One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 13

“So where are we going for lunch this time?” Jessica asked Jonathan who was seemingly very secretive about their lunch. She had asked him 5 times where they were going and he had said “wait and see” and that was not Jessica’s strong suit she hated surprises.

“You just aren’t patient are you child” Jonathan said grinning at her.

They pulled into a beach parking lot and parked.

“Why are we here there is no restaurant for a mile or two?” Jessica asked.

“Well then I will bring the restaurant to us” Jonathan told her. They both got out of the car and walked to the trunk. Jessica was very curious at this point. She wondered now has Jonathan packed her a lunch in an attempt to win her affections. This man would never take no for answer but part of her didn’t want to say no she was curious about him and if it was possible to have a relationship. No she had to stop thinking like this, she just wanted friendship and she had to stick to that and make sure he knew that. After all she had just been dumped by Jason and was not in the mood for more drama.

As Jonathan put the key in the trunk he said, “shut your eyes”

So Jessica shut her expecting flowers or something girly. Instead she heard the trunk close and him take her arm.

“Okay walk with me and don’t open your eyes” he instructed her.

“Um ok you know I hate surprises right,” Jessica told him.

“I think you will like this one just trust me,” Jonathan instructed her. As they walked

Jessica did her best to not stumble but it was strange to not be able to see where she was going. Finally they stopped and she heard him set something down. “Okay you can open your eyes” Jonathan told her. Jessica opened her eyes and saw a blanket spread on the sand with a basket. He had prepared a basket lunch for her. Her heart fluttered slightly because it was such a sweet gesture that no one had ever done for her before. She looked at him and smiled.

“Jonathan this is so sweet, but you know we are” Jessica was cut off when he waved his hand and said

“Friends yes I know and I am okay with that but I do not get to go out much and with all your family has been through I figured you needed something special.”

How could someone not like this man he was charming, sweet and would be the perfect man except he was a beast inside, a vampire who could kill anyone in an instant if he chose to. She was afraid to forget that and lose herself in the moment. She had to keep reminding herself of that. However for this one afternoon she would try to forget and have a moment of happiness.

Jason stared out the window as Abby kept talking about someone who had upset her. Honestly that’s all he had grabbed from her conversation and that was about 30 minutes ago. He was starting to wonder if that’s all she talked about was herself. As he was looking out the window he saw a car drive up and Jonathan get out and walk around the car and open the door and Jessica get out. Well she had bounced back nicely he thought.

“Are you even listening to me Jason? What’s so important outside?” I swear you never listen.” Abby said with a huff.

However Jason wasn’t listening to Abby again because for some reason he was more interested in Jessica and Jonathan. Why did he feel anger in the pit of his stomach? He told her he wasn’t interested but were those words lies? He had wanted to be with Abby but yet when he was with Abby he couldn’t concentrate on her or enjoy himself. It was like as though he had lost something. Oh well it was just strange but you have to deal with the cards you're dealt though. Maybe it would come back to him over time.

As they drove up to the apartments Jessica felt like someone was watching her but brushed it off being Jonathan kept looking at her. The day had been amazing the lunch on the beach although had been overcast had been perfect.

She had enjoyed her day and forgotten her worries but now that she was getting home. She was curious if her mom had really committed her sister. As Jonathan opened her door she was rocketed back to earth as she saw her moms car there. Today was going to be a hard day emotionally. She said goodbye to Jonathan.

As she walked up the stairs the feeling got heavier. She stood in front of her door and put her key in the lock and opened it. There on the couch was her mom crying. “Mom what’s wrong?” Jessica asked crossing the room to sit beside her.

“I just feel like a bad mother is all Hun,” she said between tears.

“Mom you can't blame yourself for Cathy’s breakdown. She will get better and come home good as new” Jessica reassured her.

“Lets hope so,” her mom said hugging Jessica.

“Look at me being so sad, how was your lunch?” her mom asked.

“Well it was romantic he packed a lunch and we ate on the beach.” Jessica told her.

“Oh that sounds so nice, he really is a nice boy. I am glad you have him after that Jason boy.” Her mom told her smiling.

“Thanks mom he is nice isn’t he?” Jessica told her. It’s to bad we cannot be anything more then friends Jessica thought.

This afternoon had been wonderful with Jessica, Jonathan thought to himself. She had laughed and treated him like a real person. It was more than anyone had done in years. She was special and she didn’t even know it. She had ways to put him at ease and tame the monster within him that only one woman had all these years. He just hoped she would see the pair they would make and that she would change her mind and he would not have to force this life upon her. That was the last thing he wanted to do because he felt like he could love her as Jessica and not Angelique. He realized that he would never get Angelique back. Jessica was someone new and she was amazing and every moment with her he felt alive. He killed her father for her and to ease her mother’s pain and for penance for hurting her mother. She could never know what he had done to mother that would be his dark secret. She should have never gone in the apartment but he wanted to see where she slept and he was angry and taken it out on that helpless woman. He blamed her heart attack on himself and the stress of his attack had caused. That was the night he left an opening for that dumb boy to kidnap Jessica and hurt her. Since that day he had been canvassing the area trying to figure out where he had been taking her, he hadn’t figured it quite yet. If he had other captive they would be dead by now but their families would want their bodies back. He had given up after looking for several hours. Maybe it was just the desert he was looking for to bury her. He shuddered to think the evil things he would have done to Jessica.

