One Vampires Tale

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Chapter 17

Jason was trying to get the nerve up to talk to Jessica but the car hadn't returned yet so he was waiting as he didn't want to suffer the wrath of her mother. He was sure Jessica had told her mother everything about their breakup. Deep down he wanted to be with her but something was holding him back like it was forbidden. He turned away from the window and went to the computer and went to check his Facebook. Nothing new there seemed like everyone posted his or her daily life there. Not like hearing every minute of someone’s day.

Seems like Abby did a rebound pretty well and wanted him to see it. She had posted photos of her and Carl at the theatre and at a couple other places. Love sucked but what were we supposed to do about it. He was upset that she had cheated on him but it wasn't like they were married or he had given her a going steady ring. Why was this bothering him so much he wasn't even in love to be honest? Abby was annoying, only cared about herself and her image. She was dating Carl for class status when school started and if he lost status she would move onto the next guy. She is a social perahia and nothing more he reminded himself. He was stupid for even hooking up with her because it cost him a really nice girl who was better then Abby and who was real.

So the next question was why were his feet glued to the floor? Why couldn't he talk to Jessica and tell her how he really felt? Why sit there and watch her go out with some rich playboy? He was probably showering her with gifts and showing her the life but Jessica wasn't like that she was deeper. He couldn't see her getting lost in all that. So what did this guy have that he didn't besides a hot sports car? He and Jessica had shared a few moments together where time had frozen when there kiss seemed to last forever and he wanted that back whether it was forbidden or not.

His heart was screaming to be with her and his feet just wouldn’t listen. Maybe if he explained it to her mom she could understand and explain it to him. That or end up throwing him out or slamming the door in his face. He had to take a chance though.

There was a knock at the door; Mrs. Kimbell went to answer it. Standing at the door was Jason from downstairs.

“Jason she isn’t here and even is she was I don’t think she would see you,” she added.

“I am not here to see her I am here to see you. Can I please come in and talk to you?” Jason asked.

Her expression was one of shock but it softened.

“Fine but no funny business or you’re out young man.” They both walked to the living room and sat down. “Do you want something to drink?” She asked

“No I’m good,” he said rubbing his hands on his pants.

“Your nervous, I am guessing this can’t be an easy conversation for you?” she asked him.

“No its not, I know dumping Jessica the way I did was harsh and I honestly don't have a clue why I even did it because Jessica is way more mature then Abby.” he told her. “I felt like something or someone was telling me it was forbidden to be with Jessica. Does that make any sense?” he asked.

“Well if you had met her father I would have had yes but you're just kids, you aren’t meant to make up your minds yet.” she told him.

“It sucks because I want to be Jessica’s boyfriend but something is telling me its forbidden. So if I can't have her I at least want to be friends but I don’t think that’s going to happen after everything. My heart is hurting so bad right now.” he said crying.

Mrs. Kimbell handed him a tissue “Feelings can be confusing and that’s nature and I can tell you do love my daughter but this forbidden thing when did it start?” she asked.

“The night before I broke up with her. I woke up called Abby and I felt l like I was out of my mind and all I can think of is kissing Jessica but I am so torn right now. Tell me I don't sound crazy please” Jason asked.

“Son you sound like you are in love and being drove crazy by it honestly. Let me see about talking to Jessica but no promises ok now get back downstairs and try to get some sleep ok.” she told him.

“Thank you for talking to me” Jason told her.

“No problem I know your a good kid” she told him.

The moon was to be up soon and Jonathan told her to pick out one of dresses so they could sip wine on the balcony and watch it rise. She was so excited this was the first time she had ever watched the moonrise it was supposed to be a super moon so it was bigger. As she slipped into a blue silk dress she looked in the mirror saw how beautiful the dress looked and she had never tried to look beautiful she was always trying to be her own thing but now standing there in that dress she was beautiful. This was something she had never been before. Apparently under her old t-shirts and tore jeans she was beautiful. She wanted to cry at that moment because she saw now what Jonathan must have always seen. She finished getting ready and wandered down to the balcony and met Jonathan.

“My you do look amazing Jessica.” Jonathan said taking her hand and kissing it. Jessica blushed and said

“Thank you” He took her hand and led her to the balcony and there the moon was starting to rise. He hand her a glass and she looked worried.

“What is it Jessica” He asked.

“I can’t drink and drive,” she told him.

“Don’t worry yours is sparking cider my dear” he told her.

They stood there and watched the moon rise together and for a moment Jessica was sweep up in the romance when Jonathan leaned in to kiss her she tried to resist but found herself mentally saying don’t do it but her lips giving in, her body pressing against his and kissing him back.

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