One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 12

It was around 9pm when Jessica heard a knock at the door. Standing there was Cathy hands covered with blood, Her mascara running down her face and crying with a police officer.

“Is your mom her miss?” the police officer asked,

“Mom there is a police man at the door with Cathy,” Jessica shouted.

Her mom came running to the door.

“Can I help you?” her mom asked.

“May we come in to talk?” the officer asked

“Of course” she said opening the door wider so they could walk in.

They entered the living room and set Cathy on the couch.

Her mom took notice on the blood on her daughter’s hands and clothing. “What happened? Are you alright?” their mom asked Cathy, but Cathy said nothing and kept crying.

“We were called to her dads house after gunfire was heard and it appears her father committed suicide.” The officer told her. Mom sat down slowly.

“Are you sure it was him?” their mom asked,

“Yes” the officer answered. Then mom looked at Cathy and got up and sat down next to her. Jessica’s mind was swirling her dad had killed himself?

“Did he leave a note?” Jessica asked hoping there would be some reason for this.

“No but your sister is claiming it was a vampire who turned into a bat and left” the officer said with a frown.

Jessica stopped breathing for a second. Could Jonathan have done this? It didn’t make sense and she knew he didn’t turn into a bat or did she.

“Mom I need to step out for some air this is to much.” Jessica said. Her mother just motioned for her to go ahead. Jessica knew where she was headed but could it have been him. It sounded so cartoonish. Had her sister flipped her lid? Jessica grabbed the car keys and left. She didn’t want to be around this. She felt so numb she had loved her father but had accepted he was a jerk and he had no feelings for her anymore. As she drove she keep thinking over and over was her sister crazy?

It wasn’t long before she pulled into Jonathan's driveway. She exited the car and knock on the front door. The door opened and there stood Jonathan sipping a glass of blood.

“Hello my dear”

“We need to talk and I want the truth.” Jessica told him pushing past him into the house

“Of course come in, so what is it you want to talk about?” Jonathan said sarcastically.

Jessica didn’t know where to start so she started with the obvious question “Did you kill my dad?” Jessica asked. Jonathan looked surprised

“Of course not I have been at home since I left your place. When did this happen?” Jonathan asked.

“I am not sure the police just arrived at our house before I left. Cathy is covered in blood and moms in shock and I had to come ask because Cathy said a vampire killed him and changed into a bat and left.” Jessica said and realized how stupid it sounded. Jonathan chuckled

“First we don’t turn into bats and second I have no idea where your father lives.” Jonathan told her.

“Then my sister is either lying or in shock.” Jessica said “are you sure she didn’t…” Jonathan said,

“Of course not she worshipped the ground he walked on.” Jessica said cutting him off.

“Would you like to sit down in the library and talk” Jessica started walking to the library.

“I can’t believe he would take his own life when he lived for torturing my mother. None of this makes sense,” Jessica said as she sat down.

Jonathan poured a drink and sat down with her. “I would never do anything that would hurt you or your family. Sounds like your sister might need some help honestly” Jonathan said. Jessica looked up and shook her head in agreement.

Jonathan looked at Jessica who was dazed by the situation but at least she had taken the bait and agreed her sister may need some professional help. “You look like you could use a hug right now Jessica.” Jonathan said

“Yah just so much pain he was my dad and even though he was a jerk I loved him.” Jessica said. Jonathan wraps her in a hug

“I’m sorry this is happening to you and your family”. Jonathan told her brushing a single hair from her face.

“Apparently your father had more guilt then he let on if he took his own life that is what I am hearing.” Jonathan told her

“I never said he took his own life.” Jessica told him. Shit he got ahead of himself so he thought fast

“Well Cathy story is obviously a cover up she wants someone else to be guilty because she cannot believe he would leave her. How did he die?” Jonathan asked playing stupid hopefully that would help

“I didn’t stay long enough to her the rest.” Jessica answered seemingly upset.

“So what do you plan to do with your sister?” Jonathan asked.

