One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 11

As she drove Jessica she was thinking about things in her head. Why had she agreed to Jonathan’s invitation? Why did she extend an invitation to him for dinner? She didn’t want to lead him on or think he had a chance. Somewhere deep inside maybe she did liked him. He had tried so hard to get her affection while Jason had left her for his ex. She didn’t want Jonathan to be a rebound either but would he be if her and Jason weren’t really that far in their relationship.

What would a relationship be like with Jonathan? Would he try to convince her to turn into a vampire? Could they even have one or would it fall apart. If she went with him she would never have children or a normal life. She hoped he got the hint that’s all she wanted from him at this point was friendship. When she looked out the car window she had pulled into the apartments. She had been lost in her own thoughts the whole drive.

As she parked she saw Jonathan walk up to her car. He opened her door for her.

“Such a gentlemen” she said

“For you my dear always” he said with a smile.

She was finding it hard to not like him and he just kept finding ways to be a great guy. Apparently he had practice for years. As she got out of the car he stood by the door and when she exited shut it.

“Did you two have a good lunch?” her mom asked

“Yes mom it was nice” Jessica responded she knew her mom was up to something.

“So Jonathan…” her mother started

“Call me Jon” Jonathan told her

“Okay Jon how old are you?” her mother asked

“I am 23 years old” Jonathan said.

He seemed to not miss a beat and then Jessica wondered do vampires get nervous?

“My daughter just turned 18 just making sure you weren’t some older man preying on my daughter,” Her mom continued

“Gee thanks mom,” Jessica said sarcastically.

“We are only friends” Jonathan assured her

“On another note Jess have you heard from your sister she wont take my calls” her mom asked

“She is still at dads and he probably has something to do with that.” Jessica said taking her shoes off

“Sometimes I wish I could strangle that man,” her mom said. Jonathan interrupted

“You need not worry yourself I am sure your daughter will come back,” Jonathan said reassuringly

“Well lets hope that because she needs discipline and he sure won't do it,” her mom said.

Jonathan decided at that moment he would have a talk with this man.

After a few hours of talking with Jessica’s mother Jonathan decided it was time for a private conversation with her mother. He wanted to know more about her father and if his deeds were enough to be punished. He wanted to do something nice for her since he had caused her so much pain.

“So your ex-husband does he causes you a lot of headaches?” Jonathan asked

“Yes he has been battling me for a year now of custody with my youngest I don’t see why since she is 16 now. He loves hurting me because I hurt him when we were married, I cheated once and begged for forgiveness but instead he torments me this way. I had one night of bad judgment and he has never let me live it down.” Heidi said sadly

“Everyone makes mistakes he is being childish holding onto that” Jonathan responded.

“It cost me my marriage which was sinking anyway being I suspected him of cheating before that but I could never prove it, if so we were both in the wrong and didn’t belong together.” Heidi continued

“I would love to talk to him and see if we can stop this” Jonathan said

“No its ok it would never work he holds onto his anger and its starting to affect my daughter Cathy, I suspect he has told her what I did she has such anger towards me.” Heidi said

Jonathan looked around to check for Jessica. She must have gone to her room. “Heidi look into my eyes, relax ” he hand her a piece of paper and pen. “Write down your ex-husbands address” as she wrote the address he added, “You will not remember this, all we did was talk about your kids” as she handed him the paper she began to look dazed. He quickly tucked it in his coat.

“So you have an 18 year old daughter who I think is a dazzling beauty and I can just hope she likes me,” Jonathan stated

“I am sure she does after all she doesn’t normally go out to lunch or have dinner with anyone she is more closed off and reserved.” Heidi told him snapping out of her daze.

“I agree with you but getting her to relax and talk has been a chore.” Jonathan told her

“Well you seem like a nice man so don’t give up I would love to see more of you.” Heidi told him

“More of me?” Jonathan was surprised

“Yes I think you are a gentlemen and she needs someone like that in her life” Heidi told him with a smile.

