint of sarcasm.

Jessica sat in their leather easy chair and she felt highly annoyed this man or this thing was constantly inserting himself into her life.

“I thought I saw you at the movies earlier Jonathan.” Jessica said rather to the point

“Yes I caught the showing of Batman, rather lame movie honestly. Did you enjoy the movie with Jason” he asked looking at her with fake interest.

“Yeah we enjoyed it, I’m rather tired so.” Jessica said

“Why don’t you walk me to my car since I need to be getting home.” Jonathan said cutting her off.

Jessica looked at her mom and she just smiled and nodded. Jessica had an eerie feeling but couldn’t place it.

“Sure” she said getting up. As she got up to escort Jonathan a thought came to her mind but she kept silent. As they walked outside she finally asked,

“Did you do that eye thing on my mother, I know all about it” Jessica asked

“No but movies aren’t always correct like for instances our skin maybe cold at times but we never sparkle,” Jonathan told Jessica.

“I know that was made up by the author of those books I’m not dumb” Jessica said

“Look I would like to take you out again Jessica” Jonathan told her

“I cant I have a boyfriend now” She told him

“Let me guess that Jason boy?” Jonathan seemed bothered

“Yes and he is human like me” Jessica told him. I said it out loud but Jonathan had a look that frightened her.

“Look I’m sorry your girlfriend was murdered but I am not her so please stop stalking me and my family.

“Who said I was stalking?” Jonathan answered

“Your following me around and I know you followed me to the movies and it’s just creepy” Jessica told him

“Jessica don’t you feel the connection we have. You are the first human I have had feelings for since Angelique. Just give me a chance.” Jonathan begged

“I cant I’m sorry you are a vampire and I can't live that way I have told you this” Jessica said and with that she walked off leaving him alone in the parking lot.

Jonathan couldn’t understand why Jessica was being so stubborn about being with him. He had waited so long to feel the connection he had with Angelique in another person. In fact he felt like it would never happen until now. He decided then that he had to change Jason’s mind about Jessica if taking everything she loved away was the way to get her to be with him then so be it.

He decided to sneak into Jason’s house and persuade him. He waited a few hours until everyone had gone to sleep. Then entered Jason’s house he first heard someone snoring on the couch. This must be the boy’s father he thought. He went down the hall until he found Jason’s room. He quietly walked in and shut the door. There was Jason sleeping without a care in the world. Jonathan walked towards him grabbing a shirt on the boy’s computer chair. Leaning over covering Jason’s mouth with the shirt and as Jason eyes popped he began to fight but Jonathan was too strong.

Stop moving and looking my eyes, that’s it look into my eyes, relax.” As he felt Jason relax he continued. “You will stop seeing Jessica there are no feelings other than friendship between you and Jessica. You will tell her it was a rebound and you are sorry and you will return to ex. You will not remember me being here. Now go to sleep you are very tired.” After Jason closed his eyes Jonathan snuck out tossing the shirt on the floor as he left Jason’s room. Hopefully he would do as he was told and not interfere anymore.

Jessica woke up feeling refreshed and happy when she remembered Jason asking her to be his girlfriend. Today was going to be a good she thought. She got up and got dressed. She barely could wait to see him again. She went downstairs to his apartment and knocked on the door. Instead of him answering it was Abby.

“What do you want?” Abby asked. Jessica didn’t want to jump to conclusions but this was not a good sign.

“Is Jason here?” Jessica

“Yeah we are busy” Abby said with hint of sarcasm.

“Abby who's at the door?” she heard Jason’s voice asking.

“It’s your neighbor.” Abby said sarcastically, She heard him mumble something as he came to the door.

“Abby can you give us a minute” Jason asked. Abby went back into the house leaving him and Jessica alone.

“Look I know I asked you to be my girlfriend but Abby called and we talked and it’s just not fair for me to use you as a rebound. I care a lot about Abby and I want to give it another shot. I hope we can still be friends.”

Jessica was on the verge of tears but she held herself together. “Yeah that might take a while since your girlfriends a bitch,” Jessica said with venom and turned and walked back to the stairs when she turned around she gave Jason a dirty look and she walked up the stairs. As she went to her room she lay down on her bed and cried.

“I thought he was different,” she cried.

There was a knock on Jessica’s bedroom door.

“Honey is everything ok” as her mom opened the door to Jessica’s bedroom.

As her mother sat on her bed they both heard the phone ring.

“Ill be right back sweetie.” Seconds later her mom came back in the room with the phone. “Sweetie its Jonathan he wants to talk to you” her mom said handing her the phone.

Well he has perfect timing Jessica thought.

“Hello” Jessica said after taking the phone from her mother.

“Hi Jessica I was wondering if you would like to join… Is everything alright you don’t sound good” Jonathan asked,

“I don’t think today I want to do anything,” Jessica said,

“Why is that?” Jonathan asked.

“Because I just got dumped for a bitch,” Jessica mumbled.

“His loss my gain, join me for lunch please” Jonathan asked.

Jessica was silent for a moment thinking about his offer

“Where?” she asked,

“At my house I promise no wolves” Jonathan assured her.

