One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 14

Cathy sat rocking her body in a corner of her room watching the door. It was open as the place had a policy that they wanted to see their patients. Honesty was they didn’t trust the patients for the various reasons they were there. The nurses had been in a few encouraging her to attend group sessions they had to help the patients mingle and work on skills. However Cathy had one thought on her mind and that was staying alive. The staff had been ordering her food for her since she wouldn’t leave her corner. They had gotten her to leave it a few times to take showers if the staff stayed at the doors while she showered. She hated her family mostly her mom for putting her in this place. She wasn’t crazy she knew what she saw and it was real. She would never forget that twisted face and fangs and the blood dripping from them.

Her father was so helpless and how fast that creature had transformed and left. Every time she remembered it leaving it got fuzzier like something was wrong. She remembered hiding in the closet but even that was getting fuzzy. It left her wondering if that was truly what she had seen that day or if she was truly suffering from delusions as the doctor had told her. She knew the face she had seen was real and it had been twisted and it was a vampire but no one would listen. For the time being she was stuck in the hospital.

Jason saw the police car leaving the complex as he pulled up. Now what was going but he figured he had better steer clear because Jessica had made it clear they were not even friends at this point. He had wished that Abby hadn’t been there when the conversation had taken place because it had been so harsh and Abby had loved every second. He had never wanted to hurt Jessica like that. As he walked into his apartment he saw his dad making dinner.

“Hey son that Abby girl called while you were gone,” his dad shouted from the kitchen.

“Thanks I’ll call her in a bit,” he shouted back. He grabbed the phone and went into his bedroom he dialed Abby’s number and it rang and on the 4th ring Abby picked up.

“Where have you been I tried to reach you I want us to go see this new movie they have out its supposed to be really good.” Abby exclaimed.

“Sorry I had things to do today and am tired. Can we see it tomorrow please?” he asked Abby.

“Yeah I guess” she replied.

“I’ll talk to you later” he said and hung up. He laid back on his bed and fell asleep.

As Jessica got ready for bed she thought about Jonathan’s confession and thought about how much courage it must have taken to be honest. Apparently he must really like her to be so honest. She was still trying to keep a fine line of friendship with him because maybe deep inside she was scared of getting hurt. A vampire stayed young forever while she would age and then he would leave her for another pretty face no matter whom she looked like or what connection he said they had. She was afraid of being left alone and after what Jason had done she was vulnerable. Jonathan was pushing romance but at the same time she saw a vulnerable side to him tonight and he risked losing her all together by telling her he had been stalking her. She just needed to sleep on it for now. Maybe things would be clearer in the morning but one thing was clear, she loved spending time with Jonathan and he made her feel special.

The next morning was beautiful nothing but blue skies and sunshine. Her mother came and handed her a box. “What’s this?” Jessica asked,

“Open it and find out” her mom told her.

“Ok” she said. She opened the box and there was a new smartphone. She nearly jumped and knocked her mom over hugging her. “Thank you thank you,” she told her mom.

“I see you like it” her mom told her.

Jessica called Jonathan with her new smartphone to see if he was up to having lunch together. He said he would like to but he could not go out and if she could come to the castle and have lunch he would be very happy. Jessica was surprised as he had come to the police station and gone to the beach but those had been on cloudy days maybe that was how he was able to walk during the day. Maybe his day walking came with conditions she thought. She quickly got dressed and went and told her mom she was having lunch with Jonathan.

“Okay Jess you have fun” her mom told her.

Jessica went down the stairs so fast it was like she was she was gliding. She was happy and spending time with Jonathan had become a highlight to her day. He made her feel like a lady.

As she exited on to the dirt road she didn’t even flinch as she past the spot where Kenny had been killed nor did it pass her mind. She was in such a good mood nothing could bring her down. As she drove up to his gates she smiled and drove in. She parked and he wasn’t there to open her door for the first time. She wasn’t surprised if her theory was right.


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