Jonathan picked up the phone to call to Jessica he wanted to clear the air on a few things

“Hi Jess, can you come over?” Jonathan asked when she answered.

“Sure it’s a little late let me ask.” Jessica said, he heard some muffled talking and then Jessica came back to the phone.

“Sure give me a few minutes.” She told him.

“Okay” he said and hung up. Was he really going to admit to things? No not everything just enough to ease this burden he felt in his chest and not lose her. It didn’t take Jessica long to reach his house she was getting better at finding it in the dark. As she rang the bell he opened the door.

“Well that was fast” Jessica said smiling. He loved to see the smile on her face.

“Do come on in” he invited doing his best Dracula impressions.

“Thank you,” she said laughing.

“So what was so important you wanted me to come up here after dark?” Jessica asked.

“I wanted to talk to you about a few things” Jonathan said as they walked into the library.

“I wanted to be honest the night at the movies I was following you and I wanted to apologize I was jealous of Jason.” Jonathan told her.

“So where else have you followed me or has everywhere I have seen you pretty much been a stalker move?” Jessica asked.

“To be honest yes but I needed to go to the police station and I footed your moms hospital bill because I knew she couldn’t afford it and she is a very nice woman.” He finished.

“Wow you are a true stalker,” Jessica said sitting back. “It would be creepy if you weren’t a vampire so you are little creepy by nature.” Jessica said.

“So are you angry at me?” Jonathan asked

“Well to be honest I had a feeling I was being watched and I am a bit angry because you invaded my personal space and my life. I don’t know why I am not grabbing my coat and stomping out of here. Why on earth would you stalk me? Are you that obsessed?” Jessica asked in a serious tone.

“I just care about you and I know you are an amazing creature and watching you at times is like watching a graceful swan.” He told her. “I know you said just friends but I can't help but want more and it isn’t because of Angelique its because you are Jessica a whole new type of person and someone I myself find I am falling in love with.” Jonathan finished looking at Jessica for a reaction.

“Jonathan but we come from two different worlds how would this even work?” Jessica asked him.

“I am just asking that you open your mind and see past my condition and see the heart of the man inside” Jonathan told her.

“Jonathan I am happy where we are and you just admitted to stalking me and now you want me to date you. There are some trust issues there.” Jessica told him.

“I don’t expect you to say yes today just over time think about it please” He asked.

“I can think about it but maybe over time I am not sure it’s just your condition being a vampire is a huge part of your life and it’s hard to get past.” She said looking out the window. “I think I need to be getting home Jonathan it’s getting late” She said and got up to grab to her coat.

“I know it’s a lot to take in tonight just sleep on it and we can talk another day about it” he told her helping her with her coat. He walked her out to her car and she drove off towards home.

As she drove home she replayed the events in her head. Jonathan apparently had real feelings for her and they had nothing to do with his belated Angelique. He had admitted to stalking her and that he didn’t know if she was going to explode or not but Jessica had already guessed that is what was going on. She still felt violated but not enough to hate him or run away. Deep down she had feelings developing for him but she shut them down by remembering he was a vampire and there was no future there. Everyday this man, this creature was falling deeper in love and she was too afraid to jump in the pool of love that he had already jumped head first in. She had to be smart she had a family and she didn’t want to be 18 forever.

She pulled into the driveway and walked to the apartment and she felt a pang of hurt seeing Jason’s door and so kept walking up the stairs. What he did hurt her regardless of rebound or not finding out that was cruel. Abby had her smirk on that day knowing she had won when it wasn’t about that. He had strung her along kissing her and then broke her heart in the worst way. She wasn’t sure if she would ever speak to him again regardless if he was worried about her family.

She opened the door to her apartment and walked in and her mom was on the couch. “No work today mom?” Jessica asked.

“Nope I get released in a few days if my doctor says ok. Besides you had the car remember?” her mom told her.

“Well you normally carpool with Jackie” Jessica said mentioning her mom carpool friend from work.

“Yeah that’s true,” her mom said turning her eyes back to the TV. Jessica went about putting her coat up and went to her bedroom and got on the computer and pulled up a Google on her Internet browser and put in Jonathan Rice. She saw many things regarding charities and youngest billionaire bachelor. Guess the detective was telling the truth on that.

Then she put Vampire Myth in the search bar and loads of sites pulled up. She looked under transformation and everywhere she looked it was said they could travel at fast speeds running but they could not fly or transform into a bat. So was her sister Cathy really delusional? Of course this site also said vampires also become burnt during the day turning to ash so, which was truth and which was just folklore? No one had truly seen a vampire and if they had I doubt they would write about their weakness on the Internet. Jessica sighed and pushed away from the computer and went to gather her things for a shower.

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