“That’s up to mom but I think she needs a few days around doctors cause dad was dead and she was left untouched claimed she hid in the closet. I am concerned though so I plan on talking to mom.” Jessica told him

“Why don’t you head home and try to be there for your mom after all she did love him once.” Jonathan told her Jessica smiled

“Thank you for listening Jonathan. I know we have our differences but I appreciate someone to talk to you’re a good friend.” Jessica told him

“Always, drive safe and call me if you need anything” he said handing her his number.

Cathy keep telling everyone what she had seen but no one was listening because it was unbelievable. As hard as it was to believe it had happened she had seen a vampire end her fathers life. Yeah she was in the closet when the gunshot went off but her father was near death when it happened. She still couldn’t make out the killers face it had been so horrid to see and then he turned into a bat. Why would everyone think she made this up?

“Mom please listen that vampire drank his blood.” Cathy told her she couldn’t give up.

“Cathy that is enough you need to deal with the fact that he killed himself. Honestly he was a jerk and I can see many reasons why he would do it. You are seeing a counselor and if you push it I will have you admitted for a night pending a psychiatric evaluation.” Her mom told her.

Cathy began crying “Mom please believe me I wouldn’t make this up.” Cathy cried

“Go to bed we will talk in the morning.” Her mom said sternly. Just then Jessica walked in.

“Sis tell her I’m not crazy.” Cathy begged her sister as she walked in

“Cathy I’m with mom on this you need to get some rest.” Jessica told her. There was a knock at the door.

“Oh god he has come back for me!” Cathy screamed and ran to the bathroom and locked herself in.

“Oh god you get the door I will tend to your sister.” Her mom told her.

Jessica was certain her sister had lost her mind. She answered her door to see Jason.

“Hey I just wanted to check and see if everything was okay. I saw the cops earlier bringing your sister up.” Jessica felt her heart flutter just looking at him but then she remembered how he dumped her.

“Yeah my father killed himself tonight she is shook up.” Jessica told him

“Oh wow I’m sorry, do you think we can talk tomorrow I feel bad how I left things with you.” Jason asked her

“Look Jason maybe a few days from now I will be willing to talk about it. Right now it’s the least of my worries. Good night” Jessica told him

“Yeah good night” Jason replied. He really expected her to address that now with everything going on.

Jason wanted to kick himself for bringing that up as he walked down the stairs. He didn’t even know why he went back to Abby because she was annoying as hell but he loved her or at least he thought he did. He kept having a nagging feeling something wasn’t right like he had forgotten something important. He would have to pursue it another day because tonight he had to rest because Abby wanted to have lunch together tomorrow.

Jessica woke up at 4am to the sound of Cathy screaming. Jessica opened her door to see what the heck was going on only to see her mother run past her to Cathy’s room.

“What the hell?” Jessica walked to Cathy’s doorway to see her mother trying to shake Cathy awake.

“Cathy wake up it was a bad dream! Wake up!” her mom said over and over

“Mom is she ok?” Jessica said rubbing her eyes

“She is having a nightmare probably about your dad.” Her told her

“Mom I think you should look into the evaluation cause this isn’t normal she needs to be watched and get help.” Jessica told her mom.

Cathy finally woke up crying “Cathy Hun your safe momma right here baby” her mom cradled Cathy

“Mom it was the vampire he was coming after me.” Cathy said crying

“Sweetie vampires don’t exist, they are just stories.” her mom told her

“Mom they do exist I saw him. It killed dad and it’s coming after me now.” Cathy told her

Jessica was starting to worry about her sister. She kept claiming there was a vampire after her but it wasn’t Jonathan maybe she had seen one. She would talk to Jonathan and see if he could check for another one in the town. She however was thinking why would one attack her family unless it knew Jonathan and was trying to hurt him but why go after her dad. It didn’t make sense and she was starting to wonder if Jonathan was lying to her. Would he lie to me she thought. My dad posed no threat to him maybe her father had met one at a bar and it was payback. God now I am thinking crazy thoughts because I want to rationalize my sisters’ illness. I know Cathy’s into vampire books and the sudden suicide of her father. Stop thinking Jessica your sister isn’t sane at the moment.