Well that’s a relief she thought

“Fine when?” she was tired of saying no

“Now would be good, get dressed and come over” Jonathan said rather happily

“Okay let me tell mom or someone in case you decide to eat me,” Jessica laughed a little.

“I would never do that to you.” Jonathan laughed.

Jessica hung up the phone. Jessica wandered the apartment

“Hey mom” Jessica called

“Yeah sweetie I’m in the kitchen.” Her mom shouted. Jessica walked to the kitchen and found her mom baking cookies.

“What you need Hun” her mom asked

“Jonathan wants to have lunch with me.” Jessica told her

“What happened to Jason? Her mom asked

“I’d rather just be friends or neighbors beside he got back with his ex” Jessica told her.

Her mother washed her hands and hugged her.

“I’m sorry I know you liked him,” her mom told her

“Yeah well something’s weren’t meant to be” Jessica said

“Okay well have fun be back by dinner please we are having enchiladas,” her mom told her

“Yum see you later” Jessica responded.

Her mom knew those were one of her favorites. Jessica was already dressed so she grabbed the car keys and drive to Jonathan’s.

When she turned down the dirt road she stopped and she felt her heart beating so fast it seemed to be coming out her chest. They said that panic attacks might occur in victims occurring in kidnap victims returning to the place of trauma from what she had read online, but she felt like she was having a heart attack. She sat and tried the breathing technique she had read online. She tried it for a few minutes before her heart slowed down. After she was calm she continued driving on up the road, I guess those are normal when you're dining with a vampire she thought. She found his road easy as she drove up it she came to the woods but the gate was open thank god she thought as she drove up to castle it indeed looked like a castle of a house. It was so large she saw how beautiful it was. As she parked before she could open her door Jonathan was there opening it for her.

“I already parked it don’t need valet” Jessica laughed.

“Just being a gentlemen,” Jonathan told her smiling. They walked up to the doors of the house and walked in.

He led her into the dining room where she saw a feast laid out on the table.

“Please have a seat” he pulled out her chair for her. Wow she thought he really is a gentleman.

“Thank you, wow you really go all out huh,” she said

“I had no idea what foods you like so I had the cook make a few things, we have a Caesar salad, hamburger with fries, and for dessert we have apple pie.” He said

Jessica was surprised at his guesses for what she might like as he had prepared some of her favorite foods. “I think I will start with some salad.” Jessica said. He rang a bell and a woman came in with an apron and set a salad before her.

“Wow thank you” Jessica said surprised. The woman just bowed and left the room.

“So you have staff in this house?” Jessica asked,

“Of course why wouldn’t I. Did you think because I’m rich I would just hole myself up alone and pray on visitors blood.” Jonathan asked with a chuckle.

“Aren’t you scared they will overhear the blood thing”

“My staff know what I am just that I pay their salaries and it’s a nice sum so they stay out of my private affairs. Please eat and enjoy.” Jonathan told her.

Jessica began to eat the salad when she noticed it had chicken in it. Oh my goodness this is so good she thought.

“It’s rather good cooking” Jessica managed to say between bites. She happened to notice he was drinking something red from a glass. “Umm are you drinking… blood?” Jessica asked.

“Yes and before you ask no I picked it up from the blood bank, they won't miss it” Jonathan told her.

Jessica was in shock that he didn’t hide his nature from her. She didn’t know whether to be appalled or happy he wasn’t hiding this from her.

After dinner they both wandered the house. He showed her the many pictures on the wall describing the times they were done in. “So how old are you?” Jessica asked.

“Now that is the question,” Jonathan told her

“Come on what are you like 100 years old?” Jessica asked,

“I am far older than that” Jonathan responded

“So tell me” Jessica pushed.

“Lets just say older than 100” Jonathan said as he reached out to take her hand but she pulled back.

They continued till they got to the library and sat down. That is when she noticed the picture of Angelique was missing.

“What did you do with her photo?” Jessica asked. He could hear her heart beating a little faster.

“I put it up because I didn’t want to see it anymore, I am moving on” Jonathan responded

“Jonathan you know I can't be more then friends with you.” Jessica told him

“I know this, so how is Jason treating you?” Jonathan asked,

“We broke up, I told you earlier on the phone” Jessica said

“I am so sorry to hear that, it must have slipped my mind I apologize.” Jonathan said

“No your not” Jessica said with sarcasm.

“Okay maybe I don’t, shall we continue the tour or do you wish to sit by the fire?” Jonathan asked

“The fire is nice thank you” Jessica sat by the fire and Jonathan poured himself a drink.

“Wait you drink alcohol?” Jessica asked,

“Its one thing we can tolerate and yes I can get drunk,” Jonathan told her. Jessica’s eyes went back to the fire.

“You know if I stay too long we are going to have dinner,” Jessica said

“Would that be so bad?” Jonathan asked

“I guess not, I don’t figure my mom be to happy she is making enchiladas tonight and expecting me home” Jessica said.

“I do not wish you to worry your mom, we can have dinner another night.” Jonathan said.

“Why don’t you come over for dinner that would be interesting” Jessica asked. With that they wandered to the cars and Jessica left for home.

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