One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 16

Mrs. Kimbell shuffled around the house trying to get things in order before she headed up to the hospital to check on her daughter Cathy. It had been a few days since she had seen her and she knew Cathy was having problems adjusting. The doctor had thought maybe a visit from her might bring her out of this shell she had built around herself. As she grabbed a few things she felt a pang in her heart and sat down. So much had happened this last week that she had found it hard to take it all in. Her husband had committed suicide. He hadn’t bothered to leave a note explaining why leaving everyone wondering. Even though they had called it quits she found tears sliding down her cheeks. She had never wanted a fate like this for him and she was left with questions. She got up and continued getting ready.

As Mrs. Kimbell entered the Psychiatric ward she was scared and what she might see. Her daughter was okay besides the anger towards her when it came to her dad. Now her dad was gone. Her daughter had snapped and was seeing vampires where there were none. Her father’s death was hard enough without her daughter snapping and going through this right now. However Mrs. Kimbell held her head high and walked into her daughter’s room. She found her daughter in the corner rocking on the floor.

“Cathy bunny its mom” she told her hoping she would look up and smile and be her daughter again. But no such thing happened; she just made an mmff sound. She just kept rocking as she held her legs. It made her want to cry seeing her daughter like this. Her baby was reduced to this person sitting in a corner with a blank expression.

“I wanted to come by and see you and tell you I love you,” she said reaching out to touch her arm but her daughter jerked away and snapped.

“No don’t touch me the vampires here no don’t touch me oh god he has come for me help me!!” Cathy started screaming.

The nurses came in and asked Mrs. Kimbell to leave and if she thought her heart couldn't break anymore it did in that moment. She felt her job as a parent had failed.

On the ride home Mrs. Kimbell felt sad, sad that her daughter had ended up in that place, sad that she had witnessed her father's last selfish act and sad that their was nothing she could do to help bring her out of wherever her mind was at. It was breaking her heart to see her daughter go through this. While she was happy that Jessica had found a friendship in a young man and maybe just maybe a love. She wanted the best for her children to know they would be okay when her time came to meet her maker and leave this earth. Mrs. Kimbell was not a truly religious woman but she knew there was a god. Now she knew as she sat in her parking space in her complex she let the tears flow and she prayed for the dear lord to heal her daughter and to bring her back to her.

Jonathon sat in the library gazing at the fire while Jessica browsed the many books. He had enjoyed this day with her. Why she had consented to spend the time with him when she had been so insistent on drawing the line of friendship was beyond him. Maybe she was having a change of heart and finally could see that he was being true of heart and not just interested in her because she looked like his dearly departed love Angelique. Just maybe she was falling in love with him and was willing to some day soon cross her own line and return the love he felt for her that was growing day by day. He had done things that were unspeakable to be with her and he felt deep regret and guilt but some he wished he could take back but others he could live with.

Unfortunately he could never share them with her because he was too scared of losing her. But watching her now was like watching poetry in motion he was truly in love with this woman and wanted her by his side forever but she did not want to be a vampire like him. He hoped deep inside she would eventually change her mind. He didn’t want to force it upon her the way it had been thrust upon him.

She could feel his eyes on her but she didn't let on as she looked over the dusty books. She loved to read but rarely had the time. She was still shocked at herself for deciding to spend the day with him. It must get lonely in this big old house with so many rooms with so much history but no one to talk to. She must have been the first he had allowed in, in many years. The tour had been amazing and the room with the dresses was beyond glamorous but something was missing from this house. She couldn't put her finger on it but it was definitely something. Then it hit her he was alone so his house with all its rooms and items and clothes he had no one to share it all with. She stopped and wondered if this life was his choice or if someone had forced him into it. For a moment she felt sorry for him and then pushed it aside as she remembered he hated being the center of pity but she still felt bad for him.


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