“Thank you that is kind of you” Jonathan said

“You know for a 23 year old you sound older, you must have had good parents,” Heidi told him

“Yes they were understanding and taught me manners. You seem tired and emotionally drained, if you would like to rest I can go” Jonathan told her

“Yes I am both but I enjoy a good conversation. Jessica doesn’t have many friends she is shy and stand offish.” Heidi told him

“Well I hope she finds it in her heart to give me a chance.” Jonathan said

“You are both young you have lots of time,” Heidi told him with a smile.

Jonathan smiled and felt guilt forever hurting this woman who was being so kind to him.

Jessica walked back into the room and saw Jonathan and her mother still talking. She saw how relaxed her mom was and smiled. Maybe Jonathan wasn’t as bad as she thought, it had been a while since she had seen her mother smile. Then she thought of what he was and for once she didn’t care in that moment because she was seeing the kind side of him.

“You just going to stand their Jess or come sit with your mom?” her mom told her

“Sorry I was just thinking I haven’t seen you smile like that in a while.” Jessica told her

“Your friend is very pleasant to talk to, you might want to keep this one.” Her mom told her

“Yes mom he knows how to talk” Jessica said with a smile. Jonathan grinned at Jessica.

“Well Ladies I do have to go but maybe tomorrow I can take you both out to dinner.” Jonathan said with a smile

“That is kind of you Jonathan” Jessica said for the first time without sarcasm.

He picked up her mothers hand and kissed it and did the same with Jessica. “Ladies I will see you tomorrow”.

As Jonathan left and got into his car he removed the piece of paper and read the address 1320 Hemlock Drive. He plugged the address into the GPS and headed out on his journey. As he drove he thought of how he would handle this situation. This man had a lot of anger and loved to take it out on others. He knew there was more to this story and he hoped he could talk some sense into the man or even glamour him into obeying otherwise he would have to end the problem.

He had found not all humans could be glamoured. It was rare but judging by Jessica it could be done. He had tried to calm her when they first met but she had not taken to it. As he turned onto his street he found the house with no problem. He parked the car and got out and walked to the door.

As he was about to knock a man answered.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“I want to talk to you about your daughter and your wife.” He told him

“Did Heidi send you here? She’s not my wife anymore” Jessica’s father said

“No she did not,” Jonathan told him

“Come in then and have a seat” Jessica’s father told him. As he lead him into the house he did not hear Cathy” to be on the safe side he asked “Is Cathy here or” Jonathan asked

“She is at her friends why” Jessica’s father said

“I prefer to talk in private away from children’s ears” Jonathan told him

“So talk what is that you have to tell me about my ex.” Jessica father asked.

“Well I know she just got out of the hospital and there seems to be a custody battle going on” Jonathan spoke

“You're right there is and what does it have to do with you? I have been trying to remove my daughter from her care for a few years now as she is not fit” told him

“I heard her side of things she admitted to cheating on you but she said she suspected you she has some sort of proof” Jonathan told him

“Proof my ass that bitch cheated on me and tried to play on my feelings trying to make me forgive her.” Jessica’s Dad told him

“Please don’t get upset I am just the middleman.” Jonathan said

“Middleman? You are a stranger to me and I am thinking I may ask you to leave but I want to hear this proof she has.” Jessica’s Dad asked.

Jonathan could see the guilt in his eyes and decided this was going to more than likely lead to him being glamoured but even then he wasn’t sure if it would work.

“Is Jessica your daughter?” Jonathan asked.

“Of course she is but she is to much like her mother so I have washed my hands of her, Cathy is the only child I have with that woman” the Jessica’s Dad stated.

Jonathan felt a pang of anger due to her father’s angry words towards Jessica.

“Look you still haven’t mentioned this proof so do tell what she has” Jessica’s Dad asked

“Has to do with the private detective she hired to follow you and bug your phone as well as the photos he took.” Jonathan told him. Jonathan noticed that he had a reaction to the bug on his phone and then photos. “If this evidence was to surface it would hurt your chances of winning the custody suit.” Jonathan told him

“So there it is you are here to threaten me.” Jessica’s Dad said, “No I just want what’s best for the girls, I am rather in love with your daughter Jessica” Jonathan told him

“I told you she isn’t my daughter and how old are you to be dating a girl who just turned 18 year old?” Jessica’s Dad asked him.