“Mom I think you need to have her looked at she is talking crazy,” Jessica told her mom

“Sweetie I know” her mom said as she walked out of Cathy’s room. “You’re sister is traumatized and I am going to make some calls in the morning. I don’t know what else to do and there is so much to do your father never changed his will so I am the one who gets to plan his funeral. Honestly should cremate him and flush him,” her mom said,

“I’m sorry mom,” Jessica said giving her a hug

“Just go back to bed for now ok Hun” her mom said.

Jessica went back to her own room and got in bed. Cathy was starting to convince even her that something bad happened but what.

Morning came, Jessica showered and got dressed Jessica went out to the table to get breakfast but there was none so she grabbed a bagel and some cream cheese. She heard her mother on the phone. So she went and peeked in on Cathy who was still sleeping. She walked back out to the living room where her mom was sitting at the desk writing down some information.

“So I can just bring her in? Okay thank you good bye,” her mom said.

“Good morning mom” Jessica said her mother looked like she hadn’t slept.

“Can you wake up your sister and tell her to get dressed please.” Her mom asked

“Why?” Jessica asked

“Please just do as I ask Hun,” her mom asked

“Sure okay” Jessica answered Jessica walked back to her sister’s room and opened the door.

“Hey sis time to wake up” Jessica told her and her sister woke with a start

“Oh god is he here?” Cathy said shaking with fear

“Who sis? It’s just you, mom and I here. Anyways get up and get dressed.” Jessica told her sister

“Jess can you come here for a minute?” she heard her mom call from the living room.

“Yah mom coming” Jessica shouted from the hallway.

As she entered the living room her mother was grabbing her purse and putting a few things in it.

“Is she getting up?” her mother asked.

“Yeah I told her but she seems to be frightened that some man is coming to get her.” Jessica answered.

“Listen I am taking your sister to the ER to talk to a Social Worker and I am not sure if she is coming home based on her behavior I may push that they hold her for a few days because I am scared she may hurt herself.” Her mother said while getting ready.

“Okay I am supposed to go out to lunch today with Jonathan.” Jessica mentioned.

“Okay well be back afterwards, we are going cellphone shopping after what happened I’d like to know where you are.” her mother added before heading to Cathy’s room.

Jessica grabbed her coat and keys and was headed to the door when she heard a knock. She opened the door to find Jonathan standing there.

“I figured we would take my car today” Jonathan said before Jessica could speak.

“Okay” Jessica said. She quickly went and told her mom she was leaving and then left with Jonathan.

“I don’t want to go and talk to anyone mom I’m not crazy I know what I saw and I know it’s going to hunt us down.” Cathy said looking around the room checking the entryways and windows.

“Cathy this is not normal, everyone knows that vampires don’t exist Hun” her mother tried to reassure her.

“Cathy Kimbell” a woman called after a good hour.

“Yes right here” her mother stood up. They both walked through the door to the emergency room. They entered a room with a hospital bed and the nurse took Cathy’s vitals.

“So why are you coming in today Cathy?” the nurse asked.

“My mom thinks I’m nuts but there is a vampire out there trying to kill me it already got my dad” Cathy said rapidly looking around the room.

The nurse looked over to Cathy’s mom.

“How long has this ‘Vampire’ been after your daughter?” the nurse asked.

“Since her father took his own life a few days ago. She walked in as he shot himself.” Cathy’s mom answered.

“No mom I saw a vampire bite him and place the gun in his hand, its all a cover up, why won't anyone believe me!” Cathy cried.

“Cathy calm down, I need to start an IV ok?” the nurse told her. The nurse went about putting an IV in Cathy’s arm and Cathy grimaced when the needle went in.

“Mom I swear I am not lying. I wouldn’t make this up.” Cathy pleaded. The nurse ran a clear liquid through the IV and locked the IV and stepped out of the room.

It was a few minutes before a doctor came into the room and ordered some lorazapam to keep Cathy calm. The doctor motioned for Cathy’s mom to step outside the room. “Mrs. Kimbell I would think it would be in Cathy’s best interest to a stay in a locked ward for a few nights we have where she can get the help she needs and any psychiatric medications and they can keep an eye on her. If you are interested we can start the paperwork for the transfer.”

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