One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 15

As Jessica knocked on the door it opened and she walked in but he was not there to greet her. So she walked to the library. The curtains were drawn closed and he was drinking by the fire. “I am guessing you don’t do good on clear sunny days” Jessica told Jonathan.

“Then you are a very intelligent girl,” Jonathan told her.

“So the daylight walking is limited to cloudy days I take it,” Jess asked.

“Yes but my nights are endless,” he said with a smile. “So what shall we eat for lunch?” Jonathan asked.

“Hmm I am guessing red wine for you and salad and cheeseburger for me?” Jessica remembering her first lunch in his house.

“You remember,” he said laughing.

“How could I forget you eating in front of me for the first time well in a more reserved manner” Jessica told him. He took her hand and led her to the dining hall and there on the table was exactly the same meal as before.

“You know there are other foods you can eat” Jonathan told her.

“Well if you are offering steak by all means I agree,” she laughed.

“You are a bottle of energy and good spirits today. Might I ask why?” Jonathan asked.

“Of course my mom got me a cell phone,” she said showing him her new phone.

“Well that might come in handy in the future if you break down or need to call me.” He said

“Tonight I would like you to come over and watch the full moon from my balcony upstairs it is beautiful and I would like to share it with you.” Jonathan said

“Why don’t I just stay here and spend the day and then we can spend the night watching it?” Jessica said.

“Because you have to check in with your mom my dear.” Jonathan reminded her.

“That’s why I have a phone,” Jessica said.

“Crafty child aren’t you going to call her and see what she says.” Jonathan told her.

Jessica left the room and called her mom. She came back in with a smile “she said be back by 1am or I am grounded and to say hello” Jessica told him with a smirk.

“Well I guess you are all mine today then,” he said taking her hand and kissing it. She had no idea what she was doing but she just wanted to be with him today. Every time he kissed her hands or was close her heart fluttered and she knew he could hear it. She wanted to say go for it while at the same time she went back to the growing old thought and being left alone. She had let a human play with her heart and he had broken it so why not try to love a vampire and see if it worked out. One step at a time just try to get to know each other.

James woke up to the bright sun coming through his window. The weatherman had predicted clear skies and sun and he had been right on the money. It was strange normally Abby would be calling him by now. He got his pants on and walked out to the living room. His phone started to ring but it wasn’t Abby it was his buddy calling. He had heard from him all summer.

“Hello” Jason answered.

“Hey Jason how you doing?” his buddy replied.

“What’s up haven’t heard from you all summer?” Jason asked

“Hey you still dating that Abby chick?” his buddy asked

“Yeah why?” he asked

“Cause I just caught her sucking face with Carl” his buddy told him

“You serious? Where at?” Jason asked

“Haven port Theatre” his buddy told him

“Hey man thanks for the heads up” Jason told him

“No prob just looking out” his buddy said before hanging up

He couldn’t believe what a slut and with Carl the biggest asshole on the football team. I guess its Karma for what he did to Jessica biting him in the ass. He texted Abby “Where you at?” but didn’t get a reply. Guess it’s hard to reply when your lips are busy. He wasn’t even going to deal with her drama.


He hoped that was clear enough for her she liked to play dumb sometimes when he knew she wasn’t dumb. I can’t believe she cheated on me; this is not what I wanted to wake up to he thought.

“So now that we have time do you think you can give me the grand tour?” Jessica asked Jonathan.

“I don’t see why not.” He replied.

As they walked the castle he showed her room after room filled with antique furniture and beautiful bedrooms. Then he stopped at one bedroom that was locked and was going to pass it by until Jessica motioned to him. “What about this one?” Jessica asked.

“That one is filled with dresses and was to be Angelique’s” Jonathan replied. “What are you saying you have lived here even back when…?” Jessica was cut off when Jonathan said

“Yes I just didn’t want you to think I was keeping things to remind me of her I just don’t want to remind myself so I keep it locked.” Jonathan told.

“It’s ok I am not going to judge you on your past” Jessica told him. With that he put the key in the lock and opened the door and they walked in. It smelled of dust and a little musty from being locked up so long. “Can I look around?” Jessica asked

“Why you told me you didn’t want to be compared but you are asking to look into my past with her?” Jonathan asked.

“That’s it I am curious about your past and she is that part of your past. She will always be part of your past.” Jessica told him.

Jonathan motioned for her to enter. Jessica looked at the many trinkets by the vanity now gathering dust. She saw the photos of her and Jonathan and smiled at how handsome Jonathan looked. She placed it back and opened the armoire and saw the beautiful old dresses hanging in the closet. She picked one up and looked at it. “These are beautiful,” Jessica told him.

“It’s a shame to keep them locked away, you should throw a old fashioned ball, you have the room,” she told him.

“Yes a fundraiser of sorts maybe someday in the future” he said taking the dress and putting it carefully back in the armoire.

“Lets move on to another room” Jonathan suggested. They walked to another room

“Now I think you will enjoy this room,” he told her.

“Why do you say that?” Jessica asked.

“Because this is the room I made for you filled with the best dresses” he told her. With those words he open the door and Jessica gasped at the beauty before her.

“This is all for me?” she asked.

“Yes I bring the finest for the prettiest girl I know.” He told her.

“Why would you do all this when we aren’t even dating or anything?” Jessica asked.

“Because I hope someday my wish will come true and you will be in my arms wearing one of these beautiful dresses.” He said kissing her hand.

“I will admit Jonathan you make it hard to say no” Jessica told him. “I guess you weren’t kidding when you said you were in stalker mode,” Jessica laughed.

“Would you like to try one on?” he asked her.

“Yes!” Jessica said with a smile.

“I will leave you with you with your dresses” He said shutting the door.

She couldn’t believe he had so many dresses and shoes to match all in her size and for her. He wasn’t kidding when he said he fancied her. Every dress she tried on fit and looked amazing. This was the best gift she had ever received from anyone.

About an hour later Jessica finally was done trying on dresses. She put her clothes back on and went to find Jonathan. She found him having a drink in the dining hall where the cook and prepared a snack of fruit and a turkey sandwich. She sat down and took a bite of the sandwich, which was very good. “Thank you for the dresses and shoes” she told Jonathan trying to not talk with her mouth full.

“No problem I am just glad you like them” Jonathan said.

Jessica couldn’t help but smile maybe he was the right man for her life but she knew what was holding her back but he was so generous to her. She felt bad not being able to get past her fears when he was trying so hard to show her the life she could have. For her it wasn’t about the clothing or shoes it was about her heart and being able to love without regrets.

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