There he saw it for a moment he cared about Jessica.

“I see you still care about your daughter” Jonathan told him

“No I just find men who prey on younger girls sick.” Jessica’s Dad stated.

He saw this man flinch again he had been in a relationship with a younger girl. “How old was the girl you were messing around with quite young by what I saw” Jonathan asked. Jessica’s Dad looked away for a minute and sighed

“It was a mistake and afterwards when I found out Heidi had done the same thing I couldn’t be with her, I lost my love I had for her because of my guilt.” Jessica’s Dad stated.

Here he was admitting what happened. “Well being you both did wrong why not just stop this battle and stop punishing her for a mistake you both made.” Jonathan said trying to find a common ground.

“No I hate that woman and I wont stop until she loses custody.” Jessica’s Dad. Jonathan sighed

“I am sorry to hear that, look into my eyes and understand you will stop harassing Heidi and Cathy will go into counseling

“Are you serious now you're threatening me?” Jessica’s Dad asked. He was immune to his gift now he understood why Jessica was different. “So are you telling me you will not stop ruining Heidi’s and Jessica’s lives?” Jonathan asked

“They ruined my life” Jessica’s Dad added.

Jonathan stood up and moved quick digging his fangs into his neck.

“Do you still not want to cooperate? I will end your life so quick if you do not stop.” Jonathan said blood dripping from his fangs.

“Get off me you freak!” Jessica’s Dad shouted.

Jonathan sank his teeth back into his neck and ate till he could hear his heart start to slow down.

“Now don’t think I will end you that easily.” Jonathan told him.

He heard a gasp from the doorway and turned around and saw Cathy standing there.


He ran quickly to block her exit. He grabbed her and shoved her in the closet and put a chair under the doorknob. He went back to the living room and picked up the slowly dying man and sat him in a chair. “I know you have a gun” he heard whimpers from the man and still kept looking. The whimpering continued.

“If you don’t stop I will rip your head off.”

“Please don’t kill me, kill that evil bitch of an ex I don’t deserve this” Jessica’s Dad stammered.

“Oh you deserve it my friend you are a bad father and you are tormenting a woman who nearly died after a heart attack. You live to make her look like a bad parent.” Jonathan told him wiping the blood from his mouth.

“You do taste quite good though,” Jonathan told him.

“Don’t hurt my daughter please,” Jessica’s Dad begged him.

“Oh don’t worry she won't remember a thing my friend. She will be admitted to a mental hospital, I will plant that seed when I go to her mothers.” Jonathan told him.

Finally he found a loaded revolver in the desk in the next room. “This should work nicely” He sat him up and point the gun at his head and placed it in his hand turning it towards Jessica’s Dad’s head and pulled the trigger. The blood flew all over the chair and lamp.

“Now to deal with your daughter” Jonathan told himself.

He removed the chair from the closet and pulled Cathy out.

LOOK INTO MY EYES!” Jonathan told her forcefully. She opened her eyes “Now you never saw Jonathan you saw a vampire twisted face mouth with fangs attack your father who turned into a bat and left. Repeat it to me now” Jonathan commanded her.

“I saw a vampire with a twisted face with fangs and he attacked my father.”

“Then what did the vampire do?” Jonathan asked

“He turned into a bat and left,” Cathy told him

“Where were you during this?” Jonathan asked,

“I walked in and saw him and hid in the closet but when I came out I saw him turn into a bat and leave.” She answered,

“You only saw a twisted face with fangs that you cannot describe.” Jonathan instructed her

“Yes” Cathy responded.

Jonathan cleaned up in the kitchen sink and moved quickly to his car. The sun had set so it was dark out and he saw no one who might be able to identify him. He decided to leave his lights off for a block then turned them on. When he arrived at his house he went in and shut the door. He knew Jessica would have questions but he would blame it on a passing vampire. She would believe him. After all he didn’t have her father's